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Neato D3 Vs D80 – Which One Is The Best Vacuums for Allergies and Pet Hair

Robotic vacuums from Neato are known for their amazing technological innovations. But what would set one Neato apart from the others? We picked the Neato D3 vs D80 to find out why one would choose one over the other.

Neato’s robotic vacuums give Roomba vacuums stiff competition in the battle for the best robotic vacuums. Roomba would otherwise have a field day if there were no other excellent choices for robotic vacuums.

The fact that some of Neato’s vacuums have commendable cleaning ability and wireless connection helps them hold their own in the robotic vacuums market.

We are therefore comparing the Neato D3’s features against those of the D80. This would enable us see why a potential buyer would choose one at the expense of the other.

How do Neato D3 and D80 work?

One of the most impressive features about the Neato’s robotic vacuums is the wireless connectivity in some. They offer the user a hands free approach in controlling cleaning in their home.

The D3, for instance, allows Wi-Fi connectivity whilst one can also control it using a remote. The Neato app control can be used to operate it allowing one to easily schedule cleaning from the convenience of their smartphone.

The D80, on the other hand, has an LCD screen that enables one easily operate them. Both of them come with Neato’s patented Laser Smart technology that vastly improves their cleaning speed and efficiency.

Both the vacuums have rounded rear ends that make them more efficient at cleaning edges and corners. Also, the use of the random pattern of vacuuming enables them to do a better job at cleaning your floor.

Though they have different types of filters, both their filters are powerful enough and capture all dirt and dust particles. They minimize chances of allergens being let back into the air and cause health complications.

Neato D3 Review

The Neato D3 is a member of the Botvac series of vacuums. It couples great suction power with a standard filter that does a great enough job to prevent debris from escaping back into the air.

The fact that it can be connected to your phone via the app makes it one of the smartest vacuums available in the market today. Its laser guided maps help it easily move around your house while doing its cleaning. The maps work in real-time.

This smartness is what makes it really effective at cleaning your house clearing almost 1800 square feet for every cycle. The cycle would involve a triple cleaning session while automatically recharging twice.

It possesses a lithium ion battery capable of lasting up to 45 minutes per session. Recharging would set you back about 3 hours. It has Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities and can be controlled using both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

Its main brush is at the front of which gives it a wide area of cleaning giving your floor a deeper clean. It rounded rear makes it move into tight spaces and corners to clean them efficiently. This makes it better at its job than most square shaped robotic vacuum cleaners.

Its brush employs Spin flow technology to thoroughly scrub the dirt off carpets and hard floors. As if this isn’t enough the suction sucks up even larger debris such as food crumbs. The large dust bag makes sure you don’t have to empty it every now and then.

We would say this would be a pretty decent remover of pet hair on carpets and furniture in your house. It also would work better for compact and smaller living quarters.


Neato D3 Features

  • Laser Smart Technology

This enables the cleaner to intelligently navigate around obstacles in its path such as chairs and tables. This prevents the nuisance of always having to manually move it to a different path

  • D-shaped

This makes it a better cleaner of tight spaces, corners and edges in your house.

  • Automated Recharge

The vacuum intelligently goes to recharge by itself whenever the battery is low before resuming cleaning by itself. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Voice Control

Its Wi-Fi connectivity feature ensures it compatible with Amazons Alexa and Google Assistant. This serves to increase the ease with which you can control it.

  • Schedule Cleaning Sessions

One can totally pre-plan for when they want the vacuum to carry out cleaning sessions in the house.

  • Lithium Ion Battery

It comes with a lithium ion battery capable of lasting for about 45 minutes per cleaning session. Though Neato incorrectly states it has a one-hour runtime.

  • Standard Filter

It is equipped with a standard filter that does a good job of filtering out most of the particles whilst minimizing re-entry into the air. This, of course, wouldn’t be as efficient as the HEPA filter.


  • Laser Smart Guided Mapping System
  • Lightweight
  • Can be preplanned to clean
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Can be voice controlled
  • Automated self-recharge


  • Less accessories compared to other models


Neato D80 Review

For furry pet owners, nothing is trickier than getting pet hair off carpets and furniture. One would need a vacuum that would easily suck up this hair. Especially so if your dog really sheds off lots of hair.

