Why Is My Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out – Top 7 Reasons & Solution


why is my vacuum spitting stuff back out

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No vacuum is immune to the occasional malfunctioning. One of the most common is the vacuum spitting dirt back out instead of gulping it down as it should. That has most people wondering, why is my vacuum spitting stuff back out?

Why would a vacuum do that? How do you prevent that or solve the problem? A vacuum would spit stuff out because there’s too much dirt inside clogging it.

We will explain everything you need to know about it here. Read on.

Why Is Your Vacuum Spitting Out Dirt?

Why Is Your Vacuum Spitting Out Dirt?

If your vacuum spits stuff out, one of the below could be why.

1. The Vacuum Is Clogged

The vacuum is in the business of collecting dirt from your floors. Thus, you expect it to clog at some point or the other. The most common parts of the vacuum to get clogged with dirt are the brush roll and the hose.

That has as much to do with the dirt as with the efficiency of the vacuum. A vacuum can clean up different kinds of dirt, some large, some small (think fine dust particles).

If too much of this dirt accumulates in the brush roll and the hose, they will clog it. Thus, you will see the vacuum spitting stuff back when you want it to collect all the dirt.

How do you solve that? Here’s how:

Open up the vacuum and remove the dirt. Simple. You’ll often find its strings of dirt, fur, or hair that clog the brush roll. The brush roll rotates at high speed to enable the vacuum to collect dirt from a surface. This clogging affects its performance and has the vacuum spewing dirt back out.

The same applies to the hose. Detach it if possible and clean it to remove the dirt. That will have the vacuum working as usual. Easy enough.

2. The Dirt Bag is Full

The dirtbag collects the dirt as the vacuum cleans up. If too much dirt accumulates inside the vacuum dirtbag, empty it. If you don’t, then the vacuum will spit the dirt out. That will only make your cleaning harder.

How to Solve it: Empty the dirtbag as soon as you see it fill up. The vacuum could start smelling if you let the dirt stay inside the dust bag too long. So, dirt spewing back out of your vacuum shouldn’t be your only concern.

3. Broken Vacuum Belt

A broken vacuum belt means ineffective cleaning. It works in conjunction with the brush roll to have the vacuum effortlessly collect dirt off surfaces.

So, if it breaks, the dirt can’t pass through the vacuum to the dirtbag. Thus, you’ll see the vacuum spew the dirt back, creating a mess.

How To Solve It: the only way to repair a broken belt is to get a new one. Replacement belts are cheap and easy to install. Call a specialist to help you install it if you find it hard to do.

4. A Torn or Damaged Dirt Bag

If your vacuum has a faulty or torn dirtbag, it only makes sense that dirt will fall out. The dirtbag acts as a reservoir for the dirt as it awaits emptying. Thus, a torn or damaged bag will struggle to hold in the dirt and have it falling out.

Damage isn’t the only problem you might encounter with a dirtbag that will cause dirt to blow back out. It could also be that the dirtbag doesn’t properly fit into the vacuum. Dirt will thus blow out whenever it passes from the other parts of the vacuum.

So How Do You Solve the Issue –

Get a replacement dirtbag, or fix it if you can. Fixing it yourself might be easy to say but more challenging in implementing. So, if you can get someone to do it, the better. Also, check if the vacuum properly fits inside the vacuum.

5. Dirty Filter

Most vacuums come with a HEPA filter that collects fine dust particles. The filter ensures the fine dust particles don’t escape from the vacuum. The filter is always at work collecting fine dirt and other particles as you use the vacuum.

But then the dirt it collects will sometimes clog it. Not all the dirt passes through to the dirtbag. Some will attach themselves to the filter, making it dirty. The vacuum will spit out the dirt whenever you turn it on when that happens.

How to Solve It: wash the filter with water and a soft brush, then return it to the vacuum. Alternatively, you can buy a replacement filter for your vacuum and throw away the old one.

Look for a replacement filter that matches your model to avoid buying the wrong one.

