How to Clean Commercial Tile Floors

How to Clean Commercial Tile Floors – Simple Tips 2020

Apart from sanitary concerns, there are other major reasons to keep business floors clean and dry. A significant percentage of most injuries at work places come as a result of slipping or tripping.

Maintaining your business floor clean saves you from possible liabilities encase somebody slides and falls. It is also a sure way of instilling some sense of pride in workers and credibility in customers— who wants to work or walk into a messy wet environment?

How to clean Commercial tile floors should not be a difficult task. Read on to learn some easy tips to clean tile floor.

Simple guide Cleaning Commercial Tile Floors

Tile floors are the most loved type of flooring due to their longevity, affordability, a wide range of appearances and ease of maintenance. Regularly maintaining your commercial tile floors makes them last long as well as keep a lustrous and pristine condition.


5 Easy Steps to Follow How to Clean Commercial Tile Floors


Here is what you need to clean commercial tile floors:

  • Bucket
  • Neutral cleaner
  • Water
  • A mop that has an automatic scrubber
  • Air mover

Step 1

Start by removing big particles of dirt from the floor you intend to work on. Do this either by sweeping or vacuuming. That will now help you focus on cleaning your commercial tiles devoid of debris.

Step: 2

Put one measure of neutral cleaner with one gallon of water in a bucket. The neutral cleaner helps in keeping your commercial tile floors looking new and sheer. If you form a habit of using harsh cleaning agents, the floor slowly turns dull with a worn out finish.

Step 3

Sprinkle some cleaning solution on the tiles and thoroughly scrub the whole floor. Ensure to cover all the corners and high traffic points. 

Next, completely dry the floor using the air mover. You can wait for half an hour for the floor to dry to prevent slipping and falling.You may notice some stains left even after normal cleaning. Try these tips to remove the scuffs and stubborn stains.

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  • Increase the Concentration of Your Cleaning Solution

As much as it can make your floor appear dull, it is essential to get rid of the stains. Use 2 to 4 measures of cleaning detergent in each gallon of water you use. This has been proven to work effectively on stains.

Note: Use the solution only on stained points.

Warning: In case you opt for harsh cleaning solutions, avoid using agents containing ammonia and bleach. These products produce poisonous fumes that can cause a health hazard.

  • Move in Different Patterns as You Mop

Try scrubbing out the stains by mopping the stained area in different patterns

  • Remove wax

Yellow stains appearing on commercial tiles normally come as a result of sunlight reaction with vinyl or wax discoloration on the surface of the tiles.

For wax, using concentrated solution and an automatic scrubber will do the trick.

Consider getting floor fans for effective removal of stains and cuffs from commercial tile floors.

Shop vacuum is also best for cleaning commercial tile floors. You can check our another article on Shop Vac for Drywall Dust.

Best Way to Reduce the Need to Clean Commercial Tile Floors

Most of the dirt accumulated in business floors is obtained from outside. Installing an entrance and exit matting is a sure way to reduce the need to often cleaning the floors.

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Clean Commercial Tile Floors


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • Q: Which is the best commercial tile cleaner?

A: Always use cleaning agents recommended by the tile makers. Some cleaning products can affect the finish of your commercial tile floors. If you are not sure, use no rinse cleaners.

  • Q: How can I clean discolored commercial tile floors?

A: Use the Baking soda method. Prepare a solution of water and baking soda and apply the mixture on the stained part. Leave it to stay overnight and scrub it with a soft brush to avoid damaging the tiles.

  • Q: Can I use vinegar on commercial tile floors?

A: Most people approve the use of water and white vinegar on tiles. However, experts disapprove this practice since vinegar has high concentration of acid and poses high risk on the glaze of the tiles.


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In Summary

The standards of cleaning commercial tile floors is high. Nevertheless, the process is straightforward and less tedious. Make it your habit to regularly clean commercial tile floors to increase their life span.


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