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Who We Are?

Elena A. Jones

We are Mr. & Mrs Jones from UK, Our Ultimate goal is to help other’s to have peaceful lives began. To achieve this, we inform, educate, and give tips for neat & Clean homes, workplaces, Outdoors, cars & backyards. With our experience in cleaning, we recommended tips & techniques that are affordable and easy to do. We have tried and tested different cleaning techniques. We only recommend techniques that works. Read through our tips and techniques, apply them & Stay Clean & Healthy with your family & friends.

about Cleansefy
clean home


We will help you identify the best techniques to clean your home. With our experience in cleaning, we will recommend techniques that are affordable and easy to install.

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clean outdoor


We share our experts knowledge about how to clean the outdoor item easily. Our tips will be very helpful for you to be healthy and clean your outdoors items such as gardenpool & more.

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clean automotive


Thankfully, we have discovered cleaning solutions for your precious automotive. We will teach you the tips and tricks to help you enjoy the comfort of your personal vehicles

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