best gas pressure washer under 300

Top 5 Best Gas Pressure Washer Under 300 In 2020: Reviews & Buying Guides

You’re expecting visitors. You intend to host them on your patio, which is currently a mess. You know a pressure washer will serve you best. Problem is, you don’t have one and are currently tight on money. You wonder where in the world you can get the best gas pressure washer under 300.

That situation seems familiar to you? Then worry no more. We have researched the best five gas pressure washers under three hundred dollars. We’ve all been in a situation where we needed something so badly but were cash strung.

But first.

Why Pick A Gas-Powered Pressure Washer over an Electric one?


The most apparent advantage gas-powered pressure washers have over an electric one is that it doesn’t need a power source. You can carry it to whatever place you want without a chord trailing in your wake.

Get a heavy-duty gas-powered pressure washer. You can be sure it will eclipse even the most potent electric machine. A more powerful washer means having to clean for much less time.

Compared to their gas-powered counterparts, powerful electric pressure washers can cost you quite an amount. They can’t be a viable option if you want to get quality performance while saving a buck or two.

You’d, however, have to bear with the noise the motor produces while running. That’s also in addition to the required occasional maintenance procedures.

The few drawbacks shouldn’t discount the advantages gas pressure washers have over electric power washers.

Now Let’s get on with the list, lest we bore you with other not very essential details.

Our Top Pick

1. Westinghouse Gas Pressure Washer






Boasting a maximum working pressure of 3200 psi and 2.5 GPM of powerful deep cleaning, the Westinghouse easily tops our list.

It is perfect for cleaning sidewalks, walkways, garages patios as well as decks. You don’t have to worry about going too far from the power source. That’s because you guessed it, it is gas-powered.

The Westinghouse comes with an easy to fill 1-gallon gas tank that will last quite sometime before a refill depending on usage. It also has an onboard soap tank and an abrasion-resistant hose that’s twenty-five feet long.

The quick-connect nozzles (5) of varying degrees from 0 through 40 also boost its efficiency. You can switch between the nozzles to see which works best for you and the surface you are cleaning.

It has a resilient steel construction that significantly enhances its durability. The twelve-inch high profile tires improve the maneuverability of the machine. You can comfortably move it over tough terrain.

The Westinghouse is a highly versatile machine thanks to three color-coded quick-release heads. Together with the exclusive soap line, they get rid of grime from whatever surface efficiently.

The low maintenance axial cam pump is compact and light to comfortably allow perfect air conditioning when it is in full operation. That enables you to do your tasks relatively faster.

Key Features

  • Maximum working pressure of 3200 psi
  • Five quick-connect nozzles of varying degrees
  • Highly resilient steel construction
  • Twelve-inch-high profile tires

Best Gas Pressure Washer Under 300 Reviews & Buying Guides


2. Simpson Cleaning Machine Gas Powered Pressure Washer






Next is the Simpson Gas pressure washer. With its 149 cc Simpson OHV engine, you are assured of quality performance from this versatile machine.

The Simpson, unlike the Westinghouse before it, comes with three nozzles. The nozzles vary in degrees from zero through twenty-five. The onboard soap tank is, however, a clear nod to the Westinghouse.

It aims for comfort and convenience of cleaning all thanks to the ergonomic spray gun that gives you better control of it. The M22 connection is threaded holds it better to the machine for active function.

It is also a durable machine thanks to the robust steel construction. The handle can be easily folded down for fast and convenient storage in closed spaces.

You can use this pressure washer even in the most rugged of surfaces as they have high profile wheels that don’t flatten. The wheels significantly improve mobility across different surfaces.

To top it all up, you get to enjoy the easy to maintain axial cam pump. The pump works to maximum effect to give you the power to get rid of stubborn dirt and stuck on the muck.

Key Features

  • Three quick connect nozzles
  • Six-inch never-flat wheels
  • 149cc engine
  • Three nozzles


3. Generac 8874 Gas Pressure Washer






Available orange and black colors, the Generac is next on our list. It also has three quick-change nozzles and an onboard soap container that ensures the rapid removal of grime.

Made with a powerful OHV engine, the Generac 8874 offers you the chance to work at maximum efficiency thanks to its working pressure of 2900psi. There’s no kind of dirt a 2900 psi rated pressure washer would have trouble removing.

