Roomba Flashing Red Light While Charging – What’s the Problem?


roomba flashing red light while charging

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Roomba vacuums are now a common household item for most people. What makes people love them is that they are easy to use. Who wouldn’t want to use a robotic vacuum?

While most people own a Roomba vacuum, most are usually at a loss whenever they see their Roomba flashing red light while charging. To help you better understand your Roomba vacuum, we have the answer to what that could mean and more.

Let’s jump in.

What’s That Flashing Red Light You See When Your Roomba Is Charging?

What's That Flashing Red Light You See When Your Roomba is Charging?

If you are familiar with Roomba vacuums, you know that they have a rechargeable battery that needs recharging after a few cleaning sessions or so. You have to get to grips with the charging of the Roomba to know when and how to charge it.

A flashing red light on the Roomba while charging indicates that the battery is too low for the vacuum to clean. It shouldn’t be a cause for much concern since it means all you need to do is give the Roomba time to charge.

On the other hand, a solid red light tells you the Roombas battery is already empty and that you need to charge it as soon as possible