Best Vacuum For Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Top 9 Best Vacuum For Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors in 2020: Buying Guides

Vinyl plank floor is a stylish, friendly and an affordable way to beautify your house. Their long-lasting and water-resistant nature eliminates your worry of minor messes.

Cleaning your luxury vinyl plank floors is a task you have to do regularly. Nevertheless, this should not bother you.

The market is flooded with all types of vacuums. However, not all types of vacuums can best suit your need. That’s why you need to make an informed choice about the vacuum you decide to acquire

Here in this post, we will share about Top 9 Best Vacuum for Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors.


Why You Need a Vacuum for Vinyl Plank Floors


A vacuum would go a long way in helping maintain the surface of the vinyl plank floors due to their efficiency in cleaning. This helps the surface retain its luster over a long period of time.

The results would, of course, depend on the type of vacuum you are using. Vacuums would prevent damaging your vinyl floors from using less conventional means of cleaning.

The convenience afforded by cleaning using vacuums cannot be understated. Vacuums make cleaning a less tiresome experience. This is true for vacuums that are adjustable and enable one to do the cleaning in an upright position.


Our Top Pick:


1. Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A Vacuum





The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A Vacuum tops in our list of top 9 best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors. It is a multifaceted 20 feet’s corded vacuum with a V-shaped design. It allows easy and rigorous cleaning due to its ability to easily access edges. The vacuum comes with wipers on its base whose material draw hair. That makes it very efficient for hair collection around your living area.

This vacuum comes with a swivel top that adds to its flexibility. As opposed to many other vacuum cleaners, it makes no use of a brush roll. On the contrary it employs cyclonic technology to masterfully take in dust and any other type of dirt.

Bissell poweredge81L2A Vacuum is very easy to assemble. You can also empty and clean it easily making your work a breeze.

Precisely, it is a great option for your hard –floor cleanups.




Key Features:

  • V-shape to allow easy clean along with tight corners
  • Unique rubber squeegees with hair attracting material
  • Swivel steering for easy pickup dirt around edges
  • Light in weight for easy portability
  • Uses cyclonic filtration


Best Vacuum for Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors Reviews


2. Shark Navigator Lift Away – NV356E




This is a vacuum that will give your vinyl plank floor a deep clean. A pocket friendly option if you are not in a position to spend a lot.

It offers top performance due to its awesome accessories among them a crevice tool, upholstery tool dusting brush among others. Shark Navigator Lift-Away comes with a power cord of 25-foot.

That allows you to access a wide distance with only one power source. It has powerful suction that allows you to pick dirt easily. HEPA technology ensures dirt does not flow back into your environment.

Also, the fact that you can move it around easily makes it a suitable solution for both domestic and commercial use. It picks debris fast and effectively.

Its lift-away attribute increases to the flexibility of this cleaner. Incase all dirt was not fully cleared you detach the canister from the whole unit for easy reach on hard to access points.


  • Anti-allergen full seal Technology and HEPA filter keeps dirt trapped in the vacuum.
  • Light in weight and portable
  • The XL-dust cup allow extensive cleaning without interruption
  • Powerful suction for deep cleaning


3. Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum




Here is another excellent vacuum cleaner to help you clean your vinyl plank floor. It comes with three cleaning techniques and programming which is accessible from ECOVAS Home App. That allows you to perform a hands free, deep clean as you do stuff you like.

You can hold conversations or follow your favourite program as it cleans since it is not noisy. You can as well employ Maximum Mode 2x suction to clean your floor anytime.

Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S is designed with a 520ml trash can that makes it possible for the cleaner to fully use the 110 minutes runtime. You only need to clear the way to ensure it does not get entangled in the cleaning process. Once it completes the task or has gone low on battery, it will get back to its docket for next work.

The cleaner has a simple to operate remote control. You can as well use voice commands with Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility to give it instructions.


Key Features:

  • Maximum power mode
  • Low noise levels
  • App and voice controls
  • Two sided brush and main brush to handle any kind of dirt


4. Hoover T-Series Upright Vacuum




At first, the Hoover T- series might seem just like the rest. It, however, has several distinguishing features that would tick several boxes for buyers.

It is relatively inexpensive when compared to other models and excels at cleaning carpets. The no-scuff bumper makes it ideal for cleaning the rather sensitive luxury vinyl plank floors that would otherwise be damaged.

It has a powerful brush roller for agitation and because of its adjustable height one can raise it all the way up to the level they want. This attribute would make it convenient for use by relatively short people. It picks up just about any size of debris on the cleaning surface and is a wonderful deep cleaner for carpets.

It has a removable dirt cap and accessory tools that would remove dirt from almost all surfaces in your house. The 5 different vacuum head heights make it possible to clean any surface in your apartment. One can lower the head for it to easily glide down hardwood floors or lift it to clean thick and shaggy carpets.

It is very good at edge cleaning picking up dirt on edges or in corners and its retractable cord remains sturdy even after continuous use.

