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Top 7 Best Old Fashioned Dust Mops Reviews – Buying Guides 2020

With the advent of more sophisticated dust mops such as the Swiffer, one would be hard-pressed to explain why they would prefer the old school dust mop. That’s where our review of the 7 best old fashioned dust mops would come in handy.

The old school dust mops would fit the grade due to their generally safe clothe material on the head. This is as opposed to the Swiffer’s polyester and polypropylene dry clothes that might cause skin irritation on contact.


Why Use Old fashioned Dust Mops?


As previously mentioned, old school dust mops made of wool have lanolin. The lanolin acts as a dust and dirt attractant during cleaning. This enables the mops to collect the dirt rather than push them to a designated area of the house like the brooms do.

Woollen and cotton heads are gentle on floors and don’t leave behind undesirable scratches and marks. This would be preferable for owners of sensitive floors.

Their heads can be removed and washed at regular periods to avoid making cleaning useless. The yarns on the heads come in several colourful colours that would fit right into your colourful home if you so wish.

So, what are your options?


Our Top Pick:


1. Sladust Woolen Old Fashioned Dust Mop




The Sladust Woolen Old school dust mop tops in our list of the 7 best old fashioned dust mops. It comes with an all woolen dry mop with natural occurring lanolin that attracts dirt and dust for a more efficient sweep. The lanolin ‘magnetically’ captures all dirt off the floor.

The Sladust old school dry mop isn’t laced with any chemicals. Also, no disposable pads are needed for the mop as with other types. The mop is excellent for removing dust from several floor types be they laminate, marble, tiled or hardwood.

The swivel head is flexible enough to make maneuvering under beds and chairs effortless. What’s more, after one is done with cleaning, a thorough shake should be enough to remove all the dust and dirt off.

The metal handle can extend to 59 inches and has a hanging hole for storage. It is capable of reaching up to 11” x 18” of dusting area and its head can be easily removed for a wash. The durable Velcro backing makes this possible.

It is a great dust mop for pet owners because of its commendable job picking up pet hair. It doesn’t leave behind chemical traces that might be potentially toxic to your pets. Also, its sturdy design enhances its longevity while making it an environmentally friendly house cleaning tool.

Key Features

  • Metal Telescoping wand
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sturdy design
  • Strong but light enough


Best Old Fashioned Dust Mops Review


2. Jinclean Industrial Cotton Floor Old Fashioned Mop



With its ultra-wide cleaning path of 24” x 11”, this old school mop sweeps away hair, dirt and dust with commendable efficiency. It’s one touch lock system makes it really easy to pull out or put in the pole as well as the mop head frame.

It comes with a strong and sturdy steel handle with a maximum height of 59”. It is also worth noting that it can be adjusted to fit the user’s height. The trapped dust and dirt can be readily removed by a thorough shake of the head after every cleaning session.

It’s another environment-friendly dust mop that comes with cotton pads and gives an excellent clean on hardwood, vinyl or laminate floors. No additional chemicals are needed during cleaning.

The Jinclean dust mop does wonderfully in removing pet hair off floors even if the floor is a little bit wet. The wide brush gives a wider cleaning path than that of the Sladust, greatly reducing cleaning time.

It also has the swivel stop system that makes maneuvering between furniture easier and faster. However, cotton pads have to be replaced over time.


Key Features

  • Wide brush
  • Strong steel handle
  • Cotton pads
  • Chemical free


3. O-Cedar Commercial Dust Mop



Looking for an industrial old school dust mop? Then the O-cedar traditional dust mop with cotton made head should quite tick a few boxes. The o-cedar dust mop is perfect for large homes and commercial places.

It cleans hardwood floors quite impeccably with its overlapping cotton fibres giving it a wide area of reach. This enables it to capture all kinds of dirt be they pet hair, dust or small rocks.

The handle is metallic to resist breakage while the snap on the frame is made of quarter inch steel rods resistant to rust. The snap on handle collar slides to keep the handle in position for a full all round clean.

Its handle and the base come separately enabling easier storage for limited space users. It easily swivels allowing the user to move over the floor in a rapid front motion. You will only have to make one pass over any area to sufficiently clear all the dirt in that area.

Perhaps its only major drawback is that the cotton fibres tend to fall off over time and the pad would need replacing after roughly a year of use.


Key Features

  • Head made of cotton yarn
  • 60-inch metallic handle
  • Ultra-wide area of action
  • Easy dirt and dust removal (by shaking mop head)


4. Nine Forty Residential/Commercial Old Fashioned Dust Mop



The Nine forty old school dust mop has a hand made quality nylon yarn that generates a static charge which attracts dirt and dust. This enables it quickly to pick up dust particles and pet hair off floors. I bet you know that the static charge would only build upon a dry floor, right?

