Why Does My Electric Pressure Washer Keep Cutting Out

Why Does My Electric Pressure Washer Keep Cutting Out – Best Solution Ever

Do you own a troublesome pressure washer that tends to cut out every few minutes when working? You might have been asking yourself, why does my electric pressure washer keep cutting out? You are not alone.

Pressure washers are quite commonplace in many homes today. They ease the cleaning process by providing higher levels of cleanliness. However, for them to do that, they need to be in proper working condition.

A pressure washer that keeps cutting out can be very annoying. That is why we have detailed here a few steps you’d take if faced with that problem. You’ll find it is quite easy and doesn’t need you to call in a professional.


Reasons Why Your Electric Pressure Washer Keeps Cutting Out


Firstly, you need to know that an electric pressure washer doesn’t run on oil or fuel like the gas-powered washers. It runs on an engine that requires adequate amounts of air to run normally.

A clog in an air filter will most likely lead to the engine getting insufficient air to function. It will, therefore, tend to cut out every few minutes while working.

An electric pressure washer comes with a water sensor. This sensor is responsible for turning the engine on whenever it senses water moving. Usually, this sensor shouldn’t have any problem working when you turn the machine on.

If, however, you turn the pressure washer on, then it works for just a few minutes then stops, then there is a problem with the unloader valve. It probably could have failed.

Whenever the unloader valve fails, it doesn’t recirculate water back to the pump inlet. That’s why the pressure washer’s engine turns on then off after a couple of minutes.

That results in a lot of pressure building up within your electric pressure washer. The engine will thus have difficulties running the pump hence cutting out. You, therefore, need to check the valves regularly.


Steps You Need to Take to Stop Your Pressure Washer Cutting Out


Step 1

Makes sure your hands are dry. Also, check whether its connections are dry and off any wet ground. You can now put on your rubber gloves.

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Step 2

Unplug the electric pressure washer from the power supply. You don’t want any power accidents as you work.

Step 3

Check for any clogging in the air filter. Clogging might lead to a buildup of pressure in the washer causing it to cut out. If it isn’t clogged, then proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Check if the unloader valve is in good condition. As we have already said, a defective unloader valve is undoubtedly the culprit if your machine keeps cutting out.

In later models of pressure washers, the unloader valve is at the top of the machine’s pumping system. The valve usually has a black handle.

If the unloader valve has an issue, its piston doesn’t shift in time to divert the water flow when it’s not coming out of the nozzle. The pressure inside the pump will thus increase to a point where the engine will turn off or cut out.

To eliminate the problem, you’ll have to replace the bad unloader valve with a better/newer valve.

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Bonus Tips to Help Fix the Issue


If everything is okay with your pressure washer, but it still turns on then cuts out, resetting the machine might get it working again.

With the power off, press the spray guns trigger to generate a steady stream of water before turning on the machine.

Pressure can build up inside the electric pressure washer whenever you turn it on but forget to press the release nozzle immediately. Such a situation might cause the appliance to turn off after some time.

Pressing the release nozzle will enable you to solve the issue. When you press it, it causes the pressure switch to disengage, turning on the pump.

Points Worth Noting

  • You should make a point of regularly checking your unloader valve. In this way, you will avoid any issues catching you by surprise. Therefore, check regularly and replace bad unloader valves, if any.
  • Before attempting to do any repairs, make sure you go through the manufacturer’s manual. Most times the manual will offer you quick troubleshooting actions for your electric pressure washer


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: For how long will an average user use an electric machine

  •  A: Assuming an average user uses it only for domestic purposes, that will be no more than 50 hours per year. Therefore, a pressure washer machine with a rating of 500 hours might last close to 10 years.

Q: Why should I pick an electric pressure washer over a gas-powered one?

  •  A: You can use an electric power washer indoors since it doesn’t release any potentially hazardous fumes. It is also portable, although you have to plug it into a power source.

Q: Is it okay to leave my pressure washer running even if I’m not using it?

  •  A: No. It would be best if you didn’t leave your machine running for more than five minutes. Temperatures might build up in the washer and damage the inner parts. If you aren’t using it, then switch it off.


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Final Thoughts

Electric washers enable you to maintain a clean home without putting up with heavy fumes or oil messes of other machines. We hope what we have discussed here helps you diagnose and fix the issue.


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