How To Clean Storm Windows – 4 Easiest Steps That You Can Follow


How To Clean Storm Windows

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A person once said, if you’re clean, then you are godly. While that shouldn’t be the only motivation to have someone maintain high levels of hygiene, it should help. Few people would disagree that keeping a house clean is and can be a daunting task.

That’s because while most things in a house are easy to clean, windows can be quite the problem. That’s true of storm windows. Not many people know how to clean storm windows, and if they do, they are doing with a lot of difficulties.

Here we have outlined a simple way to clean storm windows without cursing between each step.

But before we get to that.

Why do You Need to Clean Your Storm Windows?

Storm windows offer house protection from the cold outside in winter. They, therefore, are prone to streaks and stains from the elements. When left uncleaned for long, the storm windows will obscure your view of the outside.

Besides that, dirty storm windows will prevent the sunshine from getting into your house. That’s because storm windows are typically placed over the standard windows. Therefore, if they have streaks and other stains, you won’t get enough light into your house.

That’s why you need to find a way to clean them. But how do you clean them?

How to Clean Storm Windows – 4 Best steps

Clean Storm Windows

How you clean your storm windows will depend on whether they are fixed or removable. Removable storm windows are easier to clean than their fixed counterparts. So, let’s start with the hard part, cleaning storm windows you can’t remove.

What You Will Need

Step 1

This step will significantly depend on the house you live in. If it is a storied building that’s too high, you’d be better off letting professional cleaners do it for you. If you’re confident you can do it, then set the ladder with everything you will need.

Step 2

The storm windows will be pretty dusty, especially if they are exterior windows. Therefore, you need to dust them before doing anything else. A soft brush will come in handy here. After wiping the dust away, you will now be ready for the next step

Step 3

Mix a little vinegar, the cleaning solution, and water, then put it in the spray bottle. You will now be ready to start. Once you have the ladder in place and are in your best position, spray the window the solution in the bottle onto the windows and wipe away slowly with the piece of cloth.

Step 4

After wiping with the piece of cloth, use another one to dry the window. The solution should have helped get rid of the streaks. If the stripes are stubborn, spray the cleaning solution with a mixture of water and vinegar, and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping.

It is worth mentioning that you need to do the cleaning on a day when the sun isn’t too harsh. That’s because the sun can dry the cleaning solution before you clean the storm window well.

Now that we know how to clean a fixed storm window, let’s see how to clean a removable storm window.

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Cleaning a Removable Storm Window

Step 1

For fixed storm windows, you will have to remove them first. That will need you to be as careful as possible. Most storm windows aren’t that hard to remove if you know at you are doing.

Step 2

After removing the storm windows, spray the water and vinegar solution onto the windows and start wiping with the damp cloth. If it’s too dirty, let the solution it for a while before starting wiping.

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

For this step, you can use a garden hose to clean off the cleaning solution before wiping the storm windows with a dry cloth. Don’t use too much pressure since that could damage the windows and give you unnecessary headaches.

After you’re sure they are clean, you can now restore them at the windows. Reinstallation shouldn’t be that hard since it’s only the reverse of the uninstallation process.

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Why Install Storm Windows?

Are you preparing for drastic changes in weather and don’t know the best thing to do for your windows? Well, one of the ways you must have heard of is storm windows. There are various benefits of installing storm windows.

Before we get to the other benefits, we’d like to tell you this one thing. Storm windows will reduce your energy bills. How? Because they help keep in the heat. Therefore, if you are preparing for winter, then you should probably install them.

Storm windows serve as protection for your windows. Most of us have the somewhat beautiful windows that we would the if lousy weather did anything to them. That’s where storm windows would help.

Finally, with storm windows, you can be less worried about air infiltrating your home. You would appreciate things, especially if it is winter and you need all the warm air to stay inside.

From our assessment, we think it’s time you gave storm windows a chance. Considering you already know how to clean them, we trust you are ready to install them.

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Important Points to Remember

  1. When wiping the wet window with the cloth, ensure you use a lint-free cloth. The lint-free cloth will leave an excellent finish and reduce the chances of the electrostatic charges restoring water stains
  2. How you clean your storm windows will depend on the material the windows are made of. If they are plastic or wooden, you will have to use alternative methods. What we have described here is ideal for glass storm windows

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t know how to clean storm windows, then you sure do by now. Cleaning storm windows isn’t difficult, especially if you follow the steps we have outlined here. If you haven’t already installed storm windows, you can proceed confident that you won’t have trouble cleaning them.

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