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Leaves can be a problem during the fall. A beautiful yard could be instantly transformed into an eyesore.

Leaf blowers can only help in blowing and collecting them in a heap. But what next after collecting them? That’s where walk-behind leaf vacuum mulchers come in.

The best walk behind leaf vacuum mulcher allows you to shred these leaves into mulch.

Now, now. Don’t crucify us just yet. We aren’t saying leaves are a disaster.

What we are saying is that they look beautiful when still on trees. But wait till the trees shed them off on your yard or patio.

With leaf mulchers, you not only get to remove them but also benefit. The mulchers shred the leaves, which you can then use in your organic garden. That is making lemonade from lemonades right there.

What Is Leaf Vacuum Mulchers and What Do They Do?

If you own a garden, you must have heard of a leaf vacuum mulcher, no? Some people might even confuse them with blowers. That’s where they go wrong.

Leaf vacuum mulchers offer much more than blowers. They come with a blade inside them that chops the leaves collected by the vacuum. That is unlike blowers that only help push the leaves into a heap.

Standalone mulchers might probably do a better job at mulching. Leaf vacuum mulchers, however, offer you two-in-one function in that they collect as well as shred.

You might be wondering how you can choose the one that suits you. There are fantastic selections of walk behind leaf vacuum mulchers in the market. That’s why we have outlined the best five to make your decision easier.

Our Top Pick

Sun Joe SBJ803E 14-Amp Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

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The Sun Joe SBJ803E comes out tops on our list. It has three in one functions a sweeper, vacuum, and mulcher. That is a statement of its versatility.

Possess a powerful 14-amp motor that provides excellent suction power that can suck as many leaves as possible.

It can generate airspeeds upwards of 165mph. In combination with an air volume of 600 cfm, this machine provides excellent service to keep your lawn, yard, or patio free of leaves.

You will own this machine for a longer time thanks to its impact-resistant impeller. The impeller is not only durable but can also mulch leaves to a fraction of their initial size.

With the Sun Joe, you can quickly transition from a blower to a vacuum at the flip of a switch. You don’t have to rake or collect leaves into a heap for the vacuum. Just start vacuuming right away.

The eight-gallon capacity bag takes some time to fill. You, therefore, won’t have to empty the bag as you clean your compound continuously.

Do you know of those field machines or vacuums that are hard to move around due to their uncooperative wheels? Well, the Sun Joe has no such issue as it comes with rugged, smooth glide wheels perfect for outdoor terrains.

Key Features

  • Eight-gallon bag capacity
  • Compact storage
  • Three in one function
  • Instant start

Best Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Reviews


Worx Trivac Three in One Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

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The Worx Trivac is yet another device that enables you to enjoy three functions with the convenience of walking behind it as you clean.

The Worx, thanks to its portability, makes sprucing up your yard a breeze. You can not only blow leaves into a heap but also vacuum and mulch them.

It has a simple switch that makes switching between modes as easy as one two three. You can either choose the vacuum mode or mulch mode by simply pressing the switch.

The Worx enables you to clean with two different speeds. When cleaning corners or pavements and need to take it slow, you switch to a speed of 75mph. In cruise mode, when you want to be quick, upping the speed to 210mph will work for you.

Despite it packing an incredible amount of power, you can use this device one-handedly. That is because it is quite lightweight and comes in an ergonomic design that doesn’t strain your hand.

The innovative tube design means those hard to reach areas aren’t that difficult to get anymore. It is at an angle that allows it access to below lawn furniture or landscaping fixtures.

Finally, the Worx comes with a retainer on its twelve-inch cord. That ensures that you don’t lose connection when connected to an extension cord, and it snags.

Key Features

  • Electric and corded
  • Three in one function
  • Maximum airspeed of 210mph
  • Twelve-inch electrical cord

Teccpo Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

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The Teccpo leaf vacuum mulcher comes with variable air speed and air volume that enables you to slow down whenever you want or speed up when you have to.

It offers you improved mulching thanks to its spring steel mulching blades. The mulching blades have a mulching ratio of 16:1 that can cut even the heaviest of leaf volumes.

However, you should note that using the blades to cut or mulch tree branches will damage the motor.

Not a good idea to misuse the blades cutting and crushing power, though.