The versatility this machine will offer is what keeps it in this conversation apart from it being a bargain. You can clean sidewalks, patios, fence or house sidings, as well as walkways.

The spraying gun has a stainless-steel nozzle that boosts its longevity and resilience. It is also held securely onto the machine to avoid falling off during the pressure washer’s transport.

To ease the movement of the machine over rough terrains, it has during hardy never-flat wheels. The wheels ensure smoother transitions between different types of terrains.

The hose is long enough to boost your reach. You can thus easily clean hard to reach areas such as under a vehicle. For maximum efficiency, it is connected at the spray guns end.

Key Features

  • Maximum working pressure of 2900psi
  • Powerful OHV engine
  • Three Quick change nozzles
  • Gas Powered

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4. Stanley Gas Powered Pressure Washer






The Stanley gas pressure washer is yet another machine to consider if you are looking for a bargain. At its price, 2800 psi working pressure and 2.3 GPM are quite impressive features.

You might wonder how maximum working pressure helps in judging how efficient a machine will be. Well, the maximum working pressure determines the force with which water will leave the nozzle and bombard the dirty surface.

The Stanley comes with four nozzles in varying degrees from zero through forty. The jackpot on the nozzles is the turbo nozzle. The turbo nozzle generates powerful jets of water mixed with soap for better performance.

Some pressure washers come with relatively low-quality hoses. The Stanley rectifies that with a poly braided twenty-five-inch pressure hose. Such a hose wouldn’t be as prone to damage as those of low quality.

In case you thought the Stanley is done with being this fantastic, you haven’t seen the sturdy material it is made of. The steel frame is welded and constructed to make it resistant to rusting and corrosion.

The ergonomic spray gun is just the icing on the cake. This would be a good deal at just under 300 dollars.

Key Features

  • Cam engine with easy overhead
  • Four quick connect nozzles
  • Welded steel frame construction
  • Maximum working pressure of 2800

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5. Tacklife Gas Pressure Washer






The Tacklife fits the bill of a grand bargain quite rightly. Picture this, a maximum working pressure of 3200 psi, a 173cc engine, and 2.4GPM. What kind of stubborn dirt would stand in the way of this one?

You get to enjoy efficient cleaning at a price lower than three hundred dollars while not having to worry about wires tripping you down. You know an electric machine needs a power source.

A large capacity detergent tank (0.8 gallons) ensures the water is given the requisite help to remove the grime of surfaces with ease. The mixture leaves through a twenty-five-foot hose connected to a metallic spray gun.

For better mobility across different surfaces, the machine has eleven-inch wheels sturdy enough to withstand rough terrain. That should allow for effortless movement. And oh, you have the hose to help you reach hard to reach areas.

The five quick-connect nozzles ensure you clean at a pace that best suits you. For under three hundred dollars we agree this machine is a steal!

Key Features

  • Five quick connect nozzles
  • 8-gallon detergent tank
  • Four-stroke 173cc engine
  • Maximum working pressure of 3200 psi


Factors to Consider Before Acquiring a Gas-Powered Pressure Washer


  • Ease of use

Before getting that gas pressure washer you believe you got at a bargain price, it is prudent to see how easy it would be to use. Some machines might be a bit complicated to use and thus frustrate you.

  • Maximum Working Pressure

The maximum working pressure is key to how efficient the pressure washer will be. You, therefore, have to carefully consider the pressure value that would work for you.

  • The Engine

Since we are talking about gas-powered machines, it would only be right to consider the engine. A less powerful engine would point to a less efficient machine. A more powerful engine equals a more efficient washer.

  • Maneuverability

Imagine a pressure washer you’d have to carry from place to place. How inconvenient would that be? That is why all the machines we have mentioned here have sturdy wheels.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Arent gas-powered pressure washers environmental pollutants?

  • A: No. With the current advancements in technology and improved environmental awareness, manufacturers are making fuel-efficient and environment-friendly machines.

Q: What would be the perfect PSI for a washer?

  • A: A range of between 2500 to 4200 PSI should be enough to clean even the dirtiest concrete floors.

Q: Arent cheaper pressure washers quite lower in quality than expensive ones?

  • A: Not really. Some appliances are usually just overpriced but can’t match the price with quality performance.


Final Thoughts

We hope our best gas pressure washer under 300 writeup enables you to get the bargain deal you are looking for. All the best.

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