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Top 5 Best Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washer- Reviews in 2020

Pressure washers are a must-have for any heavy-duty cleaner. However, most pressure washers don’t use hot water although hot water eliminates dirt faster than cold water. Hence the reason you need to know the best commercial hot water pressure washer.

Before you start thinking of it, no, you can’t use hot water in a pressure washer meant for cold water. That would have disastrous consequences for the machine’s inner workings.

But how can you identify the perfect hot water pressure washer if you can’t use hot water in a normal pressure washer? Our review should help you do just that. We will outline the best five for you to decide among them easily.


How Different is a Hot Water Pressure Washer from a Cold-Water Pressure Washer?


The main disparity between the two pressure washer types is the water. Hot water pressure washers use hot water while the cold-water pressure washers use cold water.

You’re wondering which one is better at removing dirt and muck. When you want to clean your three-day dishes, would you prefer using hot or cold water?

Most people would say hot water. That’s because hot water would be a faster cleaner than cold water.

Hot water has a lower surface tension, which means its molecules are fast-moving. In their fast movement, the particles make light work of stuck-on muck and stains.

Hot water pressure washers are also more effective in killing off germs and bacteria present in the muck. Most microorganisms can’t withstand hot temperatures, and therefore, hot water is an enemy they wouldn’t want to meet.

While cold water pressure washers are quite efficient, there are some situations where heat does a better job. Some stains such as grease and oil are just too stubborn for cold water.

We have here a list of the best five for you to pick from.

Our Top Pick

1. SIMPSON KB3028 Hot Water Pressure Washer




The Simpson KB3028 beats the competition to come top in our list of the best hot water pressure washers. It is a pressure washer that would come in handy in industrial or heavy-duty domestic cleaning

The KB3028 comes with a Braggs and Stratton engine and a fifty-inch hose for efficient and powerful cleaning. The five quick-connect nozzles and the ergonomically designed spray gun further underline the efficiency of this machine.

With its four-wheel chassis, it is quite easy to maneuver and move it from place to place. The wheels have thirteen-inch premium treading that is sturdy on a variety of surfaces.

The fifty-inch hose is of a dual braid construction of steel and polyester. The polyurethane casing gives it durability and strength. Such material ensures the hose will serve you for longer.

The diesel burner responsible for heating the water has a stainless-steel cover and schedule 80 coil piping. That gives the machine quality performance while minimizing chances of injury.

Key Features

  • Diesel fired burner
  • Five quick connect nozzles
  • Thirteen-inch premium wheels
  • Fifty-inch armored hose


The Best Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washer


2. Easykleen Hot Water Pressure Washer




The Easy Kleen hot water pressure washer boasts of 15 HP engine powered by gasoline. It is perfect for use in cleaning industrial floors or machines as well as for domestic use.

The efficient plunger pump throws out water comes out at an impressive pressure of 4000 psi. We think such pressure is excellent considering what one has to cough up for this washer. (upwards of three k dollars)

The 110V oil burners are responsible for heating the water. The adjustable thermostat helps you control how hot you want the water to be. When the water becomes too hot, it lowers the temperature.

Easy Kleen pressure washer is a machine made to withstand the test of time. It comes with a stainless-steel construction and a brass manifold sealed with a ceramic blanket.

The schedule eighty hose can be elliptical wound and stretched while the pump has a thermo protector. The thermal protector protects the pump from damage by the hot water.

It has pneumatic wheels that are sturdy and provide balance even on the most uneven surfaces. The wheels and the machine itself have structural braces to reduce the effects of vibration.

Key Features

  • Gas-powered engine
  • Fifty-foot hose
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • 4000 psi pressure


3. Simpson MB1518 Hot Pressure Washer




Another one from Simpson. The MB1518 is as powerful and efficient as its sister machine that tops the list except for a few features.

For starters, the MB1518 only packs in 1500 psi of pressure, unlike the KB3028 with 3000 psi. That doesn’t mean it is that inferior, no. It holds its own against the best.

Just like its predecessor, it comes with a Briggs and Stranton 1100 engine. The engine, apart from making it highly efficient, makes it a powerful heavy-duty cleaner too.

