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We all consider our pets part of the family. And while all family members contribute to making the house dirtier, no one does it better than the pets. It’s easier to deal with dirt from humans than from pets.

If you’re struggling to deal with pet hair in your home, then you need to get the best central vacuum system for pet hair. Central vacuum cleaners have the advantage of not having you carry them everywhere while cleaning. That’s what makes them one of the best options to deal with pet hair.

Read on to see the best central vacuum system you can choose.

Best Central Vacuum System for Pet Hair Reviews

Central Vacuum System for Pet Hair Reviews

Our Top Pick


OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System, Hybrid Filtration (with or Without Disposable Bags) 35L or 9.25Gal, 700 Air watts, Large Vac, White & Silver
as of March 20, 2024 10:33 am

If you are looking for a powerful central vacuuming system, there isn’t any better you can do than this vacuum. It has powerful suction that enables it to suck all kinds of dirt, including pet hair.

Its excellent filtration system ensures all the trapped dirt doesn’t escape back into the air. What’s better is you don’t have to keep on replacing the filter from time to time. That’s because the filter is reusable. By reusable, we mean you only have to wash it and replace it in the system. 

That’s not so common with most other central vacuum cleaners. Another thing we loved about this central vacuuming system is that it is relatively silent. Central vacuum systems can be loud. This one, however, limits the noise to a low hum.

All its features wouldn’t be of immense benefit if the vacuum couldn’t cover a large area. The Ovo central vacuum system has eight inlets that can cover a whopping 9000 square feet in its cleaning! Impressive, isn’t it?

The extensive cleaning range means you can clean each corner of your house without worrying about the canister getting full. You can also choose whether to get one with a disposable bag if you wish.

Investing in this heavy-duty central vacuum cleaner would be a wise investment. You won’t have to deal with impure air or allergens floating around your house. Better still, you don’t have to worry about pet hair ever.


  • Machine washable filter
  • Efficient heavy-duty cleaning
  • Purifies air and gets rid of pet hair
  • Triple-layer filtration bags reduces the risk of dirt escaping


  • It doesn’t have an inlet for a hose

Dirt Devil


HP Products 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System
as of March 20, 2024 10:33 am

If you know your way around vacuums, then you must have heard of the Dirt Devil Vacuums. They are some of the most popular vacuums on the market at the moment. We, therefore, should expect the Dirt Devil central vacuum system to be along the same lines, right?

And, of course, it delivers. This central vacuuming system is ideal if you want to install a system that won’t take up too much space. That’s because it is compact enough to ensure it takes as little space as possible.

Unlike the Ovo central vacuum, it comes with an expandable hose that can stretch to enable you to clean tricky places easily. Since it is an all-metal vacuum, you don’t have to worry about durability. It will withstand the hard times and serve you for a long.

Although it offers decent performance, you don’t have to worry about its effectiveness against pet hair. That’s because it has powerful suction and comes with accessories that make it easier to use.

The most impressive feature of the vacuum, however, is the overload and overheat protection. That guarantees its safe use and durability. What more would you want from a central vacuum system?


  • The all-metal design makes it durable
  • The HEPA bag filtration makes it efficient
  • It comes with cleaning accessories such as the crevice tool
  • You can automatically reset it


  • Although the hose is expandable, it is a flip-up



Allegro MU4500 Champion – 6,000 Square Foot Home Central Vacuum System 35 Foot Electric Powerhead Hose Kit
as of March 20, 2024 10:33 am

Next on our list is the Allegro central vacuum system that boasts 1855 watts of mighty cleaning power. It has a 35-foot electric hose that ensures an easier time when cleaning trickier places.

What we loved most, however, was the self-cleaning filtration system. The microfiber filtration system ensures the system traps all dirt, pet hair, and carpet debris within the vacuum. It would surely bring a newer dimension to your cleaning.

For most central vacuuming systems, overheating can become a significant issue. Not with this one, however. That’s because it has segregated motor and fan pumps. That reduces the chances of overheating.

That’s in addition to the highly efficient motor that ensures the vacuum is working at maximum efficiency. Pet hair and other debris should be a thing of the past with such features.

Still, the vacuum goes a step further and adds durability to its impressive features. The vacuum has an epoxy powder coat on both the inside and outside. The coating makes it corrosion resistant, meaning you will own it for longer.

The allegro can clean up to 6000 square feet, making it ideal for small to medium-sized indoor spaces.


