Best Shop Vac for Drywall Dust

5 Best Shop Vac for Drywall Dust in 2020- Complete Buying Guides

Shop drywall dust can be hard to get rid of. That is because it is usually very fine, and not just any vacuum can efficiently remove it. That is the reason you need the best shop vac for drywall dust.

At the heart of an excellent shop vacuum, is the filter. Fine dust tends to escape back into the air when using a vacuum with an average filtration system. You need a vacuum whose filter is powerful enough to ensure all the dust particles are contained.

Getting such a vacuum can be an uphill task. We understand that choosing one might be quite problematic, so we’ve gone ahead and done it for you.

Although the market is littered with so many different vacuums, we have outlined the five best shop vacuums. Choosing the best one for you needn’t be a complicated decision.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Our Top Pick

1. Craftsman CMXEVBE17656 Heavy-duty Shop Vacuum



This multipurpose vacuum comes with extra power for elaborate jobs cleaning the garage, shop, or any other job site. It is a dry and wet vac whit an inbuilt rear blower port that allows you to clean faster.

The Craftsman comes with an integrated cart system capable of 360-degree mobility. You can quickly move it across different areas and also stairs. With its 6.5 peak hose power, it gives heavy-duty cleaning a whole new meaning.

It comes with a professional-grade that gives you over triple the durability of standard hoses. The hose’s secure attachment to the vacuum ensures it won’t loosen easily. The extra-long power cord (20 feet) vastly improves your reach.

At the rear, the blower port directs high-speed exhaust air via the hose to blow the dust off walls, sidewalks, or decks.

It also comes with a variety of accessories and tools. The two extension wands serve to increase its reach into hard to reach areas. The 20-gallon dust bag enables you to enjoy uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

The inbuilt drain enables quick-draining for the vacuum’s liquids after a cleaning job. You also get a bag to store the many accessories that come with it.

Key Features

  • 10-foot professional hose
  • 20-foot power cord
  • Accessory storage bag
  • Inbuilt drain


The Best Shop Vac For Drywall Dust


2. Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum




This vacuum packs a 6-gallon tank with a triple peak hose power. It is a mostly portable vacuum thanks to the presence of the large top carry handle. The onboard cord and accessory storage also make it lighter and therefore easier to carry.

The Shop-vac comes with a 12-foot power cord, a 1.25 inches diameter 8-foot lock-on hose, and two extension wands. These serve to give the vacuum fuller area of coverage.

The crevice tool ensures those corners and cracks don’t get away with being dirty. Add that to an ultra-web cartridge filter and disposable filter bag, and you have yourself an excellent vacuum.

This vacuum is sure to give you excellent results as it hails from the highly reputable Shop-Vac family of vacuums. You won’t have to worry about trapped dust escaping back into circulation.

Also, you can use this vacuum in a variety of places. The basement, garage, and driveways are just some places you can clean with this vacuum. That serves to state this vacuum’s versatility.

Key Features

  • 12-foot power cord
  • 8-foot lock-on hose
  • 6-gallon tank
  • Rear blower port


3. Workshop Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum


This vacuum comes with an integrated blower port that gives it added versatility. It has a seven-foot-long hose with a diameter measuring two and a half inches. Together with the 20-foot cord, they provide you with vast reach.

You get to have 180-degree mobility with this vacuum, thanks to the hose flex locking at either end. Those locking tabs ensure the hose doesn’t loosen and fall off the vacuum as you clean.

With this vacuum, you have to change the filters over time. To make this easier, it has a Quick lock fastening system that allows quick and easy opening. The auto shut float mechanism prevents overflow when picking up liquids.

The auto shut off float system is especially important since this vacuum can pick up as much as one gallon of water every second. Impressive, right? That’s where the integrated blower port comes in. It eases the process of emptying these wet messes.

The Workshop vacuum is also quite resilient when faced with dents sustained when cleaning rough places. That’s because it has a tough copolymer that resistant dents as much as it resists rusting.

