shark nv750w vs nv752

shark nv750 vs nv752 : Which One is Best [Reviews & Comparison Guide 2020]

The Shark NV750 and NV 752 are both from the Shark family of Lift Away vacuums. So, they would unsurprisingly have one or two things in common. But the obvious question at the back of every potential buyer’s head would be: which is better?

shark nv750w vs nv752, are they different? Is price the only difference or the highly priced one comes with better features and stronger functionality? We are here to help you decide between the two with our review and comparison guide.

Let’s go!

How do The Shark nv750 and nv752 work?

The Shark nv750 and nv752 are a welcome cleaner and to most a homemaker. This is due to their versatility displayed by the ability to be used as upright vacuums or with a removed canister.

They are wonderful cleaners below furniture and use their great suction power to suck all the dust off carpets and hard floors giving them an intense clean. They are especially excellent at trapping animal hair which would be prayers well answered for owners of furry pets.

Their lift away capabilities makes cleaning stairs less stressful while its smooth movement on carpets while cleaning them make them tick a few boxes if not all. They are all made to be lightweight vacuums. It appears the manufacturer wouldn’t want users straining while cleaning.

Unlike other vacuums these ones come with the more efficient HEPA filter that captures 99.97 of dirt, hair and dust off carpets and floors while limiting their escape back into the air. The installed anti-seal technology makes them wonderful choices for allergic users.


Shark nv750 Review


Equipped with a dusting brush an eleven-inch crevice tool, the nv750 combines great suction power with a powerful filter that manages to trap all kinds of dirt and debris off floors and carpets.

It is a lightweight vacuum weighing in at an impressively light 15.6 lbs. This prevents the strain that accompanies dealing with heavier vacuums. Cleaning doesn’t need to be a tedious affair thanks to its weight.

The HEPA filter traps the finest of dust particles to help avoid allergens escaping back into the air and thus prevent health complications for allergic family members. Its system is sealed to avoid dust particles from getting back into the air.

Also, its removable dust canister is wheeled to avoid you having to carry it around as you move from area to area. It’s can also be adjusted to fit the user’s height.


Shark NV750 Features


Highly efficient HEPA filter: This captures up to 99.97 percent of dust with letting the bac into the air.

Removable Canister: This enables it to navigate under furniture for better cleaning. This together with swivel steering ensures cleaner floors below furniture.

Lift Away: This makes the cleaning of stairs comparatively easier.

Lightweight: It weighs only 15.6 lbs. and one can easily convince their kids to do the cleaning for them since it isn’t that heavy.

Fingertip Navigation controls: This greatly enhances the cleaning of piled up carpets whether low or high and reduce transition time when shifting between hard floors and carpets.



  • Incredibly powerful suction
  • Handle located buttons for easier switching between modes
  • LED lighting to spot hidden dirt
  • Endures change of surface with no change in neither mode nor head
  • Versatile


  • Suction is great but doesn’t march u to the other “True pet” cleaners.
  • Doesn’t have the caddy


Shark NV752 Review


The NV752 is yet another powerful lift away vacuum available in Bordeaux colour. It doesn’t differ by much from its sister the NV750 being equipped with powerful suction that sucks away all debris off carpets and floors.

Just as the NV750 it has a highly efficient HEPA filter equipped with anti-allergy seal that prevents captured particles from getting back into the air and becoming a health risk.

The hose length is sufficient enough for a greater reach and its fingertip buttons allow one easily switch between hard floor and carpet modes. Its manoeuvrable swivel steer feature enables it get to hard to reach places.

Its powerful lift away mode enables its head to hidden dirt without the motor losing its power. Moreover, it has enhanced features designed to get rid of pet hair and other allergens hidden in pillows and upholstery.

The powerful LED lighting enables the user to see all manner of hidden dirt and get rid of them. It is however slightly more expensive then the NV750.


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Shark NV752 Features


  • HEPA filter

It comes with a highly efficient HEPA filter that is further enhanced with anti- seal technology that keeps all the captured particles inside the vacuum preventing reentry into the air.

  • Fingertip Controls

The buttons are close enough to the handles allowing you to operate them with your fingers or while handheld. This allows for easier transitions between carpets and hard floors.

  • Lift Away Technology

This makes movement between floors and stairs easier.

  • LED lighting system

The lighting on the vacuum head and the nozzle enable the user see hidden dirt and allow them deal with them more thoroughly.

  • Removable Canister

This enables the vacuum to get below chairs and other furniture and give the floor there a deep clean.

  • Above Floor operation

The handle can be released from the wand to give it considerable ability in cleaning areas above the floor.

  • Six-foot hose

This gives the user a greater reach while cleaning.


  • Advanced swivel steering system that increases maneuverability.
  • It comes with a genie attached to give hard floors a deep scrub
  • LED lighting on the nozzle and the head
  • Fingertip controls
  • Dust escape is almost non existent


  • Relatively more expensive
  • Regular cleaning of the filter is needed


Close Comparison Between Shark nv750w vs nv752


The two are more similar than they are different due to the fact that they were all made by the same parent company.


  • Weight

Both vacuums are relatively light when compared to other vacuums in the market. The nv750 weighs 15.6 lbs. while the nv752 weighs 15.4 lbs.

  • LED Lighting

Both have LED lighting on the head and nozzle that prevents some of the hidden dirt avoid being seen.

  • HEPA filter

Both are equipped with the highly efficient HEPA filter that traps all kinds of debris without letting them reenter the air.

  • Swivel Steering

Both have swivel steering that makes them manoeuvre into tight spots for better cleaning.

  • Nozzle

Both are made with a nozzle of twelve inches that makes cleaning faster as it has a wider area of reach.


Differences Between Shark nv750w and nv752

There really aren’t so many differences between the two vacuums seeing that they come from the same series of lift away vacuums.

  • Accessories

The main difference between the two would have to be in the accessories made available for each of them. The nv752 has the canister caddy, the dusting genie and the true pet tool. This is not found in the NV750.

  • True Pet Technology

The NV752 comes with true pet technology that makes it ideal for sucking up pet hair off carpets and floors. The NV750 doesn’t have such a feature despite its impressive performance getting rid of hair off carpets and floors.

  • Price

The NV752 is slightly more expensive than the NV750

Which is better?

In our opinion, though closely identical to each other, the NV752 edges out the nv750 due to its true pet technology that enables it to be a more efficient cleaner of houses frequented by furry pets.

Final Remarks

From our review, we hope we have helped you sort out the little dilemma of which is best between the nv750 and the nv752. Ultimately, you are the only person who knows the one that will sufficiently satisfy your needs.

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