The Neato Botvac D80 is one of the few vacuums in the market with specialized accessories for removing pet hair. It comes with 2 brushes one specifically tailor made for removing hair off carpets and furniture.

Its spiral shaped blade brush is a multipurpose cleaner for all kinds of floors, be they hardwood or laminate floors and also carpets. The two brushes are able to carry out this task while avoiding clogging in the vacuum.

It also comes with boundary markers that capably dictate the path the cleaner follows. This helps the cleaner avoid spilling over things in its path as it goes about cleaning.

In addition to the pet tailored features, the D80 also gives you the efficient cleaning capabilities associated with the D3. It’s d-shaped to enable it easily clean up edges and corners in your house. It gets as close to the wall as it possibly can. And by that, we mean just millimetres from the wall!

The laser guided mapping system capably divides your house into easily navigable units for faster and more efficient cleaning by the cleaner. This makes it one of the market’s most efficient vacuum cleaners.

Unlike the D3 it comes with the more efficient HEPA filter that does a wonderful job of preventing the escape of dust particles back into circulation.


Neato D80 Features

  • HEPA filter

The D80 is equipped with a highly efficient HEPA filter that filters 99.97% of dust particles while allowing minimum escape back into the air. This prevents presence of potential allergens in the air.

  • Laser guided mapping system

This helps the vacuum navigate around chairs and other furniture as it cleans your house. The lasers divide the area being cleaned into units.

  • Pet friendly tools

It comes with two brushes with one specially dedicated to removing pet hair with no clogging.

  • LCD screen

The LCD screen makes its operation easier as compared to other vacuums that don’t have the feature.

  • D-shaped

This makes sure the cleaner easily navigates corners and edges. It also enables the cleaner to get into tight spaces for a deeper clean.

  • Combo brush

It comes with two brushes with one dedicated to removing pet hair and the other does multi-purpose cleaning of all floor types. It is also less noisy especially on wooden and tiled floors.

  • Boundary Markers

This helps demarcate the area the vacuum should stay within. There’s, therefore, less risk of the vacuum spilling your pet’s food all over the floor.


  • One can Preplan cleaning sessions
  • D-shaped to easily navigate edges and corners
  • Laser guided mapping system makes it a faster cleaner
  • Pet friendly tools
  • More efficient HEPA filter
  • Boundary markers


  • Dust bag fails to latch on after sometime

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Close Comparison Between Neato D3 Vs D80


  • Laser guided mapping system

Both have the patented laser guided mapping system typical of all Neato vacuums. It maps the area to clean facilitating faster movement and therefore quicker cleaning.

  • D-Shaped Design

Both have the d-shaped fronts that make them a better edge and corner cleaners. They also access tight spaces relatively easily due to this feature.

  • Automated Recharge

Both are capable of recharging whenever the battery is low before resuming cleaning.

  • Preplanned Cleaning

Both can be programmed to clean at regular intervals according to your schedule.



  • Side Brushes

The D3 only has one side brush while the D80 has two. This makes the D80 more efficient in cleaning up pet hair from carpets and floors.

  • LCD Touch screen

The D80 has a capacitive LCD touch screen for easier operation. The D3 only has two buttons on it.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

The D3 has Wi-Fi connectivity and can also be controlled by an app installed on a smartphone. What’s more, it is compatible with both Alexa and Google assistant and thus can be operated via voice. The D80 was denied this feature.

  • HEPA filter

The D80 has the highly efficient HEPA filter while the D3 only has the standard filter which is not as efficient as that of the D80.

Which one is The Best Vacuums for Allergies and Pet Hair?

The D3 holds is own against the D80 but in our opinion, it quite fails to topple the D80 when dealing with pets. The D80’s specialized tools for removing pet hair gives it a real edge.

Final Remarks

We hope our comparison has helped you decide on which is the best vacuum for removing pet hair and in the process guard against allergies. It is now up to you to decide if you’d give the D3 the benefit of doubt.

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