How to Clean Shark Vacuum Hose

How to Clean Shark Vacuum Hose – 6 Easy & Simple Steps

If you own a shark vacuum, how to clean shark vacuum hose should prominently feature in your plans for a cleaner house. Continuous use of a vacuum over a long period may result in a dirt clogged hose.

The shark vacuum hose is an essential component of any vacuum since all the dirt goes through it as you clean. It enables you to access areas the vacuum’s base can’t. That is the reason why you need to clean it as often as possible.

Nonetheless, before we get down to how you can clean your shark vacuum hose, how would you determine if it needs a thorough cleaning?


Pointers to a Clogged Vacuum Hose


The springy design of the hose makes it especially prone to clogging by dirt and other debris. But how will you know that? There are several pointers to a clogged or dirty vacuum hose.

Does your vacuum leave a trail of dirt in your wake as you clean? Has it stopped doing thorough work as before? If that’s the case, it’s time to give your vacuum’s hose a thorough clean.

Another pointer to a dirty hose is the emission of a bad odor. Does your vacuum emit a bad smell during cleaning sessions? Or even when it’s just at rest? The dirt in the hose is just too much, hence the reason it smells terrible.

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A clogged hose will make the vacuum to produce a particular sound different to what you are used to. If you’ve used a malfunctioning machine before, you know that any strange sounds are usually a cause for alarm. If this is the case, its time you examine the hose and check for any obstructions.

The most definite pointer, an inefficient hose, is poor suction. If the vacuum hose has obstructions, then this will definitely impact how it sucks up dirt on your floor. As we stated before, the hose is the pathway by which dirt gets into the vacuum, hence an obstructed hose will result in poor suction.

 6 Easy Steps on How to Clean Shark Vacuum Hose


Now that we have seen how you can determine if the hose of your vacuum is dirty, let us get to the business of how you will clean it.


What you need:

  • Warm water
  • Baking soda
  • Broom handle
  • Bleach and Mild detergent

Step 1

Separate the hose from the vacuum and lay it straight on the floor or any other flat surface. You can’t wash the hose thoroughly if it’s still attached to the vacuum.

Step 2

Use the handle of a broom to push out the stuck debris inside the hose. A long stick might also be of great help here. That is if you can get your hands on one.

Step 3

Trap a considerable amount of warm water in a sink. To the water, add two tablespoons of baking soda, bleach, and a mild detergent, then submerge the hose in this mixture. Whirl the hose in the solution to get the water to every part.

Step 4

Using the warm water, rinse out the hose while holding it from one end to enable the water to go right through the other end. Warm water easily dislodges the resistant dirt stuck in the hose

Step 5

Straighten out the hose and check for any remaining debris. If there is any, then scrub it out with the help of a bottle washer.

Step 6

Exhaustively dry the hose before hanging it out to dry. It might take some time for all the folds to dry. Therefore, you need to check the inside to be sure it is dry. If it doesn’t dry thoroughly, then it might emit an unpleasant smell after only a few days of cleaning.


                                                                                  Critical Points to Note

  • Regularly cleaning your vacuum’s hose can help increase its lifespan. A hose choking with dirt can easily get broken or damaged. Throw in improved performance, and you have another solid reason to keep it clean.
  • Ensure you don’t use overly rough scrubbers when washing the hose, especially the inner parts.
  • Although we have advised the use of warm water, avoid using boiled water. Boiling water would destroy an old or fragile hose. Harsh detergents are also a big no.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What kind of detergent can I use to clean my vacuum hose?

  • A: Mild detergents are advisable here because they wouldn’t have any corrosive effect on the hose.

Q: Can I also use vinegar to clean my vacuum hose?

  • A: Yes. Vinegar is an excellent remover of dirt that has been lodged inside the hose.

Q: How regularly do I have to clean my vacuum hose?

  • A: This would depend on how often you use your vacuum. If you are an average user, once a month should quite do it.


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Final Thoughts

Cleaning a shark vacuum hose doesn’t sound that difficult anymore, does it? If you were wondering how you can maneuver about it, then we believe this post gives you the much-needed help. Happy cleaning!


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