The accessory pack helps you clean every corner of the house as it has an extension wand, a crevice tool (to get to dirt hidden deep inside crevices), a turbo tool as well as a dust brush.

The HEPA Media filter is conveniently located on the underside of the vacuum from where it captures dirt and other debris off floors. It traps 99.98 % of dust, dirt and pollen particles down to 0.3 microns.

Key Features

  • No Scuff Bumper
  • System check indicator
  • 5 position height adjustment
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


5. iRobot Roomba i7




If you are looking for convenience cleaning, then the iRobot Roomba i7+ is the vacuum to go for. It has a self-emptying feature in the form of the Clean Base that has a bag with an Allergen lock. It can hold dirt and dust for two months.

The iRobot, with its Smart Mapping design, can learn your home and map every room in it. You only need to give a command through Google Voice Assistant, and the vacuum will clean after you. Even with several rooms in your house, the iRobot can remember and clean them.

A three-stage premium cleaning system ensures your home is super clean free of pet hair, dirt, and even invisible particles. The suction capacity is ten times more effective, giving it high dirt picking performance. A unique technology of Imprint Link allows the vacuum to clean alternatingly by vacuuming and mopping the house.

The vacuum has sensors that can detect dirt in your home, and as a result, the vacuum takes more time cleaning. The filtration system has a high efficiency that allows it to pick up pet hair and other allergens in the air that you want the robot to avoid.

Key Features

  • Self-emptying mechanism
  • Sensors with dirt detecting capability
  • Filtration system with high efficiency
  • Clean base that automatically disposes dirt and has an Allergen Lock.
  • iadapt 3.0 technology


6. Miele Compact C1




If your floors are hard and rugs low-pile, then this vacuum canister is an appropriate one for you. Its foot switch easily enables you to switch between carpet to hard floor cleaning. Its cleaner does not have a brush to clean heavy fiber carpets. That is why it is not ideal for high-pile carpets or rugs.

Not to worry, though, as other Miele models can clean the high-pile floors. The Miele’s filtration system is a highly efficient one as it ensures all dirt trapped inside doesn’t get out. Your rooms not only get cleaned up, but the air is also free of impurities.

The vacuum can control its suction power if you adjust its Rotary Dial that has six types of settings. The control power enables the vacuum to give each room its appropriate cleaning needs.

Key Features

  • The high efficient filtration system
  • The Vortex motor offers a great clean thanks to its 1,200 watts.
  • Suitable for low-pile carpeted floors and hard floors
  • Suction capacity control with a Rotary Dial of 6 settings


7. Shark Rocket




You can comfortably clean your luxury vinyl plank floors with the Shark Rocket DuoClean, thanks to its ergonomic design. Its LED lights placed on the vacuum’s nozzle help you sight any hidden dirt and, therefore, clean it off. Compared to other Rocket models, this one is less noisy.

It comes with a brush roll that does thorough cleaning, ensuring no dirt is left behind. The vacuum’s motor offers excellent suction power ensuring all dirt gets picked up. You can clean with it any high-pile floor thanks to its double suction buttons.

The shark can hold dirt of about quarter gallons. You can clean several rooms without the bin filling up fast. After its collecting bag is full, cleaning and emptying it is not hard work.

Its filtration system contains two pre and post-filters. The pre contains felt while the post has foam. For maximum service, you need to clean the filters regularly.

There is an under-appliance attachment that can help you clean under hard to reach areas. Together with a multi-angle dusting brush, your cleaning experience will be worthwhile. If you have pets, the vacuum’s TruePet brush that is motorized will make cleaning after them an easy task.


Key Features

  • Duo clean technology
  • Lightweight
  • LED lights to illuminate a room as you clean and sight any hidden dirt.
  • Hair removing appliance ideal for removing pet hair.


8. Eufy Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac



The small size, affordability, and simplicity of the Eufy Anker make it stick out. The low price makes it pocket-friendly, which is ideal for you if you are on a budget. The small size enables you to easily clean under furniture.

The volume is low when you clean, giving you a peaceful time. The Eufy has infrared sensors that make it avoid obstacles on its way. It also has a technology that senses dropping, which helps it evade falls.

The vacuum recharges itself automatically, making it easier for you the next time you want to clean. You only have to pick an put it on without the need to first charging it. You can clean walls with the vacuums using its roller brush and spin cleaning brushes.

Key Features

  • Slim design that comfortably cleans under low furniture.
  • Low cleaning volume
  • Tempered glass with anti-scratch protection and infrared sensor to avoid obstacles when cleaning.
  • Automatic recharging system
  • BoostIQ technology enables suction power to increase automatically in case you need more vacuum strength.


9. EyeVac Home




The EyeVac is a powerful vacuum that ensures your home gets a total clean-up. It offers you convenience with every clean, especially on vinyl plank floors. If you have pets, the motor will ensure your rooms are free of any dirt or hair.

