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where to store vacuum cleaner

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We bet you read that and wondered whether people would struggle with where to store vacuum cleaner. The answer is a resounding yes. Not everyone has spacious houses with stores for cleaning equipment such as vacuums.

But what if we told you that you don’t need a store for your vacuum? There are several places in your house you might not know would be ideal for storing a vacuum.

Don’t believe us? Read on and find out the best six places you can store your vacuum.

What are the Perfect Places to Store Your Vacuum?

Perfect Places to Store Your Vacuum

Where you store, your vacuum depends a lot on where you live. People will often plan their living quarters depending on whether they live in spacious houses. For instance, if you live in an apartment, you might not have the benefit of all that space.

Therefore, you might have to get creative if you want a nice place to store your vacuum after use. Most people keep their vacuums at a corner of their house or leave them where they last cleaned. But is that the right place to store your vacuum? You bet not.

1. A Vacuum Closet

The best place you can store your vacuum is in a vacuum closet. Yes, you read that right. If you can install a vacuum closet in your house, it could be the best place to store your vacuum.

It is common to see closets for clothes in most houses. Why not have one for all your tools or equipment as well? a closest will come in handy if you love to organize your space neatly and fear tripping on tools.

You can buy a closet and convert it into a storage place for your vacuum.

2. Equipment Store

The other best place is the store. If your house has a place for storing equipment, you can also keep your vacuum there. You could convert a specific room you don’t use to be a store if your house lacks one.

 A store is a good idea since you have all the things you need in one place. That should make them easier to find.

But let’s face it, these places aren’t possible in most houses. That’s why you need to get creative with where to store your vacuum. So, what are the best six places you can keep your vacuum if you don’t have the above options?

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Best 6 Places to Store Your Vacuum

Best Places to Store Your Vacuum

1. The Kitchen and Laundry Pantry

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in any house. That’s why it often gets dirty since there is a lot that’s going on there. It would therefore make a lot of sense to have the vacuum nearby whenever things get messy.

The kitchen pantry would make an excellent place to store a handheld vacuum and always have it within reach. If not, then the laundry pantry should be the next best place. When storing a vacuum, you won’t want it to be in the living room, where it might be an eyesore.

That’s why it makes sense to either store it in the kitchen or laundry pantry. These are excellent places to store a vacuum because of the proximity to exit or entrance doors. It always makes sense to start cleaning from where people enter the house.

2. The Garage

If your garage is clean enough or doesn’t have too much clutter, it could be an excellent place to store your vacuum. It would be a fantastic store for your garage vacuum that you can hang on the garage wall.

While doing this, ensure you have it in a place your car won’t bump into.

3. The Hallway

The hallway by the entrance of your house might be an ideal storage place for your vacuum. That’s because you won’t have to bump into it every time you walk by your living room. You could modify a particular corner of the hallway and store your vacuum there.

Ensure you have enough space before doing that since you could crowd the hallway.

4. As a Decoration in Your Living Room

Hey, who said you couldn’t get creative about where to store your vacuum? If you have a large vacuum, you could put it in one corner of your house, then cover it with decorative fabric.

That would make it seem like any other part of the furniture. Most people wouldn’t notice it unless they looked too hard. That is a clever way to store your vacuum if you are short on space in your home.

5. The Bedroom

If you have a gang of marauding kids that are likely to play with the vacuum, the bedroom could be a good place for it. The most likely place in the bedroom is under your bed.

That will, however, need you to have a vacuum that can lie flat on the ground. You will also need to ensure that you regularly clean under the bed to ensure the vacuum doesn’t sustain any damage.

6. Below the Stairs

This is another clever place to consider if you run out of space and need to store your vacuum. You could modify the area to suit the vacuum. You could even add a rack and make it accessible.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Where to Store your Vacuum

There are several things you need to consider when thinking of storage places for your vacuum. They will influence where and how you can store your vacuum.

1. The Vacuum Size

How large is your vacuum? If it is too huge, then it will need more storage space. It is crucial to keep in mind the size of the vacuum and how it will fit into your home before buying.

2. The Type of Vacuum

There are different vacuums. Therefore, the way to store them will also vary. For Handheld vacuums, you can keep them in the kitchen on shelves. Stick vacuums are some of the easiest to store since they are easy to mount on walls.

The other large size vacuums would need more elaborate storage spaces.

3. Your House’s Layout

Before choosing where to store the vacuum, think of your house’s layout. You can place the vacuum anywhere until you have determined the effect it will have on the organization of your home.

If you are storing it in your hallway, you’ll need the hallway to be as spacious as possible.

4. How Often Do You Use the Vacuum?

If you don’t use the vacuum that much, you can store it in a more permanent place like your garage. It makes sense because a vacuum that you only use once a month doesn’t need to crowd your house.

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Final Thoughts

We hope the tips we have mentioned here help you know where to store vacuum cleaner. Getting the right place to store your vacuum will ensure it is safe from arbitrary damage and prevent senseless bumping into the vacuum.

Get a suitable place from those we have mentioned here and keep your vacuum safe. All the best.

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