Its ergonomic handle not only makes it easier to handle but also provides a comfortable grip. You can increase the friction level of your hand on the plastic whenever it becomes wet.

The improved collection bag makes it easy to collect the dirt without making yourself filthy in the process. The bag comes with an innovative bottom widening design as well as a sideways zipper.

You can use it as a blower, vacuum, or crusher. That is apart from its use as a mulcher. With the high airspeed and air volume, this vacuum gets work done faster for you to relax later.

The only drawback might be that it doesn’t come with the extension cord on purchase.

Key Features

  • Three in one functioning (blower, vacuum, and mulcher)
  • Variable airspeed
  • Improved collection bag
  • Ergonomic handle

Tacklife Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

717cDzE0l9L. AC SL1500The Tacklife leaf vacuum mulcher comes with five variable speed modes that make yard cleaning a breeze.

You can switch between speeds by pressing the black button on the machine’s handle. The high capacity air suction volume can go as high as 495 cfm while the airspeed can go up to 175mph.

The machine, therefore, has sufficient power to make the removal of leaves off your yard effortless. The machine’s collection bag just adds to the convenience thanks to its upgraded design.

The side of the bag closest to the operator has an internal coating that prevents dust spillage. It also has venting holes that prevent clogging and increase suction power.

The Tacklife leaf vacuum mulcher is lightweight and comfortable in a handheld grip. The auxiliary handle has a comfortable feel about its grip and doesn’t strain your arm.

It also comes with an interchangeable tube design that enables easy switching between modes. You can go from vacuuming to bowing in a matter of minutes.

This machine is quite a decent option if you need to tidy up your lawn, yard, or patio. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an extension cord.

Key Features

  • Twelve-amp motor
  • Three in one functioning
  • Five-grade airspeed
  • Five-speed selection

Sun Joe SBJ802E 13.5-Amp Electric Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

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The Sun Joe SBJ802E though a less powerful machine than the Sun Joe SBJ803E that tops our list is quite efficient in its own right. It is worth noting that most of its features are similar to the latter.

It comes with a 13.5-amp motor that dwarfs almost all the other machine’s motors. The motor gives the machine powerful suction that can suck all leaves off your lawn.

This machine comes with an integrated blower that can generate air speeds as high as 165mph. In that way, the device sucks all the leaves inside it.

The SBJ802E’s high-impact resistant impeller cuts down leaves to just a tenth of their initial size. This machine also has an 8-gallon collecting bag that ensures you don’t have to stop now and then to empty it.

It also has rugged wheels that are perfect on the rough terrain of your lawn or yard. The wheels come in handy when storing the machine. It is quite compact and will, therefore, take up less space in your garage.

Key Features

  • An eight-gallon capacity collection bag
  • Compact storage
  • 5-amp motor
  • Three in one surface sweeper, vacuum, and mulcher

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum

  • Budget

We should agree that for whatever you intend to buy, the money at your disposal plays a big part. Likewise, when going for a walk-behind leaf vacuum, you have to consider your budget.

  • Environmental Concerns

If you are collecting the leaves in your yard for a compost heap, you must be the type who gives some thought to the environment. You will, therefore, have to consider whatever environmental impact the vacuum you get has.

  • The vacuum’s Motor Power

You want a vacuum with a motor that will deliver you top-notch quality. The motor usually controls how fast you do a specific task. Therefore, you have to consider a vacuum with a motor that will enable you to work more quickly.

  • Suction

Apart from the vacuum having a powerful motor, its suction needs to be top-notch. Sound suction power enables the vacuum to pick up most of the leaves in its path in one sweep.


FAQsFAQ About Best Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum

Can I Use My Leaf Vacuum Mulcher on Gravel?

You can try it but ensure the vacuum is at the lowest setting. If it has any effect on the gravel, you should probably get one dedicated purely to getting leaves off the gravel.

Can Leaf Vacuum Mulchers Pick Grass as Well?

Yes. Leaf vacuum mulchers can pick up even the smallest sized debris from grass to large leaves

Should I Consider a Leaf Vacuum Mulcher? Why?

Yes, you should consider a leaf vacuum mulcher since it is the best way to get rid of leaves in your yard.

Final Thoughts

We hope our review of the best walk behind leaf vacuum mulcher helps you pick the best option for you. Wish you well.

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