Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On

Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On – What Should I Do?

The shark vacuums come with a brush roll that enables them to efficiently clean thick carpets. With the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on, one cannot know whether the brush is working or not.

If you own one of the shark vacuums then you probably already know what a green or red light on the brush roll indicator means, don’t you? But what if there’s no light at all? Could it be a problem with the vacuum itself or the brush roll? How can one solve the issue?

Well, let us find out!


Why Is Your Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On?


Your shark vacuum brush roll indicator might not be working due to one or all of the following reasons.

For starters, if you haven’t correctly turned your vacuum on then the indicator light might not work. Well turn on the vacuum should be a no brainier, right? We all have those little lapses in concentration that might make one think they did something correctly while they didn’t.

The vacuum has two cleaning modes; the suction and brush roll mode, all with their relevant switches. In order to use the brush mode, you have to ensure the switch is in the correct mode. If not then you won’t see the indicator light.

A loosely attached nozzle could also be a possible explanation for your brush light indicator not working. This is because it won’t capably deliver power to the brush roll.

At times, the clogging of the vacuum brush roll will cause your brush roll indicator not to work. Also, it could be because the brush roll’s driving belt is spoilt. Overheating of the vacuum might also cause the brush roll indicator not to work.

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Simple Steps on What to Do If Your Brush Roll Indicator Is Not Working


Step 1

Check to see whether the vacuum is correctly plugged then check the switch settings. As previously mentioned, the vacuum should have two switch modes, and incorrectly switching on the suction mode alone will cause the brush roll indicator not to show.

Step 2

Check to see if the nozzle is properly attached. If it is loosely attached then the roller brush will be deprived of the power it needs to function and hence the brush roll indicator won’t work as well. Firmly press the nozzle head to get it fully engaged again if it is loose.

Step 3

Check for clogging in the brush roll. Blockage in the brush roll might impair its functioning making the brush roll indicator not to work as well.

Step 4

Clear the brush roll of any debris that might be clogging it. Unplug the vacuum before gong about removing the debris from the brush roll. Later day Shark Vacuum models have easily removable brush rolls. Additionally, you can purchase a new brush roll on Amazon if the current one is defective.

Step 5

If your vacuum has passed all the previous steps but the indicator light is still not working, then it probably could be due to overheating. If used continuously for some time it is expected of the vacuum to become very hot. Unplug it and allow it to cool for about 40 minutes before resuming cleaning.

Important Points to Note

  • If the brush rolls driver belt is spoilt this might also cause the brush roll indicator not to work. This belt should be for a lifetime and if indeed it is the problem then contact Shark customer service for help.
  • If the brush roll indicator blinks instead of giving out a steady light then it’s just the charge on the battery that is low. Recharging will also produce blinking lights.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Q: What does the brush roll indicator light do?

A: The brush roll indicator light serves to show whether your brush roll is working or not. It shows either green for working, red for an overheating or jammed vacuum, and blinks for a recharging battery or low battery.

  • Q: Does the blinking of the indicator light mean that my vacuum is damaged?

A: No. As mentioned previously, the indicator blinks whenever the vacuum battery is low or while it is recharging.

  • Q: How do I fix my defective brush roll indicator?

A: A defective brush roll indicator might be solved in various ways, some of which we have mentioned here.


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Final Thoughts

The simple steps we have mentioned here should help if your brush roll indicator is not working well. If the indicator is still not working even after that then its time to contact the Shark Vacuum Customer support for help.


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