How to Remove Dead Algae From Pool Bottom

How to Remove Dead Algae From Pool Bottom – Best Solutions

Algae has a habit of getting away into the swimming pool, and you will occasionally have to deal with it. This is the reason why you have to understand some effective techniques on how to remove dead algae from pool bottom.


What to Note About Swimming Pool Algae


It is not safe to swim in a pool infested with algae, given that there are microorganisms found in them, which could be harmful to your health.

It is essential to mention that you have to kill the green algae at the walls and the bottom of your pool first. You can use chlorine, which will effectively kill the algae and make it easier for removal, as it becomes less sticky.

A few days after the chlorine takes effect, you will start to notice that the bottom of your pool is either gray or white, an indication that the algae are dead. This is a signal that your procedure to remove the dead algae can now start.

Since it could prove expensive to always have cleaning services every time you need the algae dealt with, it is important that you learn some tips on how to do the job yourself.

Tips on How to Remove Dead Algae from Pool Bottom


You can either drain most of the water in your pool and use a brush or vacuum the pool with the water intact. There are several vacuum methods, which include manual vacuum cleaning and automatic vacuum cleaning (pressure side, suction-side and robotic).

In this write-up, we will discuss two easy ways to help you deal with dead algae lying at the bottom of your pool. They include:

  • Using a brush.
  • Using a robotic vacuum cleaner.


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Step by Step Guide to Using a Brush to Get Rid of Dead Algae from Pool Bottom


If you have a small personal pool, then you can remove the dead algae by simply using a brush. Ensure you have one that is suitable for the flooring of your pool. Vinyl, Concrete, fiberglass or any other type each has a specific type of brush that may not necessarily suit the rest. For instance, vinyl requires a soft brush while concrete calls for rough bristled brushes.

You will need the following:

  • A pool brush.
  • Floor-friendly pool detergent.


Step 1:

Drain the pool of most of the water. If your pool is made of the vinyl liner, draining all the water may lead the liner to crease. Leaving some of the water will also help wet the floor to enhance the cleaning.

This step allows you to comfortably step into the pool.

Step 2:

Brush the dead algae towards the drainage of the pool. Keep scrubbing and brushing until the pool is free of removable dirt.

Step 3:

Add the pool detergent into the pool. Scrub the pool thoroughly to ensure that you eliminate any stains from the algae. Drain this water.

Allow more water into the pool and drain it to rinse the detergent.

Step 4:

Allow water into the pool until it is full. Add chlorine into the water, and using a pool pump, ensure the required flow and mix.

Your pool is ready for use.

Remove Dead Algae From Pool Bottom

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Step by Step Guide to Use a Robotic Vacuum


This is the most recent and efficient method of getting rid of algae in a pool. It is automatic and less demanding since it does all the cleaning on its own.

You will need:

  • The robotic vacuum cleaner.
  • Electric power

Follow the below steps:

  1.  Plug in the robotic vacuum cleaner into a power socket.
  2.  Slowly and carefully lower the vacuum in the pool.
  3.  Give it time, and the pool will be clean within a few minutes.
  4.  When the robotic vacuum cleaner is done, switch off the power.
  5.  Get the vacuum from the pool, and empty its filter bag, where all the dead algae is stored during the cleaning.
  6.  Add chlorine into the water for treatment using a pump to enhance the flow and mix, after which the water is ready for swimming.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Q: Is it possible to remove dead algae from my swimming pool on my own?

A: Yes, it is. You can either vacuum your pool or brush the dead algae off your pool, as long as you have the right tools and equipment. It is not that time consuming, and you will have saved more compared to  hiring cleaning services.

  • Q: How do I know that the algae in my pool are dead?

A: Algae is green in color. However, when you treat your water with chlorine, it turns to grey or white. This color change implies that the algae are dead.

  • Q: Can I swim in a pool with algae?

A: You can, but it is at the expense of your health. This is because the bacteria that feed on algae can be pathogenic. It is advisable to get rid of the algae to make your pool safe for swimming.


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Dead algae at the bottom of a pool is probably the most annoying sight of a swimming pool. However, with information and plans on how to remove it, it becomes more bearable.


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