It has a heavy-duty stitch that prolongs its lifespan while giving an improved cleaning experience. This mop is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces with hardwood surfaces.

The 36-inch mop head has an ergonomic design that allows it easily rotates 360 degrees providing better maneuvering power. This enables the user easily clean hard to reach areas.

The Aluminium handles with ranges of 42 inches to 72 inches enables it to adjust to the user’s height or get to hard to reach areas. It is strong yet light enough to reduce strain during cleaning.

Nylon however, is the course and not as soft as cotton. This would make this dust mop specially made for wooden floors. Therefore, using it on sensitive floors wouldn’t be advised due to undesirable scratches and marks it would leave behind.

Key Features

  • Head made of the quality nylon yarn
  • Aluminium handle
  • 360-degree rotation for flexibility
  • 36-inch wide mop broom
  • Best for hardwood floors


5. Turbo Microfiber Old Fashioned Dust Mop



The turbo dust mop comes with two reusable microfiber pads than an be washed in a machine. The pads can be replaced, rewashed and refilled for as many times as you want without throwing away. Also, you don’t have to self-wring the pads when you want to clean them. Why do that while you can machine wash them!

It has an aluminium handle that is strong yet light enough to reduce strain on your wrist as you clean. The large and strong metal head rotates 360 degrees for easier maneuverability and getting to hard to reach places.

The dust mop can be used on any kind of floor and remove an impressive amount of dog or cat hair, dust and dirt. The microfiber pads contain numerous fibre loops that make it a better picker of all manner of dirt particles on your floor. They are also extra thick which further improves their efficiency.


Key Features

  • Non replaceable microfiber pads
  • Light aluminium alloy handle
  • 360-degree swivel head
  • Machine washable fiber pads
  • Multi-floor type mop


6. Markee Microfiber Dust Mop




This is yet another commercial grade dust mop that is excellent on hardwood floors and great on any other surface. They can clean both tiled and laminate floors.

Its aluminium telescoping handle adjusts to fit the user’s height and has end caps that protect baseboards. The Velcro backing enables one to reuse the pads for a long time with the occasional wash.

The mop is perfect for heavy usage in homes or commercial areas due to the durable nature of the material in the pads. This eliminates the feeling of feeling like you are throwing away money whenever you have to get new pads for your mop.

It is lightweight weighing 1.7 pounds both handle and head. This reduces straining with a heavy dust mop as you clean. The efficiency of the mop is that previously it was only available for commercial and industrial cleaners. Now imagine using it to clean your home.

Key Features

  • Velcro backed pad material
  • Aluminium handle
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


7. Genuine Joe Dust Mop




Wrapping up our list of is the Genuine Joe dust mop that comes with a natural cotton yarn that does well to trap dirt dust and pet hair. Let not it coming at the end of our list make you doubt its quality and efficiency.

It comes with frame plated with chrome resistant to rust while being reinforced with quarter inch steel rod bars. The 24-inch head has a wider reach enabling you to clean a huge area in one sweep.

Its swivel action is topnotch and enables you to move faster over your floor in a continuous front motion without having to return for a redo. This also enables it to easily get under and between the furniture in your house.

The head frame is made of steel yet still sturdy enough and can be easily removed for washing. Now couple that with a reasonable price and have yourself a near perfect old school dust mop!

Key Features

  • Wooden handle
  • Ultra-wide 24-inch head
  • Natural cotton yarn
  • Adjustable to user’s height
  • Chrome-plated frame

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Old Fashioned Dust Mop

  • Room Size

A larger house translates to more space to clean. This is why you would need a dust mop that would enable you to cover large areas in several sweeps.

  • Budget

We both have to agree that the dust mop you buy should offer impeccable service while being relatively affordable, right?

  • Floor Type

You wouldn’t a dust mop leaving undesirable marks and scratches on your smooth floor, would you? That’s why you should choose a mop with soft padding depending on your floor.

  • Type of Material in the Head

There are cotton, woolen, nylon or rayon mops. The material should be gentle on your floor while effectively cleaning up.

  • Mop Durability

You wouldn’t want a mop that would have you scampering for replacements every so often, would you? That’s why you have to make sure you choose a mop with commendable durability.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Would an old-fashioned dust mop be as efficient as a modern one?

  • A: Yes. There exist old fashioned mops that would hold their own against modern dust mops. Just try any of those we’ve mentioned above and see.

Q: How do old school mops pick up dust?

  • A: The cotton, nylon or woollen heads capture up all dirt as mentioned in the review.

Q: Do I always have to wash a dust mop after each use?

  • A: No. Most dust mops can be cleaned after a single cleaning session by thoroughly shaking off the trapped dirt. You don’t need to wash them each time.


Final Thoughts

We hope our review helps in making you decide on which old school dust mop to acquire. Are we in agreement that ages after their invention, old school dust mops are here to stay? Be sure to pick the best for you.

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