Best Vacuums without Beater Bar

Best Vacuums Without Beater Bar – Our Top 4 Picks 2020

What are the best vacuums without beater bar? Wait. Before we get to that. What are vacuums without a beater bar? These are vacuums without the fast-rolling metal device on the brush roll.

The beater bar makes cleaning of hard floors effortless thanks to its constant agitation to remove dirt. Does that, however, mean such a vacuum can clean just about any floor?

No. That’s because it would leave scratches and marks on several floor types. That is why one needs to get a vacuum without a beater bar for particular floor types. Where do you start, though?

Here, of course. But before we get to that, though,

How Do Beater Bars Work?

The beater bar is metallic and is attached to the vacuum’s brush roll and furiously rotates and beats against the surface you are cleaning to remove dirt.

The beater bar comes in handy when you are cleaning deep fibered carpets. That is because thanks to its constant rolling and agitating, it beats off all the dirt that may be deep inside the fibers.

Together with the vacuum’s rotating brush, the beater bar ensures deeper cleaning of thick carpets. A beater bar, therefore, only serves to increase the cleaning efficiency of the brush roll.

Additionally, the beater bar also helps get rid of yarns that are deep inside fluffy carpets. As it agitates, it vibrates and loosens them, allowing the vacuum to pick them up.

It is this constant agitation that makes them unsuitable for various floor types. Beater bars would be too aggressive for delicate floors as they would leave scratches and marks.

Hence the reason we suggest one goes for a vacuum without a beater bar to protect such floors. Let us see the best four options for such vacuums.

Our Top Pick

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum




The Shark Navigator lift away vacuum boasts an ability to effortlessly clean incredibly hard to reach areas thanks to the lift away canister. The anti-allergen seal and the HEPA filter ensure that whatever dirt trapped inside doesn’t escape back into the air.

This vacuum’s most important feature is the brush roll that shuts off, allowing one to clean several floor types. The brush roll has no beater bar and is therefore perfect even for delicate floors.

You won’t have any issues cleaning above-floor areas since the vacuum is relatively light. Upright and weighing only 12.5 pounds, this vacuum adds swivel steering to its already impressive features for better control and maneuvering.

You will also love that this vacuum comes with several accessories meant to make cleaning easier and stress-free. You can clean corners with the crevice tool while the upholstery tool helps you clean a wide array of upholstery.

Key Features

  • Swivel steering feature that allows easier maneuvering
  • HEPA filtration that filters all the dirt and holds it inside the vacuum
  • Lift away canister technology
  • The brush roll can shutoff to clean different floor types


Best Vacuums Without Beater Bar


2. Hoover Floormate Vacuum Cleaner




The Hoover Floormate is another vacuum that is gentle on delicate floors because it has no beater bar. This vacuum is a versatile option thanks to the soft spin scrub brush that can clean very many floor types.

The Hoover floormate vacuum comes with two separate water tanks that ensure you don’t mix clean water with dirty water.

An impressive thing with this vacuum is the two cleaning modes. The wash mode uses brushes to clean the surface while sucking away any excess water. In the dry mode, the brushes suck up the water as the brushes cease rolling.

You can easily carry it up and downstairs with this vacuum, thanks to how light it is. The compact and lightweight nature also ensures you can easily clean above-floor areas.

To top it all up are the fingertip controls that ensure all the buttons you need for faster cleaning is just at your fingertips. You can, therefore, switch between cleaning modes by pushing a button without stopping cleaning.

Key Features

  • Hs two cleaning modes (wash and dry mode)
  • Fingertip controls that make it easier to switch between cleaning modes
  • The spin scrub brush is gentle and can clean different floor types
  • Lightweight and compact to make above floor cleaning effortless


3. Miele Compact Pure Suction Vacuum




The Miele compact vacuum is a pure suction vacuum that doesn’t have a beater bar. It comes with a six-stage variable speed motor that controls the suction speed of the vacuum.

