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Top 9 Best Vacuum for Fleas Reviews & Buying Guides 2020

Fleas can be quite a nuisance, can’t they? You bet they are! These little insects have no respect whatsoever for any home they invade. They bite and stress as if they pay the rent and can be super annoying, especially for your furry family member. That’s why you need the best vacuum for fleas to teach them a lesson they can never forget.

We come bearing good news. There is a wide array of vacuums that will help you get rid of these irritating insects. You don’t have to keep sharing a home with fleas. Not if we can help it. We have outlined the various vacuums you can use to combat fleas in your home.


How Do Fleas Get into Your House?


We are all in agreement fleas are not welcome in our houses, right? Not that fleas care whether you want them in your house or not. These pests are no respecters of persons and have specific ways they use to gain access to your home. Before you start thinking of it, no, it’s not because your home is untidy.

Most often than not, fleas enter your home when on the bodies of an outdoor dog or cat. Dogs and cats are the number one host for fleas and unknowingly give a ride to fleas. This is more pronounced where owners don’t regularly wash their pets.

You don’t have any pets but still, see fleas in your home? The answer could lie in the piece of old furniture you recently bought. Or an unsuspecting guest who has a flea-infested home. Humans aren’t suitable hosts for fleas, but they can serve as a sort of movement from house to house.

That is why regular vacuuming is needed if you are to stop an infestation. Are you the kind that vacuums once in a blue moon? Then probably its time you stopped that. One flea is enough to create an infestation in your home since they are quite prolific. A single female flea is capable of laying up to 500 eggs in just a few months! If you don’t take any necessary measures, your house could be crawling or hopping with fleas in just a few short weeks!

It is comforting to know that there is something you can do about this: vacuuming. We have detailed here a list of the top vacuums you should go for to help you get rid of fleas.


Our Top Pick

1. Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner



The Bissell Swivel Upright Bagless vacuum is our top pick in our list of the vacuums for fleas. The Bissel is a wonderful vacuum to help you get rid of fleas in your home. It is specially made to remove even the most embedded pet hair or dirt in carpets and on floors.

If you are to get rid of fleas in your house, you need a vacuum with great suction. Fleas tend to hide in cracks and crevices in your home. The Bissel multi-cyclonic suction not only gets rid of dust hidden in crevices but also fleas.

There is always the risk of scattering the fleas when vacuuming floors witch cracks housing them. However, thanks to the vacuum’s scatter free technology, there’s little risk of dispersing the insects. You wouldn’t want to trigger a flea bomb in your house and have them in all rooms.

The stretch hose enables you to get to cracks that are above ground and remove dirt. The dirt might give suitable housing to the fleas. The speciality tools also ensure all the trash in these areas is easily removed.

The triple brush loosens and removes the fleas that might be embedded deep inside your carpet’s bristles. The neat swivel feature enables the vacuum to reach under furniture and clean there too.

Another great way this vacuum will help you get rid of fleas is the edge to edge cleaning. The vacuum cleans and removes dust in corners and wall edges to ensure fleas don’t get conditions they can enjoy.

Key Features

  • Scatter free technology
  • Multi cyclonic suction system
  • Edge to edge cleaning capabilities
  • Dedicated pet hair removal accessories
  • Triple brush system


Top 9 Best Vacuum for Fleas Review


2. iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum




You must be wondering what a robotic vacuum is doing on this list. Hear us out, will you? The iRobot Roomba s9+ comes from a long list of iRobot vacuums that have excellent suction power. This is the best of the iRobot vacuums in the Roomba series.

This robotic vacuum has a 3-stage cleaning system that loosens dirt before removing it. In this way, it quickly gets rid of fleas that may have lodged themselves in the carpet. The dual multi-surface brushes partner up to loosen dirt, pet hair, and fleas for easier removal. Its suction is over the top, being 40 times more powerful. Not even fleas hidden in the deepest cracks can escape this one.

This vacuum is a good fit for homes with pets. Its brushes don’t tangle with obstacles in its path. It identifies where dirt is concentrated, especially dust, and gives extra attention. So, let’s says a guest came in with fleas that might be hiding in your house; you bet this vacuum will foil their plans.

This vacuum’s sweeping brush adjust and flex to enable them clean carpets and hard floors better. Fleas love to hide in cracks in corners and on the edges of walls. This vacuum will reach these fleas with the help of its specialized bushes that reach deep into corners and edges.

It gets better; imagine a vacuum you can control using Google’s and Amazon’s voice, assistants! You can easily schedule the vacuum to carry out cleaning as you take a nap in another room or a walk outdoors. Its highly efficient filter traps up to 99% of dirt, dust, fleas, and mites.

Finally, the s9+ comes with a battery capable of lasting about 90 minutes while running at full power. Not that you have to worry about that since it will automatically stop, recharge then resume cleaning.


Key Features

  • Smart control options (Wi-Fi connectivity)
  • Smart navigation
  • Automatic recharging
  • Ideal for homes with pets
  • Powerful suction


3. Shark Rotator Lift-Away Vacuum




This is yet another vacuum that can significantly help you in your fight against flea infestation. Its extended reach enables you to clean hard to reach areas such as crevices and ceilings. You know fleas can live on almost any surface in your house, don’t you?

