iRobot Roomba Side Brush Not Spinning – 2 Best Methods


roomba side brush not spinning

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iRobot’s Roomba vacuums are some of the most popular robotic vacuums on the market. That is why a Roomba vacuum is becoming a piece of more common equipment in many homes. But what do you do with a Roomba side brush not spinning?

A Roomba with ineffective side brushes won’t clean as effectively as one with all the brushes spinning. That is why you need the best way to fix it. If you have such an issue, then you are at the right place.

How Will You Know Your Roomba Side Brushes Are Not Spinning?

How Will You Know Your Roomba Side Brushes Are Not Spinning?

Before you know how to fix the issue, you must first understand how to diagnose the problems. You need to realize that brushes don’t spin when the robot is performing a mapping run.

In a mapping run, the brushes don’t have to be spinning since the vacuum isn’t cleaning but rather mapping an area. On a mapping run, the robot is only acquainting itself with the room it will clean, so the brushes need not spin.

That brings us to one of the main ways you’d know if your Roomba’s brushes aren’t spinning. If you notice the vacuum is quiet when it should be cleaning, it would mean the brushes aren’t spinning.

It is usually normal for the side brushes to be noisy when spinning and cleaning a specific floor. The noise level will depend on the floor the vacuum is cleaning. Therefore, if you notice the vacuum is too quiet, probably the brushes aren’t spinning.

If you also notice that your vacuum isn’t picking up any debris, that could be a pointer to the brushes not spinning. The brushes are a significant component of the cleaning process of the vacuum. They have to turn for the vacuum to clean. If they don’t, the vacuum won’t pick up any debris.

Why are The Roomba Side Brushes Not Spinning?

The leading cause of the brushes not spinning is debris jamming the motor. The motor controls the spinning of the brushes, and if it has blockages from debris, then the brushes won’t spin.

Knowing the root of the problem is one step to fixing it. So how do you fix the Roomba side brush not spinning problem?

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Fixing the Roomba Side Brush Not Spinning Issue

There are several approaches you can take to fix this issue. Before doing any of this, first, ensure the bin is empty of any debris. A full bin could also be a reason why the brushes aren’t spinning.

Approach 1

What You Will Need

  • A screwdriver

Step 1

If you suspect the brushes aren’t spinning because the motor has blockages, you will have to remove any such blockages.

Using the screwdriver, open the screws that hold the side brushes in place.

Step 2

Check the brushes for any blockages and remove them. If dirt clogs the brushes or the motor, then the brushes won’t spin. Such blockages can be from hair or carpet debris.

Step 3

After removing any blockages in the side brushes or the motor, reassemble the vacuum. Now try running it with a little bit of debris and see whether the side brushes will work or not.

If they don’t work, then try the below approach.

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Approach 2

Step 1

Use the power button to switch off the vacuum.

Step 2

Place a little bit of debris before the vacuum. You can use either small torn papers or even cereals.

Step 3

Clear out the vacuum’s previous cleaning job. You can do this by pressing down the clean button and holding it for several seconds, say three.

Step 4

Now press the clean button and see whether the vacuum cleans the little debris you put before it or not.

If it doesn’t, then it’s time to contact the iRobot customer service for their help. You can attempt to open it up and look at the inner wiring of the brushes’ motor, but that isn’t advisable if you still have a warranty.

Messing with the vacuum before contacting the iRobot customer care could void your warranty. You might have to either get replacement brushes if they are the ones with an issue.

At times you might have to replace the brush motor. Don’t try to open up and fix the internal issues by yourself since things could get messy. Not only could things go wrong, but you could even damage the vacuum for good.

Always take the vacuum to an expert to help with the repair if it comes to that.

Why Are iRobot Vacuums So Popular?

Why Are iRobot Vacuums So Popular?

We had told you that iRobot vacuums are some of the most popular robotic vacuums on the market. There are several reasons why this is so. The most obvious of them is well because they are robots.

Robot vacuums are comparatively easier to use than traditional vacuums. This ease of use has placed the iRobot vacuums at the front of the queue for many vacuum owners.

iRobot vacuums are usually reliable, with each new model coming with improvements, not in the older version. Additionally, they typically are compact and won’t take a lot of space in your house.

Robotic vacuums do more than just cleaning. You get more time to concentrate on other things. iRobot vacuums being programmable also allows you to schedule cleaning sessions for when you are too busy.

The iRobot vacuums of the later generation have even made it easier for you to operate them with remote control technology. That means you don’t even have to touch them to have them working.

If you are still to make up your mind on whether to get a Roomba, maybe it’s time you did.

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Final Thoughts

We hope we have helped shed some light on the Roomba side brush not spinning problem. You can fix it yourself if you want to. If it, however, gets too complicated, contact the iRobot customer service for help.

Good luck.

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