how to clean an area rug with pressure washer

How To Clean An Area Rug With Pressure Washer – The Best & Tested Ways

Area rugs bring an excellent splash of colors, touch and feel to your living space. They also provide warmth during cold seasons. However, they easily collect dust, allergens, food spilling’s and pet hair, which can make them look old, dirty and smelly.

If you feel that your area rug doesn’t appeal anymore? A pressure washer is the best equipment to help you clean your rug to restore its charm.

This write up is to help you understand how to clean an area rug with pressure washer. What you need to do and what is involved in making sure you rightly accomplish the task.


How Frequently Should You Clean Your Area Rug?


The frequency with which to clean your area rug is dependent on:

  • The position and traffic your rug gets.
  • The material used to make your rug.
  • Whether you have pets living in your household and their number.

Generally, area rugs in high-traffic positions demand frequent, thorough cleaning. Practice regular vacuuming to reduce the build-up of dirt and to keep the rug in a presentable condition between cleanings.


How to Tell That Your rug Needs Cleaning

A casual glance is not enough to help you establish if a rug is dirty or not. A rug gradually turns duller as it continually collects dirt. Below are the telltales that you need to clean your area rug:

  • If you whack an edge of the rug and dust billows out
  • If you notice deep sited dirt on the warp at the base of your rug.

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Which Cleaning Solutions are Safe to use on Your area Rugs?


Look out for safe detergents recommended for your rug type. Some detergents might leave residue and even cause discoloration on the shades of the rug.

Test your cleaning solution on a small invisible part of the rug before cleaning. This will help you know the reaction of the rug to the cleaning solution. That is a sure way to prevent harm to the whole rug.

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Step by Step Guide to Clean an Area Rug Using a Pressure Washer


Gather all the materials you need, which include:

  • Cleaning solution,
  • Scrubber or a thick bristled broom,
  • A pressure washer.

Step 1. Choose an ideal area where you will clean your area rug outside your house. It can be a waterproof surface such as a patio or a wooden deck. Thoroughly brush the rug on both sides to remove debris.

Step 2. If the pressure washer does not have an in-built detergent tank, apply cleaning spots with detergent. Allow the cleaning solution to stay on the rug for a few minutes.

Step 3. Before starting the cleaning process, check the condition of the pressure washer. Ensure it is well oiled and that all the accessories are in place. See if the nozzles are strong enough.

A faulty equipment cannot handle the task at hand. From a safe distance, hold the wand, pull the trigger and apply pressure.

Avoid passing it too near to the rug as it will cause destruction. Remove all dirt spots accumulated.

Step 4. Clean with water and thoroughly rinse off the detergent from the rug.

Step 5. Locate a space free from dust. Hang the rug to dry.

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What to do:

  • Not all equipment’s out there are suitable for this task. Ensure the pressure washer you use does not leave your area rug out of shape. See best pressure washers
  • Apply right pressure. Excessive pressure destroys the material used to make the rug.
  • Get the right cleaning solutions to avoid discoloration and fading of the rug.
  • Keep a distance that helps you rightly dispense water to the area rug.

What not to do:

  • No hot water. Using hot water will change the degree of pressure already produced by the washer.
  • Pass the nozzle at 12-inches distance away from the rug.

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Parting Shot

If done correctly, cleaning an area rug is a simple task that brings forth satisfying results. Perform the task yourself by following the procedure as well as taking note of the do’s and dont’s.

This process can make the task sound tiring and troublesome. However, it is truly not. For a flawless job, thoroughly read the user’s manual to get a good glimpse of the requirements.


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