Roomba 805 vs 890

Roomba 805 vs 890 – Which Robot Vacuum to Choose? – Comparison Guide 2020

iRobot is known for its famous Roomba brand of vacuums. The Roomba 805 and 890 are just a few of the members of this brand. Although the same brand, how different would they be from each other? We pit the Roomba 805 vs 890 to find out which one would be best.


With so many robotic vacuums in the market, why should you consider the Roomba 805 over the 890? Which one would save you a few bucks while giving you value for your money? Well, let’s find out.


Roomba 805 vs 890: What’s Special About the two?


The 805 is a darling of so many users, even though it is one of the earlier versions of the Roomba vacuums. Just like its sister vacuum the 890 it is sleek rounded shape enables it to maneuver under furniture during cleaning easily. Therefore, it easily reaches even hard to reach areas and cleans them.


Both vacuums come with IAdapt navigation that permits them to map out the area it is cleaning with ease. In this way, they can avoid obstacles in their path or drop-offs, such as stairs.


The lithium batteries are a prominent feature of these two vacuums. The vacuums can work for at least an hour before recharging thanks to the lithium battery. Also, their Aeroforce filter ensures they trap all the dirt and dust particles without letting any escape back into the air.


Simply put, they would be an excellent addition to your collection of home cleaning devices.


Roomba 805 Review


The 805 is one of the earliest iRobot vacuums in the 800s series. It comes with an Aeroforce filter that is more efficient than its predecessors’ filters. This is because it filters out 99% of dirt, dust, and pollen with minimal chances of them escaping back into the air.


The Aeroforce cleaning system enables it to give up to 50% better performance than older iRobot vacuums. With the tangle-free extractors, hair and other debris do not easily clog it. What’s better, you can schedule this vacuum to perform daily cleaning sessions in your absence.


It comes with two dual-mode barriers that control the areas the vacuum can access. If strategically placed, they will prevent it from leaving a particular room. The 805 is also capable of automatically adjusting to carpets or hardwood floors as it cleans.


It comes with a lithium-ion battery that gives it up to 3 times more battery longevity. The vacuums can easily maneuver under chairs and other furniture since it has a low profile. It is only 3.6 inches and is round-shaped.


The two brushes work together to remove dust, hair, and other debris off your floors. These two brushes loosen and pick up dirt. The vacuum automatically adjusts its head to be in close contact with the floor. Its dirt detects technology does the vacuum favours here. It also makes it very good at spot cleaning.


Another feature we love on this vacuum is its edge sweeping technology. The vacuum is good at cleaning the dirt in corners and on the edges of the walls. Its brush is designed at a 27-degree angle to make t a better cleaner of edges ad corners.


Thanks to the IAdapt navigation system, the vacuum intelligently gets around your house during cleaning. The smart sensors ensure it doesn’t crash into kids, pets, or furniture, limiting damage to the vacuum.


Roomba 805 Features


Two Brushes-It has two brushes that work in concert to clean your house. One brush loosens dirt while the other one removes it.

IAdapt Navigation System– It uses the IAdapt navigation system typical of all Roomba vacuums

Lithium-ion Battery– it has one lithium-ion battery hat gives it a runtime of about one hour.

Virtual barriers– The 805 comes with two dual-mode virtual wall barriers that ensure it doesn’t leave a specific room

Tangle Free extractors– this ensures you dont clog the vacuum with dirt



  • You can program it to perform daily cleaning sessions
  • The rounded shape enables easily maneuver under furniture
  • The dirt sensors make it good at spot cleaning.
  • The one-hour runtime is quite decent
  • Good remover of pet hair



  • The Aeroforce filter isn’t as efficient as the HEPA filter in other vacuums
  • Its dust container isn’t that large
  • Might have a few difficulties cleaning thick carpets


Roomba 890 Review


This vacuum shares several features with its sister vacuum the 805. This is not surprising as they are in the same series of iRobot vacuums. The main difference is the Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to pair with your other smart devices.


