Top 7 Best Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit In 2023


best pressure washer sandblasting kit

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Pressure washers by themselves are quite formidable equipment. But what if we told you that the best pressure washer sandblasting kit would make them way better? It might be hard to believe that if you’ve never tried a sandblaster before.

A sandblaster coupled with a pressure washer is a juggernaut clearing all the dirt on whatever surface you unleash it on. No one wouldn’t want some extra layers of efficiency, right?

Oh, and have we told you that you would also be able to clean faster? Imagine the speed with which a pressure washer works together with a more efficient sandblasting kit!

We have reviewed here a few of the best sandblasters to help you decide faster on which one to pick.

Let’s get right on with it then.

But before we get to that,

What Is A Sandblasting and How Does It Work?

What Is A Sandblasting and How Does It Work

Sandblasting is the shooting of tiny abrasive particles at high speed on a surface to rid it of dirt. For cleaning, it is known as wet blasting.

Sandblasting works by bombarding dirt that is stuck on surfaces with small abrasive pellets that loosen it and ultimately remove it.

It is one of the most efficient ways you can use to remove old paint or rust off surfaces. Sandblasting is mostly for commercial cleaning of large surfaces, but you can also use it around the home.

Where the pressure washer comes in is with the speed. The pressure washer gives the blaster the necessary propulsion to shoot out the abrasive pellets.

That’s why we said a sandblasting kit and a pressure washer are a formidable combination. It would have you cleaning at the peak of the pressure available with the pressure washer.

Now that you have an idea of what sandblasting is, let’s get on with our list.

Our Top Pick

AgiiMan Pressure Washer Sand Blaster

The AgiiMan Sandblaster is our go-to choice when searching for the finest sandblasting kit.

Not only does it efficiently eradicate old paint, rust and other types of dirt, but it can also tackle a range of abrasives. From washed river sand to silica sand or baking soda, it provides enviable flexibility.

To utilize the full potential of this device, it should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 60 degrees.

This sandblast gun comes equipped with a robust ceramic nozzle and an impressive 10’ long hose, granting freedom of movement while sandblasting.

Plus, the ¼ quick connector compatible with most pressure washers allows you to easily blast away at up to 3200 psi!

No challenge is too big for the AgiiMan – from removing hard dirt from various surfaces to tackling graffiti or baked-on grease, it won’t hesitate to show its strength.

Not only does this kit boast effectiveness and convenience, but it also lasts for a long period of time due to its corrosion-resistant material construction.

Key Features

  • ¼ inch quick connect
  • 10-foot tube
  • Material is plastic, stainless steel, and brass
  • Maximum working pressure of 3200 psi

Best Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit Reviews

Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit Reviews

Tool Daily Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

Tool Daily Pressure Washer Sand Blasting Kit, Wet Sandblaster Attachment, 2500 PSI, 1/4 Inch Quick Connect
as of April 20, 2024 5:06 pm

Tool Daily has a vast array of pressure washer accessories that aim at making life easier for all of us. Therefore, the pressure washer sandblasting kit seeks to save us some time when cleaning.

And boy, does it save time! This kit has a maximum flow rate of 3 GPM and works at a minimum pressure of 3000 psi and a maximum of 5000 psi. That allows you to blast away impurities with remarkable ease.

The blasting gun comes in several orifice sizes according to what suits you. You can pick the 3.5 orifices or the 2.5 depending on the severity of the dirt you want to eliminate

This kit comes with a ten-foot hose that makes movement easier as you blast away. It also has a 16-inch pressure washer wand for water input and a seventeen-inch sand wand.

With this attachment, your pressure washer will become more efficient against baked-on grease, rust, and graffiti.

If you happen to damage your nozzle, you can acquire replacements that come in various sizes. High temperatures are one of the reasons your nozzles get damaged. Hence why it’s imperative, you don’t go over sixty degrees Celsius.

You can either use river sand, dry silica sand, and baking soda. The river sand has to be washed and dried.

Key Features

  • ¼ inch quick disconnect
  • Ten-foot hose
  • Nozzles of different sizes
  • Maximum working pressure of 5000 psi

Angela & Alex

Angela&Alex Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit, 5000 PSI Wet Sandblaster Attachment with Goggles, Power Washer Sandblasting with Replacement Ceramics Nozzle, 1/4 Inch Quick Disconnect Sandblasting Kit
as of April 20, 2024 5:06 pm

The Angela &Alex pressure washer sandblasting kit comes with a three-meter hose and a sixteen-inch pressure washer wand for water input.

The four ceramic nozzles, hose clamps, and two rubber bands complete the kit in what would make for a formidable combination with a pressure washer.

This sandblasting kit follows the same basic principle of blowing sand into the water to clean surfaces. It can work at a maximum pressure of 4000 psi. You can substitute the sand for baking soda or silica sand.

This tool is of sturdy material that is resistant to corrosion and rusting. The nozzle is ceramic, and if damaged, you can quickly get a replacement nozzle. The four additional vents should have you covered there.

The ¼ quick connect/disconnect makes it easier to couple it with a variety of pressure washers. The quick connector also makes it quite easy to use.

With the help of this kit, removing dirt such as rust and old scale paint will be a breeze. You’ll also own it for a longer time thanks to its durable material.

Key Features

  • ¼ quick connect/disconnect
  • Comes with four additional nozzles
  • Maximum working pressure of 4000 psi
  • Compatible with a wide variety of pressure washers
  • Stainless steel material that makes it durable


71BssL4vibL. AC SL1500


The Hourleey Pressure Washer sandblasting kit is yet another set of tools you can use to improve the efficiency of your pressure washer. You can blast away at a maximum working pressure of 5000psi.

The high pressure makes it an effective remover of rust, old paint, stuck-on muck, and other stubborn stains. Thanks to the long hose you can easily move around outdoors cleaning.

You can either use baking soda, washed-out river sand, or silica sand as the abrasive. In combination with water, you should easily clean off the dirt that you thought impossible.

This kit is mainly brass and stainless steel. You, therefore, will own it for some time thanks to the corrosion-resistant material.

Replacement nozzles are available for this sandblasting kit. The nozzle is the most fragile component of the equipment and would thus, need replacing from time to time.

This kit also comes with the ¼ quick connect and disconnect. That’s also an aspect that makes them compatible with various pressure washers. You can easily join them with the pressure washer of your choice.

You should ensure you dry the kit after use to avoid rusting. Also, remember that wet sand is likely to block the hose.

Key Features

  • ¼ quick connect/disconnect
  • Maximum working pressure of 5000 psi
  • Ten-foot hose
  • Stainless steel and brass material

M Mingle Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

71QjX1uvGyL. SL1500


Next on our list is the M mingle pressure washer sandblasting kit. Thanks to its ¼ quick connect/ disconnect, this kit works with a variety of pressure washers notably the Karcher series of washers.

It comes with a 2.5 orifice size that has a flow rate of 2GPM and can work at a maximum of 2500 psi. The maximum temperature under which it works is sixty degrees Celsius.

You can also decide to get the orifice 3.5 that will blast away more dirt as compared to the orifice 2.5. The orifice 3.5 will also give you a higher max working pressure of 5000 psi.

What makes this kit so compatible with Karcher machines is the Karcher adapter it comes with. That is in addition to the sixteen-foot pressure washer wand (for water input) and a ten-foot sand wand.

With this kit, that caked on dirt or grease will become easier to remove. The same goes for graffiti and old paint. A pressure washer alone wouldn’t do that no matter how powerful.

With this kit, you are guaranteed service for a long time thanks to its construction. That is mostly down to its brass and stainless-steel make.

Remember to clean it as thoroughly as you can after work. That will help keep the kit in top condition.

Key Features

  • Maximum working pressure of 2500 psi
  • Orifice 2.5 and maximum flow rate of 2 GPM
  • Co partible with all pressure washers with ¼ quick connect
  • ¼ quick connect/disconnect

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Ultimate Washer


Ultimate Washer UW11-PW5553 Heavy-Duty Abrasive 5500 PSI Blasting Kit with 0 Degree ¼ Inch 4.0 Stainless NPT MEG Nozzle
as of April 20, 2024 5:06 pm

The Ultimate washer sandblasting kit is the kit with the highest maximum working pressure on our list. Coming in with over 5500 psi, means the efficiency of this kit will rank high up.

The higher maximum working pressure will also allow you to use it with a wider variety of pressure washers. The maximum working pressure won’t limit you as with other kits.

You also get to use a sand suction tube that is over 20 feet long. That significantly makes sand application an easy process for you as you blast away.

It is a highly durable kit thanks to the sturdy material that makes up the nozzle. The nozzle’s cone is made of premium tungsten carbide while the tip is stainless steel. The material ensures not only durability but also more exceptional performance.

The major drawback of this kit is that the only recommended abrasive is sand. The other kits are quite diverse in the coarse media used.

Key Features

  • Premium tungsten carbide nozzles
  • Maximo working pressure of 5500 psi
  • ¼ quick connect/disconnect
  • Recommended abrasive is sand

Twinkle Star Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

71PPieLIgEL. AC SL1500

Closing off our list is the Twinkle star pressure washer sandblasting kit. The kit includes a goggle, sixteen-inch pressure wand, ten-foot hose, two hose clamps, and two extra nozzles.

It is of highly durable, material which means it will serve you for a long time. A combination of brass and stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and rusting.

The maximum working pressure of 5000 psi enables you to blast away the most stubborn grease stains, old paint, and rust.

Unlike the previous entrant on the list, the Twinkle star kit can use either silica sand, river sand, or glass beads. The other media might come in handy in a place where one can’t readily access river sand.

It is worth noting that this kit isn’t compatible with a garden hose. It is best if you pair it with a pressure washer hose, nozzle, or pressure washer itself. The quick-connect should come in handy there.

Key Features

  • Maximum working pressure of 5000 psi
  • Works with a variety of media including river sand and silicon sand
  • ¼ quick connect
  • Compatible with a range of pressure washers

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Factors to Consider Before Acquiring a Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

Factors to Consider Before Acquiring a Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

  • Ease of use

There’s no denying that most people prefer a tool that is simple and easy to use. That is why when going for a sandblasting kit, you have to consider the one that will be relatively easier to use.

  • Maximum Working Pressure

The maximum working pressure directly affects the sandblaster’s efficiency. For most kits, the pressure ranges between 2000 psi and 5000 psi. The higher the working pressure, the more significant the efficiency.

  • Price

As much as each one of us would love a quality sandblasting kit, it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t want to save a buck or two. That is why you have to consider the price when getting a pressure washer sandblasting kit.

  • Compatibility

Imagine getting a sandblasting kit then on getting the home you find it can’t work with your pressure washer. That would be so frustrating, right? Hence the reason you have to carefully consider whether a particular kit would fit right in with your washer.

Important Point to Remember

  • Sandblasters are potent tools and could be dangerous. Ensure they are only handled by the adults in your household to avoid accidents.

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FAQ About The Best Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

FAQ About The Best Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

Can sandblasters be dangerous?

Yes. Always ensure you use them with the utmost care. Don’t let children handle them

Do I always have to use sand when sandblasting?

No. Although some sandblasters explicitly use sand, some are quite flexible and can use soda or silica sand.

Must I have a pressure washer to sandblast?

While a pressure washer would be more efficient, you can also use a bucket.

Parting Shot

We hope our review of the best pressure washer sandblasting kit helps you pick the best one for you. Try out the formidable combination of a pressure washer and a sandblasting kit and see the results.

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