The welded steel construction frame means you won’t have to worry about it spoiling quickly. Steel is one of the toughest materials known to man.

The nozzle tips are at angles of zero, fifteen, twenty-five, and forty degrees that enable changes in the intensity of cleaning when needed.

The MB1518’s fifty-foot hose is made of steel armoring and comes with quick connect fittings. That ensures the hose doesn’t spoil too quickly from conveying hot water.

It relies on a diesel-fueled burner to get the water hot. This machine is perfect for home use as well as for industrial purposes.

Key Features

  • Diesel fired burner
  • Fifty-foot armored hose
  • Five quick connect nozzle tips
  • Stainless steel construction


4. NorthStar Gas Wet Steam and Hot Water Pressure Washer




Next on our list is the NorthStar hot water pressure washer, which can spray hot water and steam of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and 3000 psi. NorthStar is known for its high-quality machines

What makes this pressure washer so good? NorthStar’s cat triplex pump provides proven reliability. With its direct drive, the pump requires fewer components, thus minimizing maintenance costs.

The Cat pump is of high-end ceramic plungers that make it highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. That then prolongs its durability.

The cart design of this pressure washer has premium-grade pneumatic tires that easily maneuver place to place. The machine has a rugged steel roll cage to resist dents and knocks.

With this pressure washer, you can adjust the pressure according to the task at hand. That means you are always ready to go for any job without unnecessary settings.

The NorthStar runs on a fuel-efficient Honda electric engine. The burner has a thermostat that controls the temperatures of the hot water emitted through the rubber hose.

Key Features

  • Maximum pressure of 3000 psi
  • Runs on a Honda engine
  • Steel braided rubber hose
  • Adjustable pressure


5. AR Annovi Reverberi Hot Water Pressure Washer




The AR Annovi Reverberi hot water pressure washer is a machine excellent for commercial and domestic cleaning. It comes with an easy adjust pressure gauge that shapes the1900 psi pressure to the application.

For increased safety, this machine comes with a trigger gun that has a positive shut off. Furthermore, it also has an automatic safety valve that can bypass low pressure.

You don’t have to worry about the trigger accidentally engaging when you aren’t using it. The trigger has a safety lock that takes care of that.

This machine also has the longer lasting brass at the pump head. That is a further boost to this machine’s lifespan since most washers tend to spoil at the pump head first.

The washer’s machine is quite lengthy, stretching out to a length of twenty-five inches. However, the high-pressure spray gun only has one nozzle head, which fades in comparison to the other machines on our list.

Key Features

  • Maximum pressure of 1900 psi
  • Twenty-five-inch hose
  • Power cord with GFCI
  • Inbuilt detergent injector


Factor to Consider Before Purchasing a Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washer


  • Gas versus Electric Pressure Washer

Gas powered commercial pressure washers are more affordable than their electric counterparts. However, it boils down to the one that offers more power, and electric machines have an easy win there.

  • Burner

You have to consider the burner since it’s the one responsible for heating the water. Most burners run on diesel or kerosene. Therefore, you need to go for the machine whose burner uses fuel that is agreeable to you.

  • Wheels

If your typical job site is the rugged terrain familiar with common outdoor areas, you must consider the washers wheels. Some wheels would give you trouble maneuvering around your job site.

  • The Adjustable Thermostat

The thermostat enables you to ramp up temperatures when you need to. Imagine using a machine that doesn’t give you the option to reduce the water’s temperature.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Can’t hot water damage pressure washers?

  •  A: Hot water can’t damage pressure washers explicitly made for use with hot water. Using hot water in a cold-water pressure washer is, however, a no.

 Q: Is the water in a hot water pressure washer that hot?

  •  A: Yes. Most hot water pressure washers can heat water to at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Q: Why should I consider a hot water pressure washer?

  •  A: A hot water pressure washer is more efficient in cleaning automotive parts. Grease and oil can be quite resistant to cold water.


Final Thoughts

Made your decision on the best commercial hot water pressure washer to go for? Hope our review was a great help. All the best.

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