How to Get Burrs Out of Clothes

How To Get Burrs Out of Clothes – Try These Tested Ways

You probably have at one time found yourself walking into a thorny and weedy path. Later on, you realize some stickies matted up on your garment. Spiky and cause discomfort to your skin.

They are known as burrs. Pulling them off your clothes can be tiresome and time-consuming due to their small and grippe nature.

Luckily, there are easy methods on how to get burrs out of clothes. Read this article to learn some easy tips to help you restore your garment to shape.


Let us first learn something about burrs

Get Burrs Out of Clothes

Burrs have sharp hooks and teeth that easily hold on to animal fur or garments. Their main objective is to repel herbivores.

Another purpose is to scatter the seeds far and wide to increase their scope of rule. Once they hook onto your clothes, and you carry them far, you play a role in fulfilling their purpose.

Burrs cause irritation, discomfort, and some level of injuries once they come into contact with your skin. Bigger types of burrs even puncture vehicle tires owing to their flat nature.

For campers, be warned that burrs can destroy the fabric of your tent. Always look out for burrs in your tent.

With that said, the puzzle of how to remove burrs off clothes remains.

The very first solution you would go for is trying to pluck them off with your hand. Through this method, you can only remove bigger pieces leaving behind some hooks, bristles, and teeth.

In your attempt to further scoop them out, you will realize that the fabric of your clothing is destroyed.


Below is a Three steps process to help you remove burrs

3 Steps to Get Burrs off Clothes

Items you need:

  • Fine teethed comb
  • A duct tape

Step 1: Wash the Clothes with Burrs

While others say using a washing machine is fine, we think it is not the best idea. But why? Here is the reason.

The burrs are likely to come off your clothes and end up blocking the filter of your washing machine. That will add more trouble on top of trouble.

First, soak your clothes in a bucket of water mixed with washing detergent. Doing this softens and reduces the burrs grip off your clothes, making it easier for you to remove them.

Hang your clothes to dry in the sun.


Step 2: Time to Remove the Burrs

Spread your dry clothing on a flat and clean surface. Using a fine-toothed comb, slide the comb below the burrs.

Slowly pull out the burrs taking care, not to stretch or pull out the fabric. If you do this keenly, chances are that no bristle will remain attached.


Step 3: Use a Duct Tape

Of the many functions of duct tape, removing burr is one of them. Cut a sizable piece of duct tape enough to cover the area with burrs.

Lift the duct tape off your clothing. It will extract all the remaining bristles from your garment.

Turn your clothes inside out and repeat this process. This will help you remove any deep sited thistles that would cause irritation to the area of contact.

We recommended 3M 2979 Multi-Use Duct Tape which is available on Amazon. To check price and buy from Amazon click here


  1. Do not use a razor to remove burrs. The blade only slices up the bristles leaving some parts in the garment. There is a probability also that if the blade is very sharp, it can spoil your fabric.
  2. Do not use a comb with metallic teeth. Use a plastic teethed comb as it is soft and cannot destroy the material unless you use too much force.
  3. Take extra caution when removing burrs from delicate fabrics using the duct tape since it has a very strong adhesive feature.

How to Get Burrs Out of Clothes in the Field


The method described above is only convenient if you are at home. Circumstances may arise when you get stuck outdoors with a huge number of bristles attached to your clothes.

Here are two ways to help you accomplish the task.


Burzoff Burr Removal Tool


Burzoff burr removal tool is one of a kind gadget that helps you remove burrs in seconds. Its small size makes it easy for you to carry it around in your pocket.

There is no actual process to follow when using this product. All you require to do is the same as what you would do with a fine-toothed comb, as described earlier.

You can use the BurzOff burr removal tool to remove all types of burrs, like stickseed, cockleburs, beggars’ lice, and many others. The tool should pull out all bristles from your cloth.

It is a convenient tool for people who got no time to use other mentioned methods.


  • Safe to use on all outdoor garments from fleece to denim.
  • It is durable and withstands extreme weather conditions.
  • It is made from 90% post-consumer products.
  • Eco-Friendly.

The best news for lovers of nature, hunters, and campers is that the item is available on Amazon.

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DIY Burr Removal


The process for this method begins with washing your clothes and letting them dry. From there, you use a number of household tools to scrape the burrs until they are soft enough to sweep away from your garment.

Items with straight edges can work. Some of the household items you can use to remove burrs are:

  • A cup
  • The cap of a bottle
  • A divider

Wear Burr Resistant Clothes to Avoid Burrs

 If you can’t avoid burrs altogether, the next alternative is wearing burr resistant clothes for your outdoor errands. These kinds of clothes are made of high density woven nylon.

Trail Crest Men's Camo 6 Pocket Cargo Hunting /Hiking Pants Trousers

This property makes them resist burrs, making them fall off immediately they come into contact. Burr proof pants are available on Amazon.

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Burrs can be a real annoyance to you when trying to explore the back country.

If you are on a hunting errand and burrs, cover your entire clothing, the most convenient method to get rid of them is the Burzoff tool. It is an easy way to have almost the burrs plucked out.

If the garment you are wearing is thick such that you notice the burrs at home, then using the process provided here is straightforward.

To permanently avoid burrs, you can opt to wear clothing made from burr repellent fabrics.

Since you now have the tricks to remove burrs from clothes, you can keep off the little hooked seeds. Removing them is time-consuming and tiresome. Nonetheless, removing them using the tips provided in this write-up can be easier than you think. Our joy rests in the fact that this guide will help you.


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