Why is My Roborock Device Offline? Top Reasons & Best Solution


Roborock Device Offline

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Roborock vacuum cleaners are some of the most sought-after vacuums on the market. But that doesn’t mean they are perfect. It is common to hear many users wonder,” why is my Roborock device offline?”

Sometimes the Roborock could go offline by itself. But when it becomes a daily occurrence, then there is a problem. Although the Roborock can work without wi-fi, some functions need it to be online.

Let’s first look at why it wouldn’t be online at all.

What Causes a Roborock to Go Offline

What Causes a Roborock to Go Offline

There could be a few reasons why your Roborock device is offline. One possibility is that you have run out of battery and the device is currently charging. If the device is not charging, there may be an issue with the power adapter or the outlet it’s plugged into. Another possibility is that there is a problem with the network connection. Try unplugging the router and plugging it back in, or resetting the router.

The first thing in solving the problem is knowing what the cause could be. And several things can cause your Roborock to go offline. Here are the most common:

  • The wi-fi connectivity strength is too low
  • Your wi-fi router settings are incorrect          
  • Forgetting to pick the right location
  • You are using the wrong device to control the roborock
  • Disabling phone location settings on your phone

Since the Roborock relies on wi-fi to be online, it isn’t a surprise that most issues affecting wi-fi will interfere with its connectivity. Let’s look at these issues in depth and see how you can solve them.

1. The Wi-Fi Connectivity Strength Is Too Low

To control your Roborock remotely, you need wi-fi. You’ll then connect your phone and the robotic vacuum to the same wi-fi network. If the wi-fi network is too weak, it won’t get to the vacuums docking station.

That will lead to the Roborock going offline. To fix this, you can change the location of the vacuums dock station. Taking it closer to the router will boost connectivity and prevent the robot from going offline.

Sometimes the router might be outside. But you can’t take the docking station outside. In that case, placing it closer to the wall next to the router will help boost the wi-fi strength.

Another reason your wi-fi could be weak is if you’re paying for a cheaper option. If you can get a stronger wi-fi, it might help reduce instances of the Roborock going offline.

Using a wi-fi range extender will also boost the strength of the wi-fi. It will eliminate the need to move the router closer to the docking station if it isn’t possible.

2. You Are Using the Wrong Device App to Control the Roborock

The Roborock only responds to a specific device app: Mi home or Roborock. The two apps make it possible to control the robot with your wi-fi remotely. So, if you’re using the wrong app, you’ll experience connection issues.

That will lead to the vacuum going offline. So, if you find yourself in this situation, try shifting between the two apps and see if it solves the issue. Different Roborock models only work with a specific app. 

If you use the wrong app, they are prone to going offline.

3. Forgetting To Pick the Right Location

The key to the Roborock finding its way into any home is the location settings. So, if you forget to update the location either on the app or the robot, it might go offline.

 Most Roborock will come with the region of choice set to China. It would be best if you changed this to reflect your current location. If you don’t, you’ll face issues with the Roborock going offline all the time.

As you update the location or region, ensure your phone location is on.

4. Your Wi-Fi Router Settings Are Incorrect

Wi-fi router settings will also cause your Roborock device to go offline intermittently. They should be one of the first things you check whenever your Roborock starts going offline.

Resetting the router will help restore the connection and have your Roborock back working as usual. 

What Else Can I Do When My Roborock Device Goes Offline?

Sometimes it could be the Roborock itself with a problem. It doesn’t have to be a severe issue. Maybe it could be its wi-fi connectivity has a problem. When that’s the case, you need to reset the vacuum’s wi-fi settings.

I know what you’re thinking. How do I do that? It’s simple. Press the dock and spot buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. Press till you see the indicator say, “resetting wi-fi.”

Once the indicator has stopped blinking, the resetting will be complete. Now reconnect to your wi-fi and set up the phone app once again. Your Roborock should start working well again after this.

If it doesn’t, you’ll need to do a factory reset.

How to Factory Reset a Roborock

How to Factory Reset a Roborock

Sometimes there is no escaping a factory reset. Many devices, from phones to laptops, start working better once you factory reset them. You need to remember that you will clear all your data by factory resetting your device.

So, you’ll have to enter everything afresh. It will be like the Roborock device is brand new.

Here Is How to Factory Reset Your Roborock.

  • Open the vacuums top cover
  • Long press the dock button, then use the service tool or a toothpick to press the reset button. You can find the reset button close to the wi-fi LED
  • When the menu button flashes a light, stop pressing the dock button
  • A voice prompt for the factory reset will show you the reset has begun. Give it five minutes to reset your vacuum
  • After five minutes, you’ll see all the vacuum lights turn on. That way, you will have successfully reset your Roborock

After completing the reset, add your data and continue using the Roborock.

The above resetting procedure is only a general way to reset the Roborock S6 vacuums. Some models have a different way listed in the manual. If this procedure here doesn’t work, the manual will tell you how to reset the vacuum.

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FAQ About Roborock Device Offline

FAQ About Roborock Device Offline

How Do I Get My Roborock Back Online?

To get your Roborock back online, you will first need to connect the vacuum to your Wi-Fi network. Once it is connected, you can open the Roborock app and press the “Play” button to start cleaning.

How Can I Use Roborock S5 Without WI-FI?

There are several ways that you can use the Roborock S5 without Wi-Fi. One way is to use the included power adapter to plug the robot into an outlet. You can also use the included charging dock to charge the robot. Another way to use the robot without Wi-Fi is to connect it to your computer with a USB cable.

Why Is My Roborock Not Working?

One possible reason your Roborock may not be working is that the battery may be drained. To test this, plug the Roborock into an outlet and see if it powers on. If it does not, then the battery may need to be replaced. Another possibility is that there may be a problem with the charging port. In this case, you can try cleaning the port using a cotton swab and alcohol.

How Do I Reboot Roborock S5?

To reboot Roborock S5, first unplug the robot vacuum from its charging dock. Next, hold down the power button for about 10 seconds until the robot vacuum beeps three times. Release the button and plug the robot vacuum back into the charging dock. The robot vacuum will then reboot.

Can I Use a Different Type of Battery for My Roborock?

No, the Roborock uses a specific type of battery and it is not interchangeable.

What Is the Maximum Size of the Roborock Device?

The Roborock device is limited to a maximum size of 130mm in height, width, and depth. This constraint is necessitated by the size of the components used within the device and the space available within its shell. In addition, the maximum weight of the Roborock device is also limited to 2 kg in order to ensure that it can be safely carried by its user.

Can I Use the Roborock While It Is Charging?

The Roborock S5 can be used while it is charging. The vacuum will continue to operate as it normally would, and the charging process will continue in the background.

What Is the Difference Between a Roborock and a Roomba?

A Roborock is a robot vacuum cleaner that uses lasers and sensors to map out the layout of a room and clean it accordingly. A Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner that uses a series of brushes and suction to clean floors.

Final Thoughts

When you see your Roborock device offline, it is probably wi-fi connectivity issues. Therefore, always start by examining the wi-fi router or connection on the vacuum for problems.

We hope the steps we have outlined help you solve your issue. Fixing the wi-fi connectivity issues will fix most Roborock devices going offline problems. If it doesn’t, factory resetting the vacuum is also a worthy option.

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