Key Features

  • Seven-foot cord
  • Integrated blower port
  • 16-gallon vacuum
  • Versatility


4. Dustless Technologies Wet Dry Vacuum




The Dustless vacuum offers you a smooth transition from dry to wet pick up without the need to change filters. That’s not so possible with the other vacuums that you have to slow down to do that.

With this vacuum, you can clean uninterrupted thanks to the wunderbag filters. The wunderbag can be used as a prefilter and can work in both wet and dry conditions. Convenient, isn’t it?

That’s not all. Removing the filter from the vacuum to clean or replace really sucks at times. With this vacuum, you don’t have to do that. You can clean the filters by simply rotating a rod on the vacuum’s exterior.

The patented three-stage filtration system of this vacuum ensures no dust escapes once trapped. It captures the finest dirt particles on drywalls, fiberglass, stones, and concrete.

The primary and secondary filters are at the bottom of the motor, ensuring the motor is running for longer. The micro prefilter gives the vacuum’s filter a longer lifespan reducing the occasional filter replacement.

Tired of those vacuums that make you have to stop cleaning to empty the dust bag? Can a vacuum capable of holding up to forty pounds of dust sufficient for you? You bet it is! You wouldn’t fill such a dust bag that fast.

Rubber tends to be easy on most surfaces. That’s why the rubber wheels of this vacuum are sure to reduce scratches on the floor of your shop or garage. Some vacuums tend to leave marks and scratches on the floor as you clean. Not this vacuum.

Key Features

  • Industrial rubber wheels
  • Crushproof 12-foot hose
  • Micro prefilters
  • Sturdy clamps that keep the vacuum lid closed


5. Stanley 5-gallon Wet Dry Vacuum




If you tend to make small messes every now and then in your garage or workshop, then this vacuum would be a great option. With this vacuum, such small jobs are a breeze since you won’t have to empty the dust tank regularly.

This vacuum reeks of versatility thanks to its three in one functioning. Apart from it being a wet and dry vacuum, you can blow leaves off your lawn or yard. You just have to accurately organize the hose handle and the power cord.

It offers you excellent suction power to get rid of the finest dust particles on concrete, drywall, and other floor types. The 4 peak hose power enables it to be perfect even for the dirtiest job sites.

With this vacuum, you get about 15 feet of cleaning reach thanks to the five-foot hose and ten-foot power cord. The additional three extension wands ensure you clean without having to worry about the power source.

Too often, with such vacuums, draining can be an issue thanks to poorly placed drains. The Stanley has an inbuilt drain that makes draining it quite straightforward.

Key Features

  • Three in one vacuum
  • 5-gallon vacuum
  • 5-foot hose
  • Dry and wet vacuum

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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Shop-Vac for Drywall Dust


  • Capacity

This ranks up top with things you have to consider for almost any vacuum. You don’t want a vacuum with little capacity to handle the dirt and muck in your garage or shop.

  • Area of coverage

Since you are going to be cleaning your shop or garage that is bound to have many things strewn around, you need a vacuum that gives you a wider reach. It is advisable to consider shop vacs with long hoses and power cords.

  • Accessories and tools

Accessories that come with a shop vac make cleaning more comfortable as well as give you greater reach. You should always consider the extra tools that come with the vacuum.

  • Filtration System

Because you will be dealing with fine dust, you will need a vacuum with a sound filtration system. Such a filtration system ensures no dust escapes back into the air and becomes a health hazard.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Can drywall dust be dangerous to my health?

  • A: Yes. Drywall dust can affect your health. Apart from triggering allergic reactions, they can be problematic for asthmatic people or lead to breathing issues.

Q: How do I prevent my shop vac from blowing a dust cloud?

  • A: The secret here is to use a better filter. Like, say a filter with a general household level. Medium filtration level filters can also solve your problem.

Q: Are shop vacs limited to just shops and garages?

  • A: No. You can use shop vacs to clean almost anything as they can be quite versatile. They, however, wouldn’t be that efficient for inhouse cleaning.


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Parting Shot

We hope our insight helps you get the best shop vac for drywall dust. As always, choose the one that best suits your needs.

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