You can control the suction speed with ease thanks to the suction speed button that allows maximum and minimum suction depending on the surface you are cleaning.

Additionally, the combination floor head also makes it ideal for hard floors and low pile carpets. The rubber wheels make it gentle on delicate surfaces, while the sole gliding plate makes it an effective cleaner of carpets.

With the help f the cleaning wand, you can reach a cleaning radius of up to29.5 feet. You can also add a few extra wands and clean above-floor areas like ceilings quite easily.

The cherry on the crown is the top-notch air filtration system that ensures cleaner air after cleaning. The filtration also ensures any trapped dirt stays within the vacuum.

Key Features

  • Cleaning radius of 29.5 feet
  • Combination floor head that makes it suitable for different floor types
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Air clean sealed filtration system


4. Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum




Rounding up our list is the Oreck commercial upright vacuum that can clean various floors from laminate, hardwood, and carpet to tile. You want to know why? Because it, like all the other vacuums on our list, has no beater bar.

The high-speed roller brush gets rid of dirt and other debris from different floor types while being gentle on delicate floors.

The Oreck has a thumb control for the on and off switches that are integrated onto the handle.  You, therefore, get more convenient power of the vacuum.

The low-profile design is one of the strengths of this vacuum. It lies flat down to clean under seats or beds easily. It also has bumpers that protect walls as it cleans.

The 35-foot cord means you don’t have to carry it from room to room as you clean. It is long enough to provide you with the farthest reach without the need to unplug it from the socket.

What’s most impressive with this vacuum, however, is the top fill dust tank. Because the dust tank fills from up means that the vacuum doesn’t lose any of its initial suction as the bag fills up with trash.

Key Features

  • Low profile design that makes it a better cleaner of below furniture areas
  • Top-fill dust tank that ensures zero loss of suction
  • An extralong 35-foot extension cord that enhances your cleaning reach
  • Integrated thumb controls on the handle for more convenient control

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Factor to Consider Before Purchasing Vacuums Without Beater Bar


How Much Does It Cost?

As much as you badly need a vacuum without a beater bar, that doesn’t mean you pay an arm and a leg for one. That is why you always have to consider how much such a vacuum will compare with other devices. In that way, you can get the best possible deal for you.


The Kind of Flooring in Your Home

There are certain kinds of floors that vacuums with beater bars would be suitable. If you are cleaning a house with a thick carpet that has many fibers, then a vacuum with a beater bar would help here

On the other hand, if you have a delicate floor, then you better get one without a beater bar to preserve the floor.


The Kind of Dirt In your Home

For homes where pet hair is usually the predominant kind of dirt, a vacuum with a beater bar would come in handy. That’s because such a vacuum eliminates the smallest pet hair that might be stuck on furniture or floors.

However, you can also get other vacuums without beater bars that would deal with this kind of dirt efficiently. Again, it comes down to what you want.

The Cleaning Power

Before you go for any vacuum, you always have to consider how powerful it can be carefully. That is no different for vacuums without beater bars.

You don’t want to end up with a vacuum that fails to eliminate small dust particles but gets rid of large debris.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What effect would a beater bar vacuum have on a luxury vinyl plank floor?

  • A: Vinyl plant flooring is a delicate floor type that would get scratches and marks if cleaned with a vacuum with a beater bar. You don’t want to try that.

Q: Are vacuums with beater bars better cleaners of high pile carpets?

  • A: Yes, they are. However, it would be best to remember that they wouldn’t necessarily be as efficient on different floor types.

Q: Are vacuums without beater bars worth it?

  • A: Yes. If you have delicate flooring in your home, then a vacuum without a beater bar would be worth it. That’s is because you won’t have to fear it might damage your floor or leave any scratches.


Final Thoughts

We hope our guide helps you pick the best vacuums without beater bar for use in your home. Remember to go for the one that best suits your needs.

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