This vacuum comes with an anti-allergen sealant that ensures any dust, mites, or fleas that its HEPA filter captures stay in the vacuum’s canister. You don’t have to worry about trapped insects escaping the vacuum canister.

The fingertip controls to ease the process of switching from carpet mode to hardwood floor mode. The 12-inch crevice tool, the pet brush, and the pet multi also help remove pet hair from floors and carpets. In that way, any fleas that might have come off the pets in their hair are removed

The LED lights help you to easily navigate dark corners and below chars. You can easily see dirty areas to concentrate on them more. You can’t overlook the dirty regions of your house, thanks to this feature.

This vacuum’s great suction is what makes it especially useful for fighting flea infestations. To get rid of the insects, you need a vacuum that sucks as many of them as possible. The fleas have attachment organs, and less suction power might not remove them.


Key Features

  • Dynamic swivel steering
  • Powered lift-away mode
  • Pet power brush mode
  • Fingertip controls
  • Led lights


4. Hoover React UH73510 Vacuum




With its floor sensor technology, this vacuum detects changing floor types and specially adjusts to them for better cleaning. If it detects a floor with cracks and adjusts, its brush rolls accordingly. This enables it to give the floor a thorough cleaning.

Its extended powered reach enables you to access hard to reach areas with less difficulty. You don’t have to move furniture to access potential flea habitats. You can also swivel the vacuum to easily reach other hard to reach areas.

The wide cleaning path and its wind tunnel surge enable the vacuum to trap dirt, dust mites, fleas, and pet hair. The efficient HEPA filter and the sealed allergen system ensure that all the trapped dirt doesn’t escape back into the air.

It also comes with multi-cyclonic suction which gives it power capable of trapping even the hidden fleas in floor cracks. The suction is continuous for excellent cleaning experience.

This vacuum is specially dedicated to removing pet hair. This is what makes it such a good option for fleas too. As we had already mentioned, fleas prefer pets (cats and dogs) as hosts, the hair they shed might have these fleas. Therefore, getting rid of this hair will get rid of them too.


Key Features

  • Sealed allergen system
  • Secondary HEPA filter
  • Comes with several cleaning tools
  • Floor sense technology
  • Extended reach


5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A




This is yet another Bissel vacuum that can help you in your fight against fleas. This vacuum comes with dedicated pet tools that remove any embedded pet hair in carpets and floors.

It also comes with the turbo eraser that ensures it is scattered free. Therefore, there is minimal risk of spreading dirt or fleas and creating a flea bomb. Nothing escapes the 12-inch-wide cleaning path of the Bissell 1650A. The swivel steering ensures it gets under chairs and tables.

The vacuums dirt cup capacity is a satisfying 1.5l that will not fill up that fast in a cleaning session. The vacuums suction power is also quite impressive. It sucks up all the pet hair on carpets and floors, leaving no residual hair. Furthermore, it has a special mechanism that spools the hair for easier removal when emptying the vacuum.

It comes with a tangle-free brush roll, which ensures the pet hair collected by the vacuum doesn’t clog it up. The pet hair eraser has a multi-surface cleaning technology that maximizes pet hair, dust, and dirt pick up on different surfaces.

The two in one pet brush helps get rid of pet hair that might be embedded in the furniture. The brush is also soft enough for use on sensitive surfaces. This brush easily connects to the handle to increase your reach.


Key Features

  • Cyclonic hair spooling system
  • Specialized pet tools
  • Smart seal allergen system
  • Swivel steering


6. Nequare Cordless Vacuum Cleaner




The Nequare, for a cordless vacuum, has pretty excellent suction. As we have already mentioned, a vacuum’s suction is vital when fighting fleas. It comes with a 200w brushless motor that provides 18kpa of suction.

This vacuum gives you the option of operating in standard gear or max mode. Pressing the max button will activate max mode, which offers maximum suction with little to no noise. That is what makes this vacuum quite adept at ridding floors and carpets of fleas and pet hair.

The lithium-ion battery provides you with at least 35 minutes of runtime in low suction mode. It is also incredibly lightweight, thus enabling you to concentrate on chairs and other furniture. Furniture is a favourite hiding place for fleas.

The Nequare also comes with an assortment of brushes for use in cleaning various surfaces. The hard bristle roller cleans carpets while the nozzle helps clean cracks and crevices.


Key Features

  • Cordless and portable
  • Noise-free
  • Full-size LED headlights
  • Powerful suction


7. Eureka Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner




The Eureka upright vacuum is a powerful cleaner with a wide cleaning path that ably cleans hardwood floors, carpets, and tiles. It has a powerful suction that rids carpets of pet hair, dirt, and other debris. In that way, you will ensure that any fleas shed off in the pet’s fur are removed.

The eureka is a lightweight machine that enables you to easily reach hard to reach areas with its 7-inch crevice tool. You can store the included accessories onboard the vacuum.

