How To Clean Balcony – 6 Best Steps That You Can Follow


How To Clean Balcony

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The balcony is an integral part of any house. For some people, it might even be a prerequisite for a house. They can’t move to a home without a balcony. That’s no surprise since balconies offer someone an escape by providing a place to chill and relax as they bask or relax in a cool breeze.

If you have a house with a balcony, you’ll want to keep the balcony clean to maintain a peaceful environment. But do you know how to clean balcony? Although not complex, some people still have a difficult time cleaning their patios.

If you’re one of those people, then you will appreciate what we have to share. Do read on to see.

How To Clean Balcony – The Easiest Steps Are

How To Clean Balcony - The Easiest Steps Are

Any house’s balcony will be in direct contact with the elements. Therefore, it is prone to dust and other kinds of dirt you will find in the open air. The balcony doesn’t have the benefit of a roof, which is part of the reason most people love it, but again, it will always be dirty. The roof makes it desirable, after all. With a roof, then the balcony would be any other room in the house.

This means you have to deal with lots of fresh dirt on the balcony. Bird droppings, dust, snow, rain dirt, and leaves from nearby trees are part of the trash you might find on your balcony, especially if you don’t clean it regularly.

So, what then is the best way to keep your balcony clean? The below tips should help.

Step 1

Clear the balcony of all the furniture, if any. If your balcony has furniture, it will be harder for you to clean it without removing the furniture first. So, the first step will be to clear the balcony to wash it effectively.

Step 2

Dust the balcony starting from the top areas to the bottom. Cleaning the top first will ensure you don’t have to work twice when cleaning since the dirt will fall to the ground. If you start with the bottom, you will have more work to do when you dust the top part of the balcony.

Step 3

Sweep away the dust that collects on the bottom of the balcony. If there isn’t too much dirt, then a dust mop would work fine for this. You can also use a broom.

Step 4

Grab a bucket of water and wipe the top parts of the balcony. Wet a piece of cloth and use it to clean the upper parts of the balcony. You might need a stool or other structure to stand on to reach the above-ground parts. After wiping all the above-ground areas with the price of cloth.

If you have glass doors or glass windows on your balcony, use a spray bottle to spray them with water and soap before cleaning the water away. Later, you can use paper towels to dry them.

Step 5

After cleaning the upper parts of the balcony, you will now be ready to clean the floor or the bottom surface. Here a mop or a rag will do if there’s only moderate dirt. If it is too dirty, then you will need to scrub the floor thoroughly.

That will ensure you get rid of all the stuck-on dirt and make it easier for you to mop later. After the scrubbing, mop it like you would mop any other floor and let the moisture dry away.

Step 6

Now to the furniture, you removed from the balcony. Get a damp piece of cloth and thoroughly wipe all the parts of the furniture. A multi-surface cleaner and warm water will do just fine here. After that, return them to the balcony and let the air dry them.

With that, you will have cleaned your balcony. Now all you’ll need to do is wait for everything to dry, and you can enjoy the cool breeze typical of your balcony.

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Tips to Maintain a Clean Balcony

Tips to Maintain a Clean Balcony

  • Mind the Plants

Most people have potted plants on their balconies, whether artificial plants or natural. Now, these plants are easy to forget to clean. Depending on the type of pots you use to grow your indoor plants, some might become a source of dust and other trash on your balcony.

Therefore, when selecting a potted plant, choose the pot carefully to ensure it doesn’t leak water onto your balcony. If you don’t have such a pot or container, you can place it on a saucer to prevent the water from draining onto your clean balcony.

Dust the plants before you start cleaning the balcony since dust might have settled on the leaves.

  • Clean the Balcony Regularly

Regular cleaning of your balcony will help make it easier for you each time. There won’t be any caked-on dirt or bird droppings to deal with. Therefore, depending on how fast it gets dirty, always have a fixed time interval for cleaning your balcony.

  • Consider Vertical Gardens

If you’re the type to prefer some plants on your balcony, then you would be better off choosing a vertical garden over the usual sprawling types. This means going high rather than low with the balcony plants.

The higher the plants, the lesser the chance that they will make the balcony dirty.

  • Have Dark Colors for Your Balcony

No matter how regularly you clean it, the balcony will always not be short of dust and other debris. That’s why it would be wise to consider a darker color scheme for your balcony. Such colors mask the dirt and could potentially save you from the embarrassment of a dirty balcony.

  • Focus on Cleaning the Glass More Regularly

Glass gets dirt fast. So, if your balcony has glass windows or glass sliding doors, you need to constantly clean them. Dirty glass windows can transform even a clean balcony into a filthy-looking one.

FAQ About How to Clean Balcony

FAQ About How to Clean Balcony

Is It a Good Idea to Use DIY Cleaners?

DIY cleaners are an excellent choice to use if you want to rid the balcony of all its grime. You, however, will need to know the concentrations in which to use them. Don’t overdo things and end up eroding your balcony floor.

Must I Use a Hose When Cleaning My Balcony?

Most balconies aren’t that large. And while hoses might be efficient at cleaning any floor, they aren’t compulsory for a balcony. You don’t have to use a hose since a bucket and a mop will work fine.

Is Cleaning a Balcony Complicated?

No, it isn’t. as you might have seen from the steps outlined, cleaning the balcony won’t take a lot of your time.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t know how to clean balcony, we trust the simple steps we have outlined will help you. Don’t forget the tips we shared as you clean your balcony. A clean balcony can be integral to your peace of mind, and you need to protect your peace by keeping your balcony clean.

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