We all love a device we can control from the convenience of our phones, right? Well, this is possible with the Roomba 890. It is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control it. That alone should tell how popular this vacuum could be judging by how dependent we are on technology.


This vacuum comes with an efficient three-stage cleaning system that loosens and sucks dirt, dust, and pet hair. The auto-adjust head smartly adjusts to the different floor types it is cleaning makes it quite a versatile cleaner.


With its patented dirt detect sensors, this vacuum quickly identifies areas with a lot of dirt and spot cleans the area. Such places include high traffic areas such as by the door. The vacuum can also be programmed to carry out cleaning sessions as you see fit.


The 890 has two Lithium-ion batteries that enable it to have a runtime of 90 minutes. You can clean a large area before the vacuum needs a recharge. On detecting that the battery is low, the vacuum automatically docks and recharges by itself.


Just like the 805, it has a detection system for objects in the cleaning path. This ensures it doesn’t crash into obstacles. The tangle-free extractors ensure dirt, pet hair, and other debris don’t clog it. Its cliff detect system prevents it from falling off stairs.


This vacuum is especially useful when removing pet hair due to its multi-surface brushes. The brushes are rubber, meaning they are easier on floors, unlike the bristled brushes. These brushes also make it a more efficient cleaner of edges and corners.


Roomba 890 Features


Two Lithium-ion batteries– this gives the vacuum a 90-minute runtime

Wi-Fi connectivity- This enables you to operate the vacuum smartly with Google 3. Assistant and Alexa

Tangle-free extractors– the vacuum avoids clogging with debris and pet hair due to its tangle-free extractors

Rubber brushes– it has rubber brushes which are easier on carpets unlike the bristled brushes

HEPA filter– It has the more efficient filter that captures up to 99.97% of dust and dirt particles



  • An advanced dirt detection system
  • Efficient HEPA filter
  • Rubber brushes
  • Relatively longer runtime
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • You can program it to carry out cleaning sessions



  • The dust container is too small
  • At times the charge might run out quickly


How different is the Roomba 805 from the 890?


The two vacuums happen to share some features but are bound to differ slightly.


Firstly, the 805 lacks the Wi-Fi connectivity that makes the 890 so impressive. The 890 can easily be controlled this way via Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistant. You can still schedule the 805 to carry out some cleaning tasks, but you’d have to do that with the button controls.


The 805 only has one battery that gives it a decent one-hour runtime. While the lithium-ion battery is usually reasonably good, the 805’s one battery can’t stand up to the 890s two batteries. The 890 has a longer runtime thanks to the Lithium-ion two batteries.


A good filter is one of the hallmarks of an excellent vacuum. The 890 duly complies as it comes with a highly efficient HEPA filter. While you can’t fault the 805’s Aeroforce filter, it can’t stand up to the 890s filter.

Unlike the 805, the 890 has rubber brushes. The 805 has bristled brushes. The 890 will, therefore, be the gentler one on your carpet or floor.


What Are Some of the Similarities Between The 805 And The 890?


As we had previously mentioned, the 890 has a few features in common with the 805. This is despite the 805 being an earlier model.


Both the vacuums have tangle-free extractors that prevent dirt and other debris from clogging them.


Also, they have the same advanced dirt detection system, even if the 890s will always be better. You have to cut the 805 some slack, though, because it preceded the 890.


Both the vacuums offer you the ability to schedule cleaning sessions accordingly. You can program them to clean when you are at work or have gone for a short walk.


They both use the durable lithium-ion batteries even if the 890 comes with two, unlike the 805’s single battery.


Which One Should You Choose?


It is hardly a fair battle seeing as the 890 came much later than the 805, but we have to pick a winner. The 890 trounces the 805, mainly due to its smart operation system. If asked, most users would prefer such a robotic vacuum.


Also, the two batteries that give it a longer runtime make it better than the 805, especially if you have a large house.

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