The EyeVac comes with two filters that are highly efficient. You can be sure your room will be filled with fresh air after the cleaning as all dirt and debris get collected. There are infrared sensors that activate the vacuum automatically when they sense any sweeping movement.

Key Features

  • 2 filters with high efficiency
  • Touchless activation to make cleaning easy
  • High-performance motor ideal for homes with pets
  • Automatic infrared sensors


Factors to Consider Before Buying Vacuum for Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors


Vinyl plank floors need to be maintained clean for hygiene purposes. That will make them last longer as well as make your house a blissful place to spend.

If you plan to purchase a good vacuum for use on your luxury vinyl plank floors, there are factors you need to consider. Here are key factors you need to consider before acquiring a vacuum cleaner.

  • Budget

The cost of any item is usually the first thing we consider before deciding on a purchase. Cheap is good because it saves you money, yes, but ever heard that cheap is expensive?

However, that would, of course, depend on the budget at your disposal. One would want a vacuum that would offer good service while saving them a buck or two, right?

  • Suction

Suction is among the most important features to consider when acquiring a vacuum for your vinyl floor. You wouldn’t want a vacuum that doesn’t suck up all the dirt from the floor and therefore a vacuum with steady, reliable and consistent suction would be appropriate.

  • The Filter System

A good filtration system would be the difference between your allergic family members having health complications and them being safe. It should capture all small particles without allowing them flow back into your air or be recycled back onto your floor thus making a waste of your cleaning.

That’s the reason why you shouldn’t accept anything less than the HEPA filtration system installed in your vacuum.

  • The Weight and Design

Heavy vacuums are a nightmare to use because of the difficulty of moving them back and forth on your floor as you clean. A light vacuum would be the best not only for that but also for ease in moving it downstairs and upstairs.

On matters touching design, ergonomic vacuums are the most convenient for use on different surfaces including vinyl floors.

  • Power Cords

Basically, when it comes to vacuums the longer the power cord, the better. A vacuum with a short cord would have you switching power outlets all the time in order to reach all the parts of your floor if it is a large area.

A cordless vacuum would also be appropriate in this regard if you’re willing to bear with the shorter run time as compared to the corded vacuum.

  • No-scuff bumper

You wouldn’t want your vacuum leaving all manner of marks and scratches on your wood furniture and baseboards, would you? That’s why it’s imperative that the vacuum cleaner be padded all round with a resilient and tough material to avoid such inconveniences.

  • Versatility

It is usual to have a variety of different floors in the various apartments. This is why it’s important your vinyl floor vacuum cleaner have certain specifications and features that make it easier to clean other floor types.

  • Wheels

If you prefer a wheeled vacuum, it would be prudent to go for one with rubber wheels which would help with managing some of the vacuum’s weight and for easy manoeuvring. The wheels should be gentle so as not to damage your floor.

  • Noise

It is expected of all vacuums to make noise. But there are some that make less noise than others. The quieter vacuums would come in handy for people with infants or pets.

A quieter vacuum is also imperative if you don’t want to wake your neighbours with a vacuum noise at 6 am, right?

  • Warranty

Imagine buying an electronic appliance with no warranty then it breaks down totally without it being your fault and now you can’t get a replacement! That’s why the vacuums warranty should be considered before acquiring it. In this way, you will be cushioned from the cost of replacement in case it turns out to be faulty.


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


So, what are some of the most frequently asked questions about vacuums used to clean vinyl plank floors?

Q: Can I use a Vacuum on Vinyl Plank Floors?

  • A: Yes. A vacuum can be used to clean luxury vinyl plank floors. In this article, we have discussed some of the factors that you’d consider before getting a vacuum for your vinyl plank floor. A proper vacuum cleaner would effectively clean your vinyl floor while ensuring no debris from dust and other small particles. The vacuum should also be gentle on your floor due to the sensitivity of vinyl plank floor relative to other floor types.

Q: Must I Use a Vacuum to Clean Vinyl Plank Floors?

  • A: No, it really isn’t compulsory to use a vacuum cleaner to clean your vinyl floor but on the other hand, the vacuum cleaner would be able to give you wonderful results in your cleaning process while making your work considerably easier than if you didn’t use one.

Q: What’s The Best Way to Clean Vinyl Plank Floors?

  • A: Vacuuming the floor to remove dust particles and other debris would be the first step before using a wet mop to clean the floor. One could also use cider vinegar to scrub grime off the floor after vacuuming. A mixture of cider vinegar and hot water should make the cut. Remember that regular cleaning is crucial in keeping the luxury vinyl floors sleek and in sound condition.


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Final Thoughts

With so many different vacuum types in the market, consumers are virtually spoilt for choice when it comes to vacuum cleaners. So, which is the best vacuum for luxury vinyl Plank floors? You got a myriad of options. However very few are worth your pursuit. The one you choose from the 9 above will not disappoint you whatsoever.

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