6. Using the Wrong Option in Combination Vacuums

Combination machines are the kind of vacuums that can suck in the dirt and blow. It’s common to have the controls all mixed up. Sometimes you might press the blow instead of suck option and have the vacuum spit stuff back out.

Fortunately, this isn’t something difficult to solve. Look at the buttons and what they do to ensure you use them correctly. The blow or suck option also applies to cylinder machines.

If you connect a hose to the wrong side of the cylinder machine, it might spit stuff out instead of sucking in. cylinder machines can have multiple hoses coming out from them hence the common confusion.

7. The Vacuum Has a Motor Problem

Finally, your vacuum could also be spewing dirt out because it has internal damage. Internal damage includes damage to the motor or other essential parts.

Get a specialist to examine your vacuum to eliminate other factors. The specialist will help remedy the situation if it’s a more serious problem within the vacuum.

Bonus Tips for Preventing Vacuum Spitting in the Future

Preventing vacuum spitting in the future is important for both your health and your allergies.

Here are some tips to help:

1. Make sure your vacuum cleaner is properly maintained. Check the filter, belt, and motor for wear and tear. Replace parts as needed.

2. Avoid putting objects up higher on the vacuum cleaner hose than necessary. This will put more strain on the hose and could lead to it breaking or spitting out debris.

3. Be careful when cleaning delicate surfaces like glass or porcelain with a vacuum cleaner. Carefully place the cloth over the surface to be cleaned, making sure not to apply too much force when moving the machine around.

4. Clean your vacuum cleaner’s filters regularly – they can become clogged with dust and dirt over time, leading to vacuum spitting problems.

FAQ About Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out

FAQ About Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out

What Can I Do if the Spitting Continues Even After I’ve Tried the Fixes?

If your vacuum is spitting dirt and debris all over the place, even after you’ve tried the fixes, it may be time to replace it. Vacuums are not meant to last forever, and eventually, they will need to be replaced. If you’re not sure if your vacuum is still under warranty, or if you just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of returning it, you can always try to sell it online or in a garage sale.

Is There a Way to Clean My Vacuum Cleaner if It’s Spitting Stuff Back Out?

If your vacuum cleaner is spitting stuff back out, the first thing you should do is check the filters. If they’re dirty, clean them and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, you may need to take the vacuum cleaner apart and clean it that way.

Why Does My Vacuum Seem to Be Sucking Up More Dust and Dirt When It’s Spitting Stuff Back Out?

There are a few potential explanations for this. One possibility is that the vacuum is clogged and needs to be cleaned. Another possibility is that the filters need to be replaced. Finally, it’s also possible that the vacuum is just old and needs to be replaced.

Can I Fix the Problem by Taking My Appliance to a Repair Shop?

If your appliance is still under warranty, you should take it to the shop. If it’s not, you may be able to fix it yourself or find a repairman.

Can I Clean the Inside of My Vacuum Cleaner With Soap and Water?

Yes, you can clean the inside of your vacuum cleaner with soap and water. However, you should avoid getting soap and water near the motor, as it could damage it.

Is There Anything Else I Can Do to Fix a Vacuum That Is Spitting Things Back Out?

There could be a few things wrong with your vacuum if it’s spitting things back out. The most common problems are a clogged hose or filter, or a broken belt. If you can’t determine the cause of the problem, it’s best to take the vacuum to a repair shop.

Why Is It Important to Clean My Vacuum Cleaner Regularly?

It is important to clean your vacuum cleaner regularly because if you don’t, the dirt and dust that accumulates inside it will eventually cause the machine to break down. In addition, a dirty vacuum cleaner can actually spread allergens and other contaminants around your home, which can be harmful to your health.

Final Thoughts

Why is my vacuum spitting stuff back out? If that question was bothering you, hopefully now you got the answer. A vacuum spitting out dirt doesn’t signify the end of the vacuum. Instead, it could be an issue you can quickly fix. 

Use the pointers outlined here to fix the issue whenever it crops up.

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