Roomba 620 vs 761

Roomba 620 vs 761 – Which One Is The Best To Chose In 2020

iRobot’s Roomba series of vacuums consists of some of the most popular robotic home cleaners. The Roomba 620 and the 761 are just some of the vacuums in the series. We pit the Roomba 620 vs 761 to see which one is better and why.

Have you narrowed down your robotic cleaner options and come to the Roomba 620 and 761? Are you confused about which one would be best for you? We solve that little problem for you with our incisive comparison review.

But before we get to that,

iRobot’s Roomba 620 vs 761: Why Should You Consider Them?


There is no doubt iRobot’s Roomba series is quite the trailblazer when it comes to robotic cleaning. The Roomba vacuums hold their own when compared to other vacuums in the market.

That is down to the incredible features they come with. The typical Roomba vacuums come with the IAdapt navigation system. The navigation system enables them to find their way around your house and back to the docking station with ease.

They also come in the most popular dome shape that makes them effortless cleaners of corners and edges. The dome also allows them to have a short height of just over three inches.

The short height ensures they comfortably get under low hanging furniture and remove the dirt there too. The long-lasting battery ensures you get at least one hour of uninterrupted cleaning from each of them.

To reduce cases of them bumping into obstacles in their paths, they have sensors that sense when they are approaching an obstacle. You don’t have to worry about the vacuum crashing into a baby on the floor.

One of the critical features of an excellent vacuum is the filtration system. The 620 and 761 come with the HEPA filter system that is arguably the gold standard when it comes to vacuum filters.


iRobot Roomba 620 Review




Available on Amazon in grey, white, and black colors, the iRobot Roomba 620 is a pretty decent cleaner. It is easy to use and needs no programming whatsoever to get started. A press of the clean button sets it well on its way.

The 620 is capable of the three-stage cleaning that’s typical of many Roomba vacuums. The three-stage cleaning involves the vacuum loosening, lifting, and sucking the dirt off floors.

Thanks to the dome shape and the relatively low height, the 620 easily navigates under chairs and tables while cleaning. The dome shape makes it a better cleaner of corners and edges as well.

The most fantastic thing about the 620 must be the automatic docking and recharging. That feature means you don’t have to always stand over it while it cleans. You also don’t have to carry it to the charging station manually. All do all that by itself.

With the 620, you also get impressive performance with cleaning pet hair. That is as long as it isn’t as thick. You have to remember to turn it over after cleaning and remove the hair as it might clog it.

The 620 also comes with the HEPA filter that is considerably more efficient than other filters. The HEPA filter ensures all the dust captured stays in the vacuum and didn’t escape back into the air.

The HEPA filter makes the 620 quite the perfect vacuum for houses with allergic patients or breathing complications. All the potential allergens remain trapped within the vacuum for cleaner indoor air.


Key Features

  • HEPA filter that traps all the dirt and ensures none escape back into circulation
  • IAdapt navigation system that ensures it comfortably navigates around your house
  • The three-stage cleaning system that makes it a more thorough cleaner
  • It docks and recharges automatically
  • Dome-shaped and thus it clean under furniture with ease


  • Self-recharging minimizes supervision
  • IAdapt navigation system ensures it doesn’t crash into any objects on the floor
  • The highly efficient HEPA filter ensures no dirt escapes into the air
  • Easily accessible brushes for cleaning and routine maintenance


  • It isn’t quiet when operating at the peak
  • It lacks the more impressive room to room navigation


iRobot Roomba 761 Review




The Roomba 761, although from the same series of vacuums as the 620, packs in a few extra features that make it the acclaimed robotic cleaner it is.

For starters, the 761 comes with two multi-surface brushes that thoroughly scrub and remove dirt and dust. The brushes work in tandem with the three-stage cleaning system to spruce up your home to your standards.

You don’t need to preprogramme it to work as a press of the clean button is enough to get it started.

It comes with sensors that detect areas of extreme dirt and allow the Roomba to work extra hard on those areas. You, therefore, can keep the high traffic areas such as doors cleaner.

Another future we loved about the Roomba 761 is the intelligent sensors that guide the vacuum around your house as it cleans. The sensors ensure it slows down whenever it’s about to crash into an object on the floor

The 761 has an auto-adjust head that self-adjusts to changing heights for better cleaning. That is a far cry from vacuums that have a constant height that can’t clean below furniture.

You can also clean various floor types with this vacuum. It automatically adjusts to different floors and cleans them accordingly. It seamlessly transitions from hardwood floors to carpets.

The HEPA filter ensures all the dust the vacuum traps remain within it and doesn’t escape back into your house’s circulation. That makes it an excellent option for houses that have allergic members.

Unlike the 620, the 761 has a battery that lasts close to two hours. You can thus have a more extended cleaning session before it is interrupted by the vacuum docking to self-recharge.

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Key Features

  • It comes with dirt to detect sensors that identify dirty areas for special attention cleaning
  • Seamless transition from different floor types
  • It also comes with a HEPA filter tasked with trapping all the dirt inside the vacuum
  • IAdapt navigation system that assists the vacuum to avoid obstacles
  • Multi-surface brushes that work in concert with the three-stage cleaning system to clean floors thoroughly


  • The three-stage cleaning system makes it a better cleaner
  • It can automatically adjust to different floors
  • A highly efficient HEPA filter
  • Excellent navigation system
  • Wonderful with pet hair



How Similar Are the Two Vacuums?


The Roomba 620 and n761 have a few features in common. For instance, they both come with HEPA filters that make them such good cleaners of dust. The HEPA filter is quite easily one of the best filtration systems.

They both can dock and self-recharge. That’s all thanks to their top-notch IAdapt navigation system. Whenever the battery is low, they find their way to the docking station and recharge.

Also, you get to experience three-stage cleaning with both the vacuums. The three-stage cleaning system is what makes them such good cleaners.

Operation is comfortable in both of them. You press the clean button in the middle of the vacuum, and they start cleaning.

Finally, they both come in the highly popular dome shape. That shape enables them to get under furniture easily and remove any dirt hidden there.

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What Are the Differences Between The 620 And The 761?


Because the 761 is a later version, you’d expect it to have some extra features absent in the 620.

Well, for starters you have the option to use remote to control the 761—that isn’t much of an option with the 620.

The 761 has the dirt detect system that enables it to concentrate better in dirty areas. That makes it a better cleaner of high traffic areas such as the kitchen—that isn’t possible with the 620.

Although thy both come with a highly-fancied IAdapt navigation system, the 761 has better navigation than the 620. It is capable of room to room navigation, unlike the 620.

Also, you can control the Roomba 761 with a remote, unlike the 620, which only works with the buttons on it.

The crown on the 761’s cherry is the longer-lasting battery. Although both have a long-lasting battery, the 620’s battery can only last just over 60 minutes. You will, however, get well over two hours of cleaning with the 761.

Finally, the 761 adjusts better to different floor types than the 620. The 620 has problems cleaning thick carpets and can’t easily shift from a carpet to a hard floor.


Which Is Best?

The Roomba 761 is the clear winner here thanks to the significant improvements it has on the 620. The two-hour battery runtime, the seamless transition to different floors, and the dirt detect system don’t get an answer from the 620.

You also get to use a remote control with the 761. Who wouldn’t want that in a vacuum? The only answer the 620 has to all this is the lower price it comes with. Otherwise, the 761 bests it in every other feature.


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Final Thoughts

We hope our Roomba 620 vs 761 comparison review has helped you decide on which one to pick. Remember, it’s always about the one that best suits your needs.

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