  • All steel construction makes it durable
  • Segregated pumps reduce overheating
  • Powerful suction power
  • It can also lift water off surfaces


  • The permanent filter isn’t reusable 

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum System

prolux cv12000 review

One of the first things someone needs to look for in a central vacuum system is the motor. The motor powers the entire system and ensures the vacuum cleans effectively. That’s why this vacuum with its two-stage motor delighted us.

This central vacuum employs HEPA filters to suck out all the dirt and potential allergens in your home. The motor equips it with 150 cfm of pressure to suck pet hair, dust, and carpet debris.

Better yet is the three-stage filtration that ensures all trapped dust doesn’t escape the vacuum system. The bagless dirt chamber is clear to enable you to check if it is full.

Besides the HEPA filter, it also has washable micron pre-filters that are durable and quite efficient at dust collection. While most central vacuums are pretty loud, this one has sound mufflers that dampen the noise to a mere whisper.

Most people would appreciate a central vacuum that could vacuum other things as well. Besides keeping your house clean, this central vacuum can also vacuum your car or shop—such versatility.

With all the excellent features, you wouldn’t regret having this vacuum.


  • It has an excellent three-stage filtration system
  • Powerful 150-cfm motor
  • Has sound muffling kit for silent operation
  • Has accessories that can help clean your shop or car


  • It is an arduous task changing and replacing the filters

Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum System

Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum System

Wrapping up our list is this USA-made central vacuum unit. It boasts a power of 750 air watts and can clean up to 7500 square feet of space. That makes it a fantastic option for most homes.

Since you don’t want to keep on buying vacuums, you might wish to have a central vacuum that is durable. This vacuum, with its all-steel construction, should be an easy pick.

The 138-cfm suction power, although a little modest, will impress you with its ability. Combine that with the 750 air watts, and you will love how the vacuum will extract all the pet hair in your home.

What gives it that efficient cleaning power is the two-stage flow-thru motor. The motor is as powerful as it is efficient. With a dirt capacity of 6.25 gallons, you won’t have to be constantly emptying the bag.

Keeping indoor air pristine are the HEPA filtration bags the vacuum has. These filters hold in all the dust and potential allergens. Besides pet hair, any allergens in the air can’t easily escape the vacuum once captured.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you will love this vacuum. That’s because you can easily repair any issues that crop up with the help of the Imperium tech support system.

Although there isn’t a port for you to connect to a hose, the simple inlet will make it easier for you to install it. With that, few might argue that this vacuum is among the best central vacuum systems.


  • Galvanized steel material adds to its durability
  • Powerful suction provided by the excellent flow-thru motor
  • It limits the noise to a lowly 58 decibels
  • Perfect for large homes


  • It is pretty expensive for the features it comes with

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Central Vacuum System for Pet Hair Buying Guides

If you’re new to buying vacuums, you must be wondering what features you need to look for in a central vacuum unit. For you to make the best decision, below are the factors you need to consider.

1. Canister size

Central vacuum cleaners spruce up large commercial spaces. That means it will be easy for you to get a system that can clean a large area. Ideally, you should look for one with at least five gallons of capacity.

2. The Cleaning Power

Cleaning power can be several things, from the motor to the suction and voltage or amps. The motor will often tell you how powerful the vacuum is. If you get a powerful motor, you can be sure of a vacuum that will be ruthless against pet hair and other dirt.

For suction power, there is a rating for the vacuum, and most will be over 100cfm. Go for the highest rating possible.

3. The Filters

The filters are an integral part of any vacuum, be it a central or a conventional vacuum. Give special consideration to the filtration system. That’s because it could differentiate between allergens being eliminated or escaping back into the air.

If you can get a vacuum system with several stages of filtration, then go for it. If the filters are machine washable, then the better.

4. Extra tools

Central vacuum units aren’t the type you need to hold when cleaning. They, however, still need a few tools to boost cleaning efficiency. A crevice tool, a hose, or other tools might facilitate the cleaning of tricky areas the vacuum can’t reach.

5. The Noise Level

Central vacuum units can be pretty noisy. Some manufacturers, however, try their best to reduce the noise of the units by adding sound muffling kits. Don’t take a unit by face value when assessing the noise level.

Final Thoughts

 Pet hair shouldn’t be a problem now that you know the best central vacuum system for pet hair. The vacuum systems we have discussed here should make it easier decision choose the best unit.

Remember to take into consideration the factors we have discussed in the buying guide section.

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