The multi-surface cleaning enables you to switch between the five cleaning modes for optimal performance on all floor types. What’s better, the vacuum has strong suction capable of giving a deep clean to all areas of your house that could be a hideout for fleas.

Another great feature is the LED light that enables one to see wherever the dirt is in dark corners. You can also use the pet brush to remove the hair off seats and beds.

Key Features

  • Powerful suction
  • LED lights
  • Multi-surface cleaning
  • Easy to empty Dust Cup


8. Shark Navigator Lift-Away (ZU561)




This is yet another excellent option to get rid of fleas in your home. This vacuum is impressive in that after every deep cleaning session, it cleans itself. It has a brush roll that provides nonstop hair removal.

The Shark ZU561 has a highly efficient HEPA filter that traps dust mites and other allergens with zero chances of escape. The filter has an anti-allergen seal technology that prevents the fleas from escaping.

It sucks up hair and other debris off carpets before the brush roll goes over the carpet anew. The powerful deep cleaning ensures all the fleas hidden deep inside carpet fibres are also removed.

Also, the vacuum is quite lightweight, and you can, therefore, lift it all the way to clean above-floor areas—no problem getting to the ceiling with this one.

Key Features

  • Anti-allergen seal technology
  • Powerful deep cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Upright mode


9. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Vacuum




Closing our list of the best vacuums for fleas is the Dyson Ball Multi-floor 2 vacuum. This self-adjusting head vacuum cleaner offers you one of the best suction powers in your fight against fleas.

This vacuum can capture even the smallest of particles and allergens in the air. Fleas are quite tiny creatures that may be invisible to your naked eye. That’s where this vacuum comes in. Its radial cyclone technology enables it to capture smaller particles than other devices.

It is quite lightweight and makes it easy to maneuver around objects in your house as you clean. You can turn corners, change directions with a simple turn of your wrist.

Also, it steers easily below furniture thanks to its ball technology. The wand and the long reach hose work in tandem to enable you to transition smoothly from the floor to the ceiling.

The HEPA filtration ensures that all fleas are trapped inside the vacuum and can’t escape back into circulation. This is quite a decent option. It is last on our list shouldn’t deceive you.


Key Features

  • HEPA filtration
  • Self-adjusting head
  • Powerful suction across all floor types
  • Easily turns thanks to an adjustable head


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum for fleas


  • Cost

The prevailing budget situation influences anything we purchase in our homes. That is no different for flea vacuums as well. You want a vacuum that will deliver quality while coming in at a reasonable price.

  • Suction

For any vacuum to be efficient in ridding your house of fleas, it has to have topnotch suction. Insects can be quite resistant to vacuums with limited suction.

  • Filtration System

The filtration system goes hand in hand with suction power in determining how efficient your vacuum will be. A sound filtration system will ensure no fleas are released back into your house.

  • Tools and Accessories

A vacuum alone without some aiding tools wouldn’t be sufficient in your fight against these insects. You must have noted that most of the vacuums we mentioned come with extra tools. The tools help you reach crevices and hard to reach areas.

  • Ease of operating the vacuum

A good vacuum should make it easy to maneuver into difficult places you clean. You wouldn’t want a vacuum that has difficulties cleaning under furniture or on wall edges and corners.


How Can You Use Your Vacuum to Get Rid of Fleas?


After using our list to get an excellent vacuum for fleas, what next? You might ask.

As you might have noted, most of the vacuums we’ve detailed have powerful suction and filters. Fleas can prove hard to suck out from their hiding places, so you need to have a vacuum with excellent suction power.

However, a good vacuum alone won’t help you get rid of them. You need to have a proper cleaning schedule and follow it to the latter. One vacuuming session a week isn’t going to help you get rid of the fleas. These are quite prolific creatures that reproduce so fast. That’s why you have to vacuum regularly.

After every vacuuming session, empty the vacuum contents in a sealed trash bag or into a trashcan outdoors. If you wait for the vacuum to fill up before emptying, the fleas will find a way out of the vacuum and continue tormenting you.

In addition to just vacuuming, getting a powerful insecticide is also a great way to get rid of fleas. Imagine the power of an insecticide coupled with regular vacuuming. The insects will be sorry they invaded your house.

Also, there are flea traps that might capture fleas in your home. Traps are great when used in combination with regular vacuuming or an insecticide. There are so many options on Amazon for flea traps. Do check them out.

Finally, get cracks in your house filled. This will deny the fleas hiding places whenever they show up.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Can Vacuuming get rid of fleas?

  •  A: Yes. Regularly vacuuming with a high-power suction vacuum will help you get rid of fleas.

Q: Are flea traps effective in controlling fleas?

  •  A: Flea traps can also be a way to get rid of fleas. However, by themselves, they aren’t that effective. You have to use them together with another method for good results.

Q: Is using insecticides to kill fleas dangerous?

  •  A: Using insecticides can be dangerous only if you don’t administer them properly. Pesticides are toxic, and you should always ensure they don’t get into contact with any food.


Final Thoughts

We hope you get the vacuum you’re looking for from our list of the best vacuum for fleas. Our guidelines should help you in identifying the perfect vacuum to help you reclaim your home from fleas. Good luck!

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