How to Remove Garden Hose from Pressure Washer

How to Remove Garden Hose from Pressure Washer – Follow These Simple Steps

Pressure washers can be found in almost every home in America today. What with their ability to make cleaning a breeze with their power? A garden hose gives a pressure washer a greater reach. Hence the reason you need to know how to remove garden hose from pressure washer.

In the first place, connecting the hose to the washer isn’t that complicated. The problem starts with removing the hose. Many people break a sweat, trying to remove the garden hose.

If removing the garden hose from the pressure washer is frustrating you, you are not alone. A stuck garden hose might frustrate you to the point you contemplate cutting it off and getting another.

We come bearing good news. You don’t have to struggle with getting a garden hose of a pressure washer anymore. We will outline here stress-free steps to follow when detaching the hose from your pressure washer.

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The Reasons Why Your Garden Hose is Stuck


The garden hose might get stuck due to a variety of reasons. Tightening it excessively when connecting it could be a potential reason. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t tighten it hard. Just do it moderately.

It could also be due to damage or a slight bend of the hose’s end fittings. Any minor damage to the hoses ends fittings get them out of shape. They, therefore, become harder to loosen.

Before you attempt removing the garden hose from the pressure washer, release any pent-up pressure. The pressure washer should not be on. You don’t want to suffer avoidable accidents.

Attempting to proceed without releasing this pressure might have undesirable consequences for your hands. It would be best if you gave the machine time to cool down. Better be safe than sorry.

Now that you have all the precautions in order, what will you need for this exercise? Well, that is apart from some old-fashioned brawn?

What You Will need

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Wear your rubber gloves and unplug the pressure washer from the power supply. The gloves will protect your hands from injury during the exercise. Unplugging the machine will prevent the machine from shocking you.

Step 2

Using your pair of pliers, tightly grasp each hose end’s connector. Rotate the pliers anticlockwise while tightly holding the pliers in place. Be sure not to tighten it further instead of loosening it.

Step 3

Firmly hold each end of the hose connector with a pipe wrench. Wrenches come in handy when turning the tightest of fittings and plumbing pipes. The wrench is adjustable to whatever size of pipe it is holding.

Remember to apply as much pressure as possible when turning the wrench. It will take a considerable amount of pressure to remove the hose.

Step 4

Now pour hot boiling water into the hose’s connectors. Hot water will loosen the hose fittings by making the metal to contract. You will thus have an easier time removing the hose. Twist the connectors and relax them before the metal cools down.

Step 5

Add some lime into the hoses connector and let it sit for a few minutes. Lime will loosen some of the dirt that make the connectors and end fittings to stick together. If it still doesn’t work then thoroughly rinse away the lime before attempt the next step

Step 6

Pour some lubricant such as Vaseline into the hose fittings creases. Allow sitting for a while before attempting to remove the hose again.

Step 7

If all the above steps fail to get the garden hose off the pressure washer, get a hacksaw and cut it apart. You can easily find replacement hose ends at your local store.

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Points Worth Noting on Safely Removing a Garden Hose

  • If you happen to own a pressure washer with a cracked hose, replace it immediately. A cracked hose could be the difference between you staying at home safely or visiting the emergency room.
  • Even a small tear in your washer or hose could be dangerous. The pressure with which the water leaves the machine is very dangerous. You wouldn’t want it getting to your eyes at that pressure.
  • Don’t try plugging a hole in a hose with super strong glue or tape. Although they will hold it for some time when they give way, the high-pressure water will hit you hard and tear your flesh. It could also ruin whatever it is you are washing.


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Final Thoughts

We hope what we have discussed helps you to remove your garden hose easily. Do make sure you follow all the laid down precautions for an accident-free exercise.

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