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iRobot Roomba 650 Vs 770 – Which One Is The Best To Chose In 2020

Have you finally decided to switch to smart home cleaning but can’t pick the best robotic vacuum from the many available in the market? Well, we pit the iRobot Roomba 650 vs 770 to give you a glance at what to expect from each one of them.

We understand cleaning isn’t so pleasurable for some people. That is why many people are currently investing in smart robots that don’t need constant supervision to clean the house.

In a fast-evolving world where robots are replacing workers, why shouldn’t they also help you keep your home clean?


iRobot Roomba 650 Vs 770: What Sets Them Apart from Others in The Market


If you’ve been following the robotic vacuums market, you must have heard of iRobot, no? iRobot has had a constant presence in the market for a long time thanks to their Roomba line of vacuums.

The 650 and 770 are just some of the vacuums in the Roomba series. Consequently, they might have fewer superior features as compared to the most recent vacuums.

However, that shouldn’t take anything away from them as they can still hold their own when compared to other vacuums in the market.

They are both dome-shaped to enable them to navigate the floor comfortably. Another shape would have difficulties getting around corners or cleaning edges.

They both have the three-stage cleaning that is a given on most Roomba vacuums. The three-stage cleaning ensures thorough cleaning of the dirtiest areas of your house concentrating on high traffic areas

They also have a highly efficient iAdapt navigation system that enables them to move around your floor, avoiding obstacles in the way. That’s thanks to the sensors on the robots that detect obstacles and move around them.


iRobot Roomba 650 Review





The Roomba 650 is one of the pioneer vacuums in the Roomba series but still holds its own when it comes to sprucing up your home. It comes with a three-stage cleaning system that consists of agitating brushes that thoroughly work on the dirt.

The three-stage cleaning includes the agitating brushes scrubbing the floor, the edge sweeping brush getting dirt off edges, and the vacuum’s suction sucking away all the dirt. That alone should tell how efficient the 650 is.

The 650 has a host of sensors that help it navigate your home efficiently while avoiding any obstacles in its path. That in itself is the IAdapt navigation system that is a specialty of all Roomba vacuums.

One of the most convenient features of this vacuum is the ability to program it to perform cleaning sessions. You can program it to spruce up your home each day of the week without supervising it.

Another feature of this vacuum that makes it a favorite of many customers is the design. It stands at a paltry 3.6 inches. Why should inches matter, you’d ask? Its size enables it to get under furniture such as tables and chairs to clean.

In addition to the 3.6 inches, the dome shape also makes it a batter cleaner of edges and corners. Some robotic vacuums have issues cleaning up corners and edges. You won’t have to suffer that with the 650.

You also don’t have to worry about you waiting on it so that you can charge it whenever the battery is low. That is because it docks by itself and recharges. One word: convenience.

Maybe you have different floor types in your house and have concerns about this vacuum’s suitability? It solves that for you by adjusting to different floor types: laminate, tile, or even carpets.


Key Features

  • The three-stage cleaning system that helps get rid of dirt faster
  • It is dome-shaped to ensure it gets under furniture easily
  • Automatic docking and self-recharge
  • Programmable over a certain period
  • iAdapt navigation system particular to all Roomba vacuums
  • Automatic adjusting to different floor types


  • Programmable cleaning makes it a more convenient robot cleaner
  • Automatic self-recharging ensures you don’t have to wait on it
  • The Dome shape makes it a better cleaner of edges and corners
  • iAdapt navigation system ensures it doesn’t bump into obstacles


  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Takes up to three hours for the battery to recharge

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iRobot Roomba 770 Review




Being a member of the same family of vacuums as the 650, its perhaps not surprising that thy will have a few features in common.

The iAdapt navigation system has a wide array of sensors that guide the 770 around the house. That makes sure it doesn’t bump into obstacles or obstructions in its path.

It also comes with the three-stage cleaning system synonymous with thoroughness—the Edge sweeping brushes thoroughly clean corners and edges, ensuring a cleaner look.

