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Pressure Washer Pump Leaking Oil? Here’s the Best Solution

Pressure washers have fast become an ever-present in so many of our homes. If you own a pressure washer, then you are familiar with some of the issues that come up and how to deal with them. But do you know what to do in a situation where you have the pressure washer pump leaking oil?

An oil leak is quite a straightforward issue that doesn’t need you to get a professional. If you can do it by yourself, why pay someone to fix it for you? All you need is a little help.

Oil leaks usually occur where the pump section joins the crankcase. It might be a result of a worn-out/broken seal or crankcase piston rods.  They aren’t that hard to fix.

We have here a tailor-made pressure washer pump repair manual that should come in handy when your pump starts leaking oil.

But first,

Why is Your Pressure Washer Pump Leaking Oil?


Sometimes you might go to your garage only to find pressure washer pump oil on the floor. Does that necessarily mean the pressure washer pump is leaking? Yes and No.

No. Before you brand it an oil leak, you must be sure you filled the oil to the right levels. Sometimes when you overfill the pump with oil, it leaves through the vent that acts as an air filter. That isn’t a leaking pump.

Yes, because the main reason why a pressure washer pump would leak oil is due to a broken or worn-out seal. The pressure washer comes with an assortment of seals that prevent leakages of water or oil.

A slight hitch in these seals, especially after long periods of use, will create a leak. You can determine the problem depending on how the oil looks and where it is leaking.

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If the leak produces milky oil, then it means a seal on the inside broke down. If, on the other hand, you notice the oil leak occurring at the seam, then a seal on the outside is broken.

Broken seals are usually the result of poor maintenance of the pressure washer. They are an avoidable situation that shouldn’t be troubling you. If you keep your machine in good working condition, you will find they occur rarely.


6 Simple Steps on How to Repair an Oil Leak


Step 1

Check to see if the pressure washer is in good working condition by opening up the machine. That‘s the only way you will get to the inner components.

Step 2

Check to see whether the seal, the crankcase piston rods, and the plunger are in good condition. They could be functioning well but are close to worn out status.

Step 3

Are the seals or any other components (crankcase piston rod, plunger) worn out or broken? If yes, then that is the source of the oil leaks.

Step 4

Buy new seals, crankcase pistons, or plunger, or whichever has a problem. You can have Amazon deliver an oil seal repair kit from the comfort of your home.

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Step 5

Replace the worn-out seals, crankcase piston rods, or plunger to stop your pressure pump from leaking. Seals exist in the market, and it’s easy to get the one compatible with your machine.

Step 6

Regularly check the seals and the other components to ensure issues don’t sneak up on you. As is often said, it’s cheaper to repair than to buy.


Points to Note

  • When buying an oil seal kit, get the one suitable for your machine. For instance, let’s say your machine is Honda, you can’t get a DeWalt oil seal kit.
  • You must regularly check the pressure washer’s components. Well maintained machines tend to be more efficient and durable. You also reduce the chances of any mishaps catching you unawares.
  • Also, fill your pump to suitable levels. Excessively filling the pump will lead to an overflow via the air filter. An increase of pressure in the pressure washer might be the cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Is fixing a leaking pressure pump hard?

  • A: No. Fixing a leaking pressure pump isn’t that complicated. As you can see in the writeup, you don’t have to call in a professional.

Q: What will happen if I use the wrong oil seal kit for my machine?

  • A: The wrong oil seal kit could seriously malfunction. They might not work well or quickly become worn-out. You wouldn’t want that.

Q: What is the right interval to change the pressure washer pump oil?

  • A: This will depend on how regularly you use your pressure washer. If you use it quite often, then three months should be sufficient. If you only use it sparingly, then you can go for even a year.


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Final Thoughts

Thought it was that complicated fixing a pressure washer pump oil leakage? Doesn’t look that hard now, does it? We hope what we have discussed here helps you solve your pressure washer pump issue.


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