How to Get Roomba to Clean Whole House

How to Get Roomba to Clean Whole House – Easy Guide 2020

You may have excitedly bought Roomba to help with cleaning chores only for it not to efficiently do it. The question “How to get Roomba to clean whole house?” is the one you will be looking for answers. Several reasons could be behind your Roomba, not cleaning all your rooms. Let’s have a look at some of them.


5 Reasons Why Your Roomba is not Cleaning all Areas of Your House


  • Cluttered Room

Roomba will hardly clean a room full of clutter obstructing its path. Whether its wires, toys, or any other items lying on the floor.

  • Dark Carpets

A room with dark carpets will be difficult for the Roomba to clean. The dark colors cause absorption instead of a reflection of the vacuum’s infrared signals, which makes it avoid vacuuming the area.

  • Darkness in a Room

Light is essential when using some vacuums as it helps its camera to capture a room’s virtual map. The iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum is one of those vacuums that needs light for it to clean. So, if you are cleaning your room in the dark and the vacuum does not work, light it up.


  • A Virtual Wall

A Roomba virtual wall helps confine your vacuum to a specific room. The virtual wall prevents the cleaner from spoiling any delicate item or one that is a health hazard. If you have set a barrier device in a room, then Roomba will not clean it.

  • Issues With Maintenance

Worn-out brushes, dead battery, or a full bin, are some maintenance issues that may cause your cleaner not to work. A Roomba without a self-emptying function will stop cleaning due to its bin getting filled. A low or dead battery will mean the vacuum will stop.

Worn-out brushes you have not replaced will stop the cleaning chores midway or before it even starts.


6 Easy to Follow Tips on How to Get Roomba to Clean Whole House


  • Declutter

Roomba can pass over a few items on the floor, but too many, and the device will stop. Tidy up the room you intend Roomba to vacuum before setting it on.

  • Rearranging Furniture

If your furniture is low-lying, Roomba may not go down it to clean. Move the furniture to the wall to leave enough room for the cleaner.

You do not have to give the whole place a total makeover; slight adjustments will do. The clearer the way is, the easier for the cleaner.

  • Remove All Wires

Cables lying all over the place are a mess that needs clearing before Roomba starts cleaning. The wires can entangle the vacuum causing it to stop cleaning or create obstacles on the way. Pin all the wires or gather them together in one place away from the floor.

  • Cleaning Your Dark Carpets

If your carpeting is on level ground without sunken spots or stairs, then Roomba can still clean. Turn off the cliff sensors on your vacuum so it can clean the dark carpets.

  • Maintain Your Roomba

Regular maintenance is vital for a full functioning capacity of the vacuum cleaner. Replace a dead battery to let the vacuum resume normal function. For worn out filters and brushes, replace them once in three months.

Deep clean Roomba by opening the spiral brushes and removing all dirt inside at least once a month. Use the soft brushes that come with the vacuum to remove entangled fur.

  • Navigation From One Room To The Other

The iRobot Roomba i7 Robotic Vacuum Bundle has the iAdapt 3.0 room recognition feature. It makes cleaning easy as it can access any room in the house. Those without the feature may mean you will have to carry it from one place to the other.

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 Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Why did my Roomba stop working?

A: If the room you are cleaning is full of clutter, the vacuum will not work. It could also stop working if the battery is dead or its brushes are worn-out.

  • Q: Can any Roomba clean my house automatically

A: Roomba vacuums come in different designs; some have state-of-the-art technology features. Some will clean the whole house at the command from an app. Others may need you to be around to control them.

  • Q: Why does my Roomba not clean my dark carpets?

A: The cliff sensors on your vacuum do get absorbed by the dark colors. The signal sent to the cleaner is that there are cliffs ahead and thus will not clean. However, you can turn the sensors off when you are cleaning such carpets.


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Final Thoughts

Advanced technology on Roomba vacuums makes your cleaning a task to look forward to. You do not need to do anything apart from setting the app that will give the vacuum instructions.

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