How to Clean K&N Air Filter Without Kit – 6 Easy Steps


how to clean k&n air filter without kit

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K&N filters are a crucial part of most automobiles, where they function as debris filters for their engines. Although there is a kit you can use to clean them, it won’t always be accessible to you. That is why you need to know How to Clean K&N Air Filter Without a Kit.

K&N filters play several functions in an automobile. Not only do they protect such engines from dust and debris, but they also increase acceleration and horsepower. It is for that reason that you keep the filter clean at all times.

But how do you do that if you can’t use a kit? Read on to find out.

Cleaning K&N Filter Without Kit

Cleaning K&N Filter Without Kit

Most people would want to learn how to clean the K&N filter without the kit because the kit is quite expensive. Moreover, the K&N filter isn’t a part of the automobile that is hard to find since it is relatively accessible. It isn’t like the other parts that would require you to open up the car to find it.

So how do you clean it without the need for a kit? Follow the below simple steps to do it.

What Will You Need?

  • A Spray bottle
  • Aerosol spray
  • Purple Power

Purple Power Concentrated Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser – Pack of 3
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Step 1

Locate the filter and remove it from the car. Shake it gently to remove the dust that might have accumulated on its surface.

Step 2

Pour some of the purple power into the spray bottle. Ensure you pour just a little of the cleaning agent. It is a good option since it is cheaper than most K&N filter cleaning agents.

Step 3

Now spray the filter with the cleaning agent. Don’t use too much of the cleaner since it might damage the filter. Do it in moderation, which shouldn’t be more than three times. Most times twice will be enough. After that, let it sit for about ten minutes.

Step 4

After coating the filter in the cleaning agent, the said period, rinse it with water, then let it out to dry. You have to let all the water dry off before trying anything else. A hose will come in handy here as long as you use it in low power mode. You don’t want a strong blast of water damaging the filter.

Step 5

Give the filter a good coat of aerosol oil, then for about twenty minutes. A drip of the oil should be enough to spread all through the filter. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check if the filter has spread evenly through the filter.

Soak away any excess oil before replacing the engine into the engine. Paper towels would come in handy here or a rag.

Step 6

And that is how to clean a K&N filter without the kit. Easy enough, isn’t it?

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Alternative Method to Cleaning K&N Filter

Alternative Method to Cleaning K&N Filter

The above procedure isn’t the only way you can clean your filter without a kit. The below steps should guide you in cleaning the filter fairly fast. You will, however, need to have special oil that K&N sells.

What You Will Need

  • A Paintbrush
  • WD-40 Greaser
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Plastic Bristle Brush

Step 1

Use a paintbrush to dust off the filter.

Step 2

Apply a generous amount of the WD-40 greaser onto the filter, then scrub it with the bristle brush. Your hands could also work in much the same way as the brush. If you can’t access the greaser, warm soap water can also work quite well.

Step 3

rinse the filter with plenty of water. Expose it to about five minutes of running water from either a tap or another container.

Step 4

Moderately oil the filter making sure you don’t overcoat it since it could be detrimental to the filter. It should be light-grade oil. Lube or a lighter version of WD-40 oil could also work in the same way as the oil from K&N.

Step 5

Allow the oil to drip away before you replace the filter.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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When and Why Should You Clean the K &N Filter?

When and Why Should You Clean the K &N Filter?

The appropriate time to clean your air filter depends on the mileage f your car. Most manufacturers recommend that you clean it after covering well over 50,000 miles with your vehicle.

However, that is if you are driving on fairly well-conditioned roads. If you tend to drive on less favorable road conditions, you will have to check your filter after 15000 miles. The filters bear the brunt of driving on dusty and bad roads in a polluted area.

If you don’t regularly clean your filter, it will accumulate unhealthy amounts of dust and filth that will eventually hinder the engine’s functioning. Fuel efficiency and proper air airflow will also reduce as a result of a dusty K&N filter.

That is the main reason why you should keep the filter clean. Regular inspection of the filter is also a good idea if you think your filter gathers too much dirt when you are driving. That will enable you to know the ideal time to clean it.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to clean K&N Air Filter Without Kit, you can have a cleaner filter. The next time you want to clean it and can’t access or afford the cleaning kit, our methods should work for you. They are quite straightforward and easy to use.

All the best.

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