How To Clean Outside Windows You Can't Reach

How To Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach – Tips & Tricks That You Need To Know

Dirty windows are unpleasant. They can create a negative impression on anyone visiting your house. Grimy windows filter out the amount of sunlight entering your house. This denies you the goodness of natural light, which can make a difference to your overall mood.

Some windows are too high and risky to clean. The cleaning angles of these windows pose a significant risk to the owners.  Luckily, there are ways on how to clean outside windows without slipping off a ladder.

You need not spend an additional second stuck. Peeping from dusty window glasses. Below are some must-know tips & tricks that you need to know on how to clean outside windows you can’t reach.


What to Use to Clean Outside Windows



Extendable Squeegee


Your safety is the critical thing to mind if your window is only accessible by ladder. One option to clean exterior windows from the outside is a window squeegee.

Some squeegee handles come with an extendable window squeegee that enables you to clean high windows from the ground without having to climb a ladder. This is because they are extendable to a few meters. You can stand at a place where you can clean your windows safely and comfortably.

The squeegee has an advanced microfiber on one side. The other side has a top-quality squeegee.

To clean your windows, simply make the pad dumpy and proceed to remove the clutter on your windows. Later on, dry your windows using the flat smooth rubber.

Magnetic Window Cleaner challenge people residing in apartments face is how to clean exterior windows from inside. A magnetic window cleaner easily eliminates dust and grime without any risk.

It functions with more speed than a squeegee. This is due to its ability to clean the two sides of your window at a go.

The tool uses a microfiber cleaning cloth to clear off the liquid product used for cleaning. You are advised to use it gently because pushing it hard and quickly can detach the magnets.

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U-shaped Telescopic Pole U-shaped telescopic pole is a window cleaning kit suitable for hard to reach windows. It comes with a circular sponge, a squeegee, and two cleaning cloths.

It functions well on sliding windows because the handle is extendable to a length close to four feet. This tool is more effective since it can remove almost all dirt stuck on the window plates.

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Tips to Follow When Cleaning Using a U-shaped Telescopic Pole


  1. Brush your windows using a piece of dry cloth that can cover the sponge. Scrubbing grime beforehand reduces muddy debris that a sprayer could build later.
  2. Spray a good amount of window cleaner solution on the glass. Use a cleaning product that can easily cut through hard grime quickly. Wipe off the cleaning solution using a clean piece of rag.


Get a Robot to Clean Your Windows


Do you find it hectic cleaning windows? Winbot by Ecovacs Robotics is perfect for vertical glass surfaces.

It is made with a high-speed motor, and it functions better using a more forceful suction that enhances stability. The robot is less noisy and can allow you to do your house tasks devoid of distractions.

4 Steps on How to use a Robot Cleaner

Step 1. Put the safety harness and pod that is connected to the device on the outside part of your window. It will hold the appliance and keep it from falling.

Step 2. Connect the washing pad and spray it with a cleaning product. It has two squeegees that are in-built.

Step 3. Put on the switch.

Step 4. Place the WINBOT 850 inside or outside the window 

Note that, before it begins cleaning, it first screens your window to determine which route to use. Once it is done with cleaning, the robot returns to the starting point.


Standard Mop

Using a mop to clean exterior windows can make this exercise easy. Use this simple recipe to get your window glasses shining clean using a mop:

Step 1:

  • Put one portion of water into one portion of vinegar in a bucket.
  • Soak a microfiber head in the mixture. Attach to the handle.
  • Use the mop to scrub the windows.
  • Once you have removed dirt, proceed to the next procedure.

Step 2:

  • Spray some window cleaning solution on your window and wipe.
  • Leave the screens to dry.
  • Wipe the screens and dry them using newspapers to get a flawless shine if you can reach the window.


Removing Sliding Windows


You can lift out sliding windows out of their track to clean them from inside. Carry out this procedure with caution or end up with broken or cracked glass.

Follow the steps below to clean sliding windows

Step 1. Get the right tools on hand for cleaning your window screens. Use a brush with soft-bristles, a sponge, a microfiber towel, and a handheld vacuum to remove large pieces of dirt off the screen, a container filled with soapy water, and a hose.

Step 2. Remove the screens from each window.

Step 3. Lay the screens on towels. Gently remove loose debris using the vacuum. Ensure you flip both sides of the screens.

Step 4. Using a hose, spray on the screens to loosen dirt

Step 5. Gently brush the surfaces of the screens using a brush and soapy water in circular movements.

Step 6. Thoroughly rinse the screens.

Step 7. Lay the screens on clean tarps or wipe them dry.

Step 8. Reinstall the Screens


Best Tools to Clean Outside Windows you Can’t Reach

Here we are suggesting some special tools those will be perfect for cleaning outside windows.


Dirt on exterior windows is something we have to deal with always. It is now up to you to choose a method that best suits your needs in terms of efficiency and affordability. If you are not willing to accept the challenge to clean windows by yourself, then you can always seek professional help.

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