Roomba 805 vs 880

Roomba 805 vs 880 – Which One is Best [Reviews & Comparison Guide 2020]

Robotic cleaners have really revolutionized cleaning. With you just setting them up and letting them do their thing as you watch. iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880, do the two differ in any way? Apart from them being some of the most popular robotic vacuum cleaners? For starters, the prices differ slightly.

We understand choosing between the two might be a little bit difficult since it wouldn’t be prudent to base yourself entirely on their price. Some people say the more expensive the better. But is that really the case?

Let’s find out.

How do Roomba 805 and Roomba 880 Work?

Equipped with the IAdapt room recognition sensors, they easily navigate around the room while cleaning. They are able to get around obstacles in their path be it furniture or any other messes.

They have an Aeroforce filter that is highly efficient in capturing dirt and debris off floors. They are lightweight (not that it would really matter since you aren’t pushing them around).

The installed Aeroforce system ensures their efficiency in cleaning up carpets and hard floors. They are all equipped with extractors that avoid them tangling with obstacles in their pathways.

These are a wonderfully automated way of cleaning you home.


The Roomba 805 Review


Having come before the 880 it would be expected of the 805 to have several drawbacks absent in the 880. It comes with a Lithium ion battery capable of delivering 3 times per cycle.

It has automatic adjustment to floors of all types be they carpets or hardwoods. Also its intelligent software enables it to avoid stairs, drop offs or any other obstacles in its path. Its extractors are tangle free to prevent hair and other debris from clogging it.

The Aeroforce three stage system of cleaning gives it up to 50 percent of cleaning performance. The dual mode wall barriers virtually manage where it cleans whenever you want it to stay within a certain room or area of your house.

One of the amazing things about the 805 is that you can programme it to clean your house up to seven times in a week. With its dirt detect sensors it is capable of giving your floor the deep clean it deserves especially where dirt is concentrated.

The brushes work in concert to trap and remove hair, dust and other dirt as well as large sizes of debris. The multi-surface brushes are kept in close connection with your floor by the Automatically adjusted cleaning head that enables it clean different floor types.

Its Edge Sweeping Bush is specially designed at an angle of 27 degrees to capably sweep debris on edges and corners.


iRobot Roomba 805 Features


1 Lithium ion battery: The battery is capable of giving the cleaner a runtime of about one hour in a single use.

Virtual wall barriers: The Roomba 805 has two wall barriers that keep it within a certain room as it cleans.

IAdapt navigation system: This navigation system intelligently controls the movement of the vacuum on your floor as it cleans.

Tangle Free Extractors: The brushless motors have tangle free extractors that prevent the cleaner from getting entangled with other things on your floor as it cleans.

High efficiency filter: The filter captures up to 99 % of dirt, dust and hair giving your floor or carpet a deep clean

Noise: Compared to other vacuums, the 805 is relatively quiet so one can use it as a person naps in the same room.



  • Can be arranged to clean 7 times in a week
  • Equipped with dual operation barriers
  • Relatively decent one-hour runtime
  • Lightweight



  • Lacks the more efficient HEPA filter system
  • The dust container is too small
  • Has difficulties cleaning thick carpets


The Roomba 880 Review


The Roomba 880 has nearly the same features as the 805 with nearly identical functioning except for a few improvements since it came after the 805. It still has the IAdapt room navigation system found in the 805 with a full suite of sensors to help.

Most impressive about the 880 is its ability to go cleaning room by room by itself guided only by the two virtual wall lighthouse controllers. It is thus not limited by walls unlike the 805.

It comes with the highly efficient HEPA filter that is better than the 805s filter. This can capture 99.97% of dirt and dust off floors with little chance of it escaping back into the air.

It isn’t that tall (3.6 inches) and can thus easily clean below chairs and other furniture. It has a runtime that’s almost twice as long the 805’s and just like the 805 can be pre-planned to clean your floors 7 times in a week.

Simple to operate has an incredible self-charging system that enables it automatically dock and recharge whenever needed. What’s more, it can be remote controlled. Also, its spinning side brush makes it better at cleaning corners and edges.

It is however more expensive than the 805 due to its extra features.


iRobot Roomba 880 Features


Remote controlled: This enables one to easily operate it as it cleans and adds to the simple operation advantage.

High Efficiency Filter: The Aero force filter in the 880 is highly efficient and captures dirt, dust and hair off floors while ensuring none escapes back into the air.

IAdapt Navigating System: This enables it to be an efficient multi room cleaner as its capable of moving room by room thanks to its navigation system.

Exclusive Lighthouse Wall barriers: This act as a sort of guidance system for the cleaner and can be strategically placed in your home enabling it to clean multiple rooms instead of just one.

Tangle Free Extractors: This helps avoid hair and debris from getting entangled in the vacuum.

Noise:67 decibels of sound is quite on the low side ensuring that it doesn’t become a source of distraction for busy family members or neighbours.


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  • Powerful suction
  • Highly efficient HPA filter
  • Simple operation mode (remote controlled)
  • Wonderful navigation system
  • Can be pre-planned for cleaning


  • Relatively more expensive than the 805
  • Lacks the carpet boos technology


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iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880 : Close Comparisons



IAdapt Navigation

Both vacuums have the IAdapt navigation system typical of all Roomba vacuums

Tangle Free Extractors

Both are equipped with tangle free extractors to prevent them from getting entangled with other things on your floor.



Multiple Room Cleaning

The 880 can easily clean multiple rooms in the house thanks to its exclusive lighthouse beacons that guide it room from room. The 805 can only clean one room at a time and after, can only be moved manually to any other room.


Self-recharging System

The self-recharging feature of the 880 beats the 805 that doesn’t have the capability to self-recharge when needed to.


Suction Power

The suction power of the 880 is greater and more powerful than that of the 805. It is capable of gobbling up more dirt per cleaning session than that of the 805.


Side Brushes

The 880 is equipped with two side brushes that make it a better cleaner of edges and corners. The 805 only has one side brush.


Filtration System

The 880 has the more efficient HEPA filter perfect for capturing the smallest dust particles without letting them escape back into the air. The 805 has quite a powerful filter but it just isn’t as good as that of the 880.


Remote Control

The 880 can be remote controlled. This would be like a knockout to the 805 that isn’t provided with this feature.



The 880 is relatively more expensive than the 805. This may be because of the improvements in the 880. This wouldn’t come as a surprise though, would it?


Battery Type

The 880 has an X life battery while the 805 has a Lithium ion battery. The lithium ion battery in the 805 lasts longer than that of the 880 but the 880 remedies this with a self-charging system for its battery.


So, Which Wins?

As already mentioned, Roomba 880 comes with better and improved features than Roomba 805. The 880 is a better cleaner than the 805 also because of its more powerful filter, greater suction power and its better dirt detect system. But of course, the 880 would be better, it came later than the 805!


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Parting Shot

By now you surely must have made up your mind on whether you would go with the Roomba 805 or the 880. This would, of course, depend on your budget and cleaning specifications. So depending on your cleaning needs, choose the one that would most appropriately fit your needs.

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