How Long Does It Take for Carpet to Dry? – Quick Cleaning Tips


How Long Does It Take for Carpet to Dry

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We all love the comfort that carpets bring to our houses. That is why whenever people clean their carpet, they want it dry as fast as possible. But, how long does it take for carpet to dry?

Ever had the furry type of carpets that seem to massage your toes as you walk? Now imagine such a carpet all soggy. How fast would such a carpet dry after cleaning? We bet you want your carpets to dry soon after you wash them.

The time a carpet takes to dry determines how often you wash your carpet. No one wants to be stuck with a carpet that won’t dry. A wet carpet can turn your family life upside down.


How Long Does It Take for Carpet to Dry?

Carpet to Dry

It will depend on the type of carpet you own. For the average carpet, six to twelve hours should be enough for a carpet to dry after a professional cleaning. That is unless the method that you used involved soaking the carpet with lots of water.

If it was a do it yourself approach, then six to ten hours should be enough. The fact that you are doing it yourself means you are most likely using a vacuum. The typical vacuum won’t flood the carpet with water; therefore, your carpet will dry faster.

Steam cleaning is a favorite of many professional cleaners. That’s because it gets down to the deepest fibers to eliminate bacteria and dirt. It, however, requires lots of hot water that making it take its time leaving the carpet.


If your carpet stays damp for well over 24 hours, then it’s time to call the cleaners back. That would surely point as much to inefficiency as to the prevailing weather conditions.

There are times you think you did everything well, but still, the carpet won’t dry. Let’s look at some other factors that would affect the drying time of your carpet.


Factors That Affect a Carpet’s Drying Time

Carpet’s Drying Time

  • Prevailing House Conditions

It would take a carpet longer to dry if your house is humid. The presence of humidity in the air slows down drying since the air won’t absorb any moisture from the carpet. Dryer air dries carpets faster.

  • The Cleaning Method
  • As already said, steam cleaning is thorough and soaks your carpet with a lot of water. It would, therefore, take such a carpet longer to dry. With other methods, it might take considerably less time for the carpet to dry.
  • The Carpet Type

Thick fibered carpets take longer to dry than other carpets (nylon carpets). It would be best if you are to clean such carpets when the conditions are ideal. Like, let’s say when it’s dry and hot outside?

  • The Weather

This one is a no-brainer. It will take your carpet longer to dry in winter than in summer. This shouldn’t in any way dissuade you from cleaning your carpet in the winter as there are ways you can speed up drying even in the winter.

In What Way Will I Make A Carpet to Dry Quickly?

There are ways you can get your carpet to dry faster.

Firstly, ensure the cleaning is as efficient as possible. Whether you did it yourself or called in a professional, the cleaning should be thorough. That is so you can reduce the chances of waterlogging in your carpet hence faster drying.


A familiar way to get your carpet to dry even faster would be to improve the airflow in your house. Open the windows. Do you have fans? Turn them on! Have floor fans? Unleash them! You will be amazed by how fast your carpet will dry.

Finally, another wonderful way to dry your carpet is to vacuum it. Vacuuming is an excellent way to eliminate water from a carpet. Just make sure you use a vacuum that sucks up water as well as sucks up dirt.


What’s Wrong with Having a Damp Carpet in your House?

Having a damp carpet in your house won’t be so great for air circulation. Such a home will be overly humid, making it likely that allergens float around in the air. You wouldn’t want to risk your family’s health that way.

A damp carpet is a luxurious haven for bacteria and other microbes. They would flourish in the carpet fibers and be a potential cause of infections. Considering that you most likely walk barefoot on your carpet, you wouldn’t want that.


  • As you wait for your carpet to dry, it is best if you and your family members avoid walking on it. Apart from making it dirty again, you will make it take a longer time to dry.
  • If you want a faster drying time, ensure you use a cleaning method that involves less water. That is without compromising cleanliness standards
  • Keep your house well ventilated for faster drying times. Proper air circulation translates to a more rapid drying time for your carpet.

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Parting Shot

Have we answered your question? We hope we have. Remember not to risk your family’s health by persevering with a damp carpet.

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