The multi-surface brushes agitate in tandem to concentrate on the filthy areas of the house. The dirt detects system kicks in here to identify the houses’ dirtiest areas, allowing the vacuum to give the area more attention.

In case you want to clean your house but are always out of the house, why not program it to clean? You can schedule cleaning for up to seven days, and the vacuum will do it without you having to be present

One of the features that ensure you don’t have to be continually supervising this vacuum is its automatic docking to recharge. The battery lasts well over an hour, but the vacuum will stop and recharge without your help when the need arises.

You can also clean multiple floor types with this vacuum. It is suitable for hardwood floors, carpeted floors, and tiles. Thus, if your house has different floor types, this vacuum will clean without any issues.

Just like its predecessor, it is dome-shaped and has a low height to enable it to get under furniture and kickboards with relative ease. No dirt will hide from this vacuum thanks to its design.

The remote control also makes it easier for you to control this vacuum. That greatly enhances the convenience you get from using this vacuum.

The 770 also comes with a much-improved HEPA filter system that ensures the dirt trapped doesn’t escape back into circulation.

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Key Features

  • It has a dome shape that comfortably gets under furniture
  • It comes with a three-stage cleaning system that makes it very thorough
  • The dirt detects series system series three helps it identify the dirtiest areas for better cleaning
  • You can plan it to clean well in advance for up to seven days
  • Automatic docking and self-recharge
  • iAdapt navigation system that steers it clear of obstacles


  • The dirt detection system enables it to be more thorough
  • iAdapt navigation system ensures it doesn’t bump into things on the floor
  • Programmable cleaning
  • Easily gets under furniture for better cleaning.


  • It makes quite some noise


How Different is the iRobot Roomba 650 from the 770?


We aren’t that surprised that the two vacuums share a host of features. They bare from the same company after all. That was, therefore, expected. However, there are still a few fundamental differences between the two.

For starters, the 770 can clean multiple rooms at a go thanks to its superior navigation abilities. Yes, they all come with the iAdapt navigation system, but the 650’s navigation system can’t match up to the 770’s. That’s why it can’t navigate several rooms.

The 650 comes with relatively efficient filters. They are, however, not as efficient as the HEPA filters that come with 770.

The 770 also has a better battery life than the 650, which is at best average. The 650 also doesn’t come with remote control, which is given to the 770.

Finally, with the 770, you can know when the bin is full, as it has an indicator that tells you—that isn’t possible with the 650 where you have to check for yourself.


How Identical Are They?


As we had earlier said, they have quite a few features in common. That is down to the fact that the same manufacturer makes them.

They both come with the iAdapt navigation system, although the 770 has way better navigation. The 770s navigation system helps it navigate its way across several rooms.

They both can dock and recharge by themselves. Therefore, you don’t have to wait on them, so ad to charge when the battery runs low.

You also get to enjoy the dome-shaped edge cleaning ability with both of them. That markedly makes them better cleaners of edges and corners.

You can also schedule them according to your convenience. That is because they are programmable over a specific period. You can therefore plan for cleaning well in advance.

Finally, they are both given the same ability to adjust to different floor types. Whether carpeted or tiled, you can be sure they give the floor a deep clean.


Which Is Best?


Even though they have several features in common, the Roomba 770 comes with several features that make it stand shoulders above its compatriot.

A remote-controlled vacuum cleaner would be more attractive than that without that option. You don’t have to keep getting up to control it.

The dirt detection system is also vastly improved in the 770, making it a better cleaner of dirtier areas than the 650. You also don’t have to speculate whether the bin is full or not since it has a bin indicator.

Despite having to put up some noise from the 770 as it cleans, we still say the 770 is better of the two.


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Final Thoughts

In a Roomba vs 770 tussles, who did you expect to come out on top? Well, the 770 triumphs thanks to its vastly improved features as compared to the 650. However, they are all quite decent cleaners even if the 770 comes at a slightly higher price.

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