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Roborock e25 vs e35 Or Roborock Xiaowa E2 vs E3 [Reviews & Comparison Guide 2020]

Robotic vacuums have in the recent past, become the norm rather than the exception. We’ve made peace with having intelligent vacuums that will clean your house with minimal to no supervision. Hence the reason roborock E25 vs E35 comparison should have added significance.

What would make the Roborock E25 better or worse than its E35 counterpart? How different are they from each other, given that the same parent company makes them? Which one is better?

Our review and comparison of the two vacuums will help you answer whatever questions that have been bugging your mind.

But before we get started,


How Roborock E25 and E35 Functions


The E25 and E35 are some of Roborock’s flagship vacuums. They come with excellent suction power capable of sucking dirt and other debris off carpets and floors.

They come with six cleaning modes that effectively give you the option of picking either carpet mode or mopping mode depending on what you want to clean. Quiet mode enables the vacuums to work with as little noise as possible.

Another great feature that makes these two vacuums excellent cleaners is the thirteen motion tracking sensors. These sensors help the robotic vacuums easily navigate around your house while avoiding obstacles in their path. In this way, they also avoid dropping off the stairs.

Voice control is another feature that makes these vacuums efficient robotic cleaners. They are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. It is also possible to efficiently operate them with an app (MI Home app) that you download to your phone. The app activates the carpet mode.

These vacuums come with an efficient filter capable of trapping up to 99.2% of dust, pollen, and other debris. The filters work to ensure no dirt escapes back into circulation as the vacuums clean up.


Roborock E25 Review


 The E25 is an efficient and intelligent vacuum with a dual gyro system and motion tracking sensors. These sensors enable self-recharging, avoidance of drop off, and collision with obstacles. The vacuum recharges by itself when on low power, then picks up the cleaning where it had stopped.

What we loved most about this vacuum is the auto carpet boost. The vacuum intelligently tells if it is on a carpet then switches to the appropriate carpet cleaning mode. If it is on a carpet, then the maximum suction mode automatically comes into play. Isn’t that cool!

Another great feature of this vacuum is the ability to be controlled on your phone via the Mi Home app. This enables you to easily schedule cleaning at specific intervals, check the accessory settings, and control its direction.

With a suction power of 1800pa, this vacuum sucks up almost any kind of dirt with remarkable ease. What’s more, the super-sized dustbin doesn’t fill that fast and only needs the occasional once in a while emptying.

It gives you the option to vacuum and mop at the same time thanks to its mopping pad. The mopping pad naturally sucks water on the floor, preventing puddling. You will, therefore, save yourself the trouble of vacuuming then mopping later on.

The vacuum comes with a 2600mah battery capable of running for about 100 minutes on medium power settings. That’s still impressive even if it doesn’t measure up to some other models.


Roborock E25 Features


Intelligent Self-recharging system– the vacuum recharges by itself whenever it is on low power before resuming cleaning.

Thirteen motion track sensors-These aid in navigation when the vacuum is cleaning.

1800 pa suction power– It sucks up all the dirt on floors and carpets

App-controlled– the Mi Home app can be accessed via phone and used to control the vacuum as well as schedule cleaning sessions.

Auto carpet boost– the vacuum intelligently tells whether it is on the carpet and engages the maximum suction mode for a deeper clean.


  • Great suction
  • App control makes it easier to use
  • Auto carpet boost
  • Self-recharge and resumption


  • Relatively lesser suction power when compared to other models
  • Shorter runtime


Roborock E35 Review


It comes with a massive 5200mah battery that gives it a runtime of up to 150 minutes. Although quite the step up from the E25, it is similar to it in so many ways.

The thirteen motion sensors enable it to navigate the room quickly and around obstacles in its path. In that way, cleaning is logically carried out room by room with the vacuum avoiding drop-offs such as stairs.

 2000pa of suction power is highly efficient and enables thorough cleaning of your house by getting rid of 99.97 % of dirt, dust, and pollen. Coupled with its efficient filter, this makes it an excellent remover of pet hair and dust mites.

Just like its sister vacuum, the E35 combines mopping and cleaning simultaneously. This 2-in-1 function will enable you to save time during cleaning. The mopping pad sucks up any water on the floor, preventing the formation of puddles.

You can also decide to control the vacuum using the MI home app installed on your phone. The app will enable you to schedule cleaning sessions and monitor the functioning of the vacuum. You, however, will require Wi-Fi connectivity to do this.

The vacuum recharges and resumes cleaning when the charge is low. Not that you have to worry too much about recharging. The battery lasts a long time. Its overly large dustbin ensures you clean an ample space without having to empty it halfway.

The carpet boost lets the vacuum automatically know when it’s on a carpet and gets it into maximum suction for deeper carpet cleaning. It also has a button that enables spot cleaning whenever you press it.

Its tangle-free design makes sure brushes don’t tangle with furniture or other materials in its cleaning path. It also intelligently slows down before bumping into anything. You don’t have to worry about it suddenly crashing into a baby or pet.


Roborock E35 Features


Auto carpet boost-this enables the vacuum to detect whenever it is on a carpet and shift to maximum suction power.

2000pa suction power- With such suction power, this vacuum sucks up nearly all the dust and dirt off a floor or carpet

5200mAH battery- the battery enables the vacuum to run for 150 minutes before automatic self-recharge and resume

Simultaneous mop and vacuum- the E35 can mop and clean at the same time.

Intelligent motion sensors- These make sure the vacuum avoids drop-offs such as stairs and other obstacles.

Voice /App Control– Compatibility with Amazons Alexa makes it possible to operate the vacuum via voice control.


  • The large battery gives it a longer runtime
  • Motion sensors help avoid knocking over things in your house
  • Simultaneously mop and vacuum
  • Auto carpet boost
  • App/ voice-controlled


  • Lacks room mapping technology


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In-depth Comparison Between the Roborock E25 and E35



The two vacuums have almost the same features except for a few. It wouldn’t be surprising for the two to share some characteristics as the same company makes them.

Auto Carpet Booster

Both the vacuums have the auto carpet booster that gives carpets a thorough clean.

Self-Recharge and Resumption

The E35 and the E25 both self-recharge then resume cleaning whenever the battery is low.

Simultaneous Mop and Clean

The two vacuums can both mop as well as clean. This is a feature that endears them to so many customers.

Gyroscope Navigation Technology

They are both equipped with gyroscope navigation technology. That enables the vacuums to navigate your house while cleaning.

App and Voice Control

In both, you have the option to control them with an app on your phone. You will of cores need Wi-Fi connectivity for this. Furthermore, you can control them with voice commands as they are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa.


Differences Between Roborock E25 vs E35


The fact that the same company makes the vacuums doesn’t give much in the way of differences except for a few features.

Battery Capacity

The roborock E35 comes with a massive 5200mah battery capable of powering it for 150 minutes. The E25 has a significantly less powerful 2600mah battery.

Suction Power

The E25 comes with 1800pa of suction power. The E35 guarantees better performance with its powerful 2000pa suction that. Suction power is critical to a vacuum’s cleaning ability; the E35 scores significantly here.

Which is Better?

The two vacuums are mostly similar except for two distinguishing features. The E35 is better than the E25 by having a more powerful battery and higher suction power.

If you need a powerful vacuum that would be a better cleaner of thick carpets, you can’t go wrong with the E35. However, if you just need a regular vacuum with decent cleaning power, then the E25 is your best bet.


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In Summary

We hope the roborock E25 vs E35 review and comparison helps you make up your mind on the best vacuum to choose. Only you know which one would suit your needs.

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