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Top 7 Best Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner in 2020 – Our Top Picks

Recently, backpack vacuums have become all the rage due to their departure from the traditional roller or push around vacuums. This is why the question of what are the best cordless backpack vacuum cleaners are bound to rise.

The convenience afforded by their ability to be carried like a backpack enables you to clean hard to reach areas such as the ceiling or along stairs. Talk of a vacuum having your back like literally!


Why Use a Backpack Vacuum?

Push around vacuums are a bit limited when it comes to cleaning hidden crevices in the house or even corners. Pushing them into corners is a difficult endeavor hence the shift to the backpack vacuum cleaners that are always on your back.

Backpack vacuums make cleaning of above-floor areas easier and less stressful as they are lightweight which makes them easily portable. It is near impossible carrying the normal upright vacuums in cleaning such areas!

There are so many different types of backpack vacuums and it is totally understandable that one wouldn’t know how to go about choosing the one that can fully suit their cleaning needs.

Our Top Pick:

1. The Makita  Lithium-Ion (36V)


makita lithium ion


The Makita XCV09Z leads in our list of top 7 best cordless backpack vacuums. It is equipped with a dual stage HEPA filter system with the ability to capture 99.97 of dust particles and an expedient easily disposable dust bag.

It comes with two 18 V 5.0 Ah fast charging batteries that enable it to have a runtime of up to 116 minutes in normal operation mode and 33 minutes running at maximum. The batteries and charger are however acquired separately.

The power button meanwhile has provisions for setting it up to the maximum, high or normal operation. This enables you to do your cleaning at a pace convenient for you.

Coupled with its lightweight nature, its shoulder straps are padded and the belt equipped with multiple adjustments to ensure comfort while reaching out to the cleaning areas. What’s even better is that it weighs a paltry 9 lbs.! This enables you to avoid the back pains that would come with dealing with heavier backpack vacuums.

Its powerful HEPA filter makes it a wonderful tool in construction when extracting dust and for people who work as mobile cleaners. It has a brushless motor capable of generating up to 70-cfm suction power and 44 inches of water lift that enables you to carry out your cleaning fast with zero chances of you tripping on a trailing cord.


Key Features

  • Two-Stage HEPA filter capable of trapping up to 99.97% of particles
  • Longer runtime of 116 minutes in “normal” mode
  • Comfortable due to the padded shoulder straps
  • Convenient
  • Powerful suction
  • LED light on the controller to help focus more on dirt


Best Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner in 2020


2. The Milwaukee M-18




The Milwaukee M18 comes with 57 CFM that gives it considerable suction power to suck dust and hair off carpets and walls. It covers 75 inches of water lift and comes with a hiker style of a backpack that makes carrying it on your back comfy.

It has a chest strap and hip strap that work in concert to take some of the weight of your back during cleaning. Cleaning almost feels like you’re on a hike! Ever been on a hike, no?

The shoulders and the back feel less of the weight of the vacuums backpack as you go about tidying up your place. It evokes feelings of carrying an empty backpack despite the weight of the vacuum!

It is a versatile tool that can either be set on a ladder as you clean up, carried around by its handle or carried on the back as a backpack. It can also be hang up a wall as you work on the cleaning.

The dirt canister is a clear plastic that enables you to see as the dirt fills up. You can empty it via a flappable cover at the bottom after removing it from the vacuum. The hose has a swivel that keeps it from getting kinked and worn when used over a long period of time. It is also flexible enough for easy manoeuvring.

Key Features

  •  57 CFM of suction power
  •  Low noise level of 74 decibels
  •  75 inches of water lift
  •  Removable backpack frame
  •  Lightweight (17.7 pounds)


3. Makita XCV05Z Lithium-Ion(18V) Backpack Vacuum




This is yet another light backpack vacuum from Makita. Weighing just over 4 kilograms, this vacuum comes with a 53 CFM suction power that sucks up nearly all large and small dirt particles.

It also possesses 28.5 inches of water lift and an electronically controlled brushless motor that optimizes battery functions enabling them to run for longer. Unlike its sister vacuum from the same company (Makita XCV09Z), this one has a runtime of up to 90 minutes under normal settings and an hour on high power setting.

Its near weightlessness eases the cleaning process while minimizing pain for users who might suffer from back pain or back complications. It also has remote button selector with high and low power setting attached to your waist.

It is powered by 2 18 Volt batteries capable of providing the user with a prolonged runtime of 36 volts. The shoulder straps are padded to enhance comfort during use.

It is yet another vacuum that can be used without you having to be cautious not to trip over the cord following in your wake. Apart from a few distinguishing features it is almost like its sister vacuum in power and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Two-stage HEPA filter that increases efficacy
  • 2 18 volt batteries that give it a runtime of 60 minutes
  • Convenient cordless backpack look
  • LXT battery charger that charges 3 times faster
  • Star power management system

4. Prolux 2.0 Cordless Backpack Vacuum



The Prolux 2.0 is a potent cleaner whether used for professional cleaning purposes or at home. It enables you to clean up in nearly half the time with its powerful motor of 75 CFM and a water lift of 82 inches.

With its patented bagless innovation, convenient easily usable one button operational mode and a myriad of other attachments, the Prolux quite easily ticks most boxes of what one would require from a cordless backpack vacuum.

It is equipped with a floor tool, duster brush, upholstery tool among others made to make your cleaning process stress free if not easy affair. Its lithium-ion battery allows one to clean for up to 32 minutes per cleaning session. For longer runtimes, one would have to acquire a second battery.

Its powerful self-cleaning HEPA filter ensures nearly no dust particles escape back into the air and become a health risk. Its powerful nature enables it clean in a single pass, unlike other less powerful vacuums that would have you repeatedly passing over an area to adequately clean it.

The Prolux is powerful yet still light enough. You don’t have to feel a crushing weight on your back as you clean. The comfortable straps that go through either the waist and chest cushion the back from the full weight of the vacuum making it a popular choice for female users.

Key Features

  • Battery Powered 30 minutes per charge
  • Cordless and stress free
  • Transparent see through the filter
  • Comfortable 2 inch straps
  • Anti-clog bypass valve
  • Self-cleaning Powerful HEPA filter

5. Hoover CH34006



This is yet another cordless backpack vacuum that measures up to the requisite requirement required of all backpack vacuums: it is as light and as comfy as it looks. It enables one to clean huge commercial places with speed and precision allowing no downtimes.

It is equipped with a 2-speed motor that causes less noise disruption for employees or customers in a commercial set up in its hush mode. The boost mode provides thorough cleaning for high traffic areas such as entrances to commercial facilities.

Apart from being lightweight, it has an ergonomically designed chiropractic harness made to enhance comfort and prevent downtime due to fatigue. It has a runtime of 45 minutes from each of its 40-volt batteries that can easily be removed with one hand without having to remove the backpack.

The backpack HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns and its hexaguard innovation with activated carbon helps to reduce smells and increase the freshness of the air.

The self-sealing bag system prevents the escape of dust and dirt back into the air ensuring more sanitary changing of bags. What’s even better is that this vacuum has been certified silver and gold for cleaning efficiency by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

It has installed software from the manufacturer that monitors performance and battery levels that increase its lifespan by ensuring one doesn’t overload or overcharge the batteries. The software stops operations until near perfect conditions are restored.

From all the above characteristics you can’t fail to notice that this is one of the best vacuums for use in commercial setups.

Key Features

  • 45 minutes’ runtime per battery
  • HEPA filter
  • Cordless
  • 2 40 volt batteries

6. Proteam Cordless Backpack Vacuum (107509)




Built with an improved comfort harness that provides a great fit whether on your shoulders or waist, the Proteam is another lightweight and efficient cordless vacuum. It can be used by either cleaning crews or for domestic purposes.

It has an on belt power switch that is easy enough to reach reducing strain during cleaning. It is a relatively quiet vacuum since at normal operation it produces just about 63.7 decibels of sound.

Its open weave harness opens up during operations to reduce heat buildup. This prevents excessive sweating from the heat from cleaning it.

The flexible articulating harness on the vacuum corresponds to the user’s movements with its own to give the user the much-needed freedom as they move around to clean their house. This has a marvellous effect on the comfort and prevention of weariness. All this without a cord trailing your every move.

The rear-facing vents on the back of the vacuum ensure little disturbance of things placed on tables in your place. The problade tool easily cleans architectural nuances together with the nooks and crannies in the house. Also, its telescopic wand adjusts to fit the user’s height.

The lithium-ion battery gives the vacuum a continuous run time of 75 minutes whilst the triangular shape of the vacuum prevents accidental contact with walls and doorways. The 4 stage filter serves to protect the motor from debris while ensuring no particles escape back into the air.

Key Features

  • 4 stage HEPA filter
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Relatively quiet
  • Cordless
  • Fast charge battery


7. Makita dvc260Z 18+18 Volt LXT




Makita has proven themselves to have a knack for technologically innovative cordless backpack vacuums. The DVC260Z model is another one from them. It doesn’t really differ much from its sisters from the same company.

It combines great suction power with a powerful HEPA filter that captures particles and ensuring they dot escape back into the air. Its brushless motor lasts longer and uses less energy.

Its two 18 Volt batteries give it a total runtime of 90 minutes under low power and 60 minutes at high power. This is with less vibration for minimum noise production. It’s easy to use backpack harness makes it easy on the back balancing out the weight of the vacuum on your back and shoulders.

It is a lightweight vacuum weighing only 4.72 kilograms with the battery. The manufacturer(Makita) has come up with Star protection automated computer controls that improve its overall performance while prolonging the longevity of the battery.

The star protection allows data exchange in real-time while controlling its conditions to prevent overload which mainly arise from over discharging or overheating. This feature is on all Makita vacuums.


Key Features

  • Changeable 2-litre dust bag
  • 60-minute runtime on max mode
  • Practical LED light
  • Lightweight

Factors to Consider Before Buying Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaners


What are some of the factors you would consider when looking for the best cordless vacuum cleaners?

  • Budget

There isn’t a more obvious factor to consider than the financial implications of acquiring a vacuum cleaner. One would want a fairly priced cleaner which gives them good value for their money while getting the work done.

  • Floor Type

The type of floor you have in your home will in a big away determine the type of vacuum cleaner you decide to go for. For instance, luxury vinyl plank floors would require one that is gentle on the floor type as well as efficient in picking up all dirt debris.

  • Weight of the Vacuum

Backpack vacuums are usually lightweight and therefore more portable than the traditional upright vacuum. One wouldn’t want a vacuum that weighs a ton making their cleaning experience a tedious affair.

  • Filtration System

Whether you go for a backpack vacuum or the traditional upright ones, it is always imperative that the filtering system be top notch. A good filtering system in the vacuum prevents the occasional escape of dirt particles back into the air which might be a health risk if one has allergic family members.

  • Noise

The less noise a vacuum makes the better. Although we have to agree that a vacuum must produce some noise as you go about using it. However, the noise should be of considerable magnitude to avoid you being a nuisance in a quiet apartment complex every time you decide to clean.

One would also consider a relatively quiet vacuum cleaner if they happen to have an infant in the house. Babies are known to be utterly sensitive to noise especially when you want to keep them napping.

  • Power Cords

Corded or cordless vacuums? One will want to consider this question when buying a vacuum. While a vacuum with a long cord would reach most places on your floor during cleaning, the cordless types are more convenient when it comes to above-floor cleaning.


  • Suction

Whether corded or cordless, backpack or upright, I think we would be in agreement that a proper vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction mechanism.

The vacuum should suck up all the dirt without leaving any residue on your floor.

  • Warranty

In this day and age, it would be an incorrigible mistake buying any electronic appliance without a warranty. A warranty would be your only insurance against the vacuum suddenly malfunctioning without it being any of your faults. That’s why it’s imperative that you make sure your vacuum has a warranty before purchasing it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use a cordless backpack vacuum?

A: A cordless backpack vacuum cleaner increases the convenience of cleaning by allowing you to take a through approach to above-floor areas and thus enabling you to exhaustively vanquish the dirt ‘enemy’.

 Q: Can cordless backpack vacuums work for heavy debris?

A: No. Cordless backpack vacuums wouldn’t really work for heavy debris since their design is mostly for light debris such as dust, hair or cigarette ash. You would have to acquire a vacuum tailored for such debris like metal clippings and wood chips.

Q: Does a cordless backpack vacuum battery last long?

A: This would depend on the model you decide to acquire. However, advancements have seen these types of vacuums be made with long-lasting batteries. Also, most of them come with two batteries that you can use interchangeably

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Final Thoughts

There exists a range of vacuums out there, nevertheless, the uniqueness of cordless backpack vacuums cannot be overlooked. The unique thing about the cordless vacuum is not only that you wear them as a backpack but also, you minimize chances of you crashing to the floor after tripping over a cord. It can’t get any cooler than that!

We surely hope that the factors we have discussed here on the best cordless backpack vacuum do help you make up your mind on which one to buy.

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