Do Electric Power Washers Need Oil

Do Electric Power Washers Need Oil – Thing That You Should Know

Do you own an electric power washer? If yes, then you must be asking yourself, “do electric power washers need oil?”. What would happen if you used oil to power your electric washer?

We have endeavored to answer the nagging question for you. You don’t want to find yourself damaging your electric power washer due to little information. Improper care of your power washer might make it not serve you as efficiently as you want it to.

We will, therefore, get on with it right away.


Do Electric Power Washers Need Oil?


Yes. Your electric power washer needs oil too. You might be wondering why an appliance that runs on electricity would need oil. Granted the washer’s motor doesn’t run on oil, you still need oil for efficient output.

So, where in an electric power washer would you require oil if all it needs to work is power? Well, the washers pump to run without any hitches, needs oil. The oil isn’t to run the washer but merely to keep the pump in good working condition.

Would you need a lot of oil? No. Little amounts of oil should be sufficient to keep the pump working in prime condition as long as they are compatible with the machine. You don’t want any mishaps from using the wrong oil.


 What Will Happen if I don’t Oil My washers Pump?

As is common with all the inner workings of machines starved of lubrication, the pump’s friction would build to high levels. That might lead to your electric power washer’s pump burning out.

Therefore, whenever you are carrying out the occasional routine maintenance, ensure you check whether the pump needs some oil.

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How Do You Change the Oil in an Electric Power Washer?


Before changing the oil in the pump, you need to check for the level. A dipstick would come in handy here if your washer lacks an oil check window.

Power on the machine to warm up any oil that might be in the pump. If you are to replace the oil in the pump with new oil, drain the old one first. Powering the washer warms the oil and makes it easier to drain out.

Next, turn off the washer’s engine before removing the drain plug and the fill bolt. Removing the drain bolt aloft the pump is paramount in reducing the pressure of the oil pouring from it.

Now drain the old oil into a container to avoid contaminating the ground where you have your washer. Finally, fill the pump with the new brand oil up to a level of over 80% of capacity.

Wipe the pump to eliminate any spilled oil before powering on the machine.


How Regularly Should I change My Electric Power Washers Oil?


How often you change the oil would depend on the region you live in. Is it warm or cold? The temperature has a profound effect on how often you change the oil in your washer’s pump.

If you live in a largely temperate region, then changing the oil in spring would do your pump a lot of good. It is also advisable to do it after winter. That’s because the cold temperatures might have thickened the oil.

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What Are Some of The Ways You Can Maintain A Pressure Washer?


An important aspect of owning a highly efficient machine is proper maintenance. Proper maintenance enhances the machine’s efficiency and increases such a machine’s lifespan.

An electric power washer, like many other electric appliances, has a wiring system. You should regularly check this wiring to ensure things are always in order. A faulty wiring system could be dangerous to you and your family.

Whenever someone completes a task, they usually haphazardly store the washer without even cleaning it. That shouldn’t be the case. After using your electric power washer, wash it and wipe off any dirt or spilled oil to preserve its functionality.

The pump is a major part of any washer, be it electric or gas-powered. That’s why you need to ensure you regularly clean it to clear out any dirt and other residue lodged in it.

With the above measures, your electric pressure washer should serve you more efficiently and for a considerably longer time.


Points Worth Noting

  • Ensure you use the right oil for your electric power washers pump. Using the wrong oil type could have disastrous consequences for your machine’s efficiency and lifespan.
  • Electric power washers by running on electric power require regular maintenance of the wring system. A faulty wiring system could be the difference between you being safe or in the emergency room.
  • Finally, ensure you store your power washer in a cool and dry place. Storing in an overly cold place could result in the oil thickening and therefore being problematic for the pump.


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Final Thoughts

Have we answered your question? Well, we hope we have. You can go ahead and use oil in your electric washer but only for the pump.

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