Pressure Washer Stalls Under Load

Why My Pressure Washer Stalls Under Load – Best Solutions

If you happen to own a pressure washer, then chances are that pressure washer stalls under load are quite a regular thing for you. It should be quickly addressed for the proper functioning of your pressure washer.

To prevent future problems with the washer then the problem should be diagnosed and solved as soon as possible. But how do you go about solving issues to do with your pressure washer stalling?

We have outlined here a few simple steps one can take whenever they encounter the issue.


Why is your pressure washer stalling?


It’s always easier to fix a problem when you know its root cause. So, what are some of the reasons your washer keeps stalling?

For starters, a loosely attached carburetor would lead to problems in the functioning of your washer. It also might be just as simple a problem as the carburetor being clogged. Old gas from the continuous use of the washer might clog the carburetor impairing its functioning thus leading to the stalling.

A faulty valve doesn’t efficiently divert water flow leading to a situation where pressure is maintained within the pump. This concentrated pressure within the pump will over time overwhelm the engine’s power. This results in the engine moving then stalling after some time.

Also, a dirty air filter prevents the proper regulation of inside pressure by the washer which makes the engine to stall.

As we all know the machine runs on oil. Hence one of the first things one should check in case of any problem would be the oil levels. Also using a mixture of oil and gasoline wouldn’t help in this case.

A problematic fuel cap prevents entry of air through the events and into the tank. This prevents it from compensating for the lowering of the fuel level in the fuel tank. This creates a vacuum in the tank that stops fuel from getting to the carburetor thus stalling the washer.


Simple Steps on How to Solve pressure washer stalls under load


Step 1

Check for clogging in the carburetor. As previously mentioned, a clogged carburetor may lead to the washer stalling. Fuel components when they evaporate to leave behind residue that clogs the carburetor. Use carburetor cleaner to unclog the carburetor.

Step 2

Check whether the fuel cap is clogged. Loosen the cap before starting the engine once again to determine if it is clogged. If this keeps the engine running then the cap is clogged and thus needs replacing.

Step 3

Check to see whether both the fuel and air filters are clogged from dirt and other debris. Drain any old fuel in the pressure washer that might be the cause of the fuel filter clogging up. A clogged air filter causes the engine to get less air but too much fuel that might lead to stalling. The air filter will have to be replaced if this is the case.

Step 4

Though rare sometimes the machine might be stalling due to the pre-cleaner being clogged. Make sure the pre-cleaner is free of any clogging.

Step 5

Remove and clean the spark arrestor with a wire brush to remove clogging. The spark arrestor works to prevent the emission of sparks by the engine. If soot clogs the arrestor the engine may stall. If it still doesn’t work then you should consider replacing it.

Important Points to Note

  • Take care not to use bleach with your pressure washer since it is corrosive and will corrode the pump. This may render your washer unusable.
  • It is imperative that one avoid leaving old fuel in the pressure washer for a long time. This old fuel could be responsible for clogging the carburetor and the fuel filter because of the sticky substance that it forms after some time. Always drain out the old fuel.
  • Remember to always check manufacturer instructions on fixing some problems with the washer that may come up or on safety measures.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Why is my pressure washer stalling after some time?

A: The main reason is we have given in the write-up is clogging in the various components of your washer. We have provided you with some of the steps to follow to remedy the situation.

  • Q: Can I unclog my pressure washer by myself?

A: Of course, yes! In the write-up, we have highlighted some of the ways one would go about unclogging their washer all by themselves before they can consider getting an expert.

  • Q: What is the work of an unload-er in a pressure washer?

A: The unload-er is responsible for regulating the pressure of the pump.


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Final Thoughts

See how easy it can be to solve the issue of your pressure washer stalling? Next time you find yourself in such a situation, be sure to follow the steps we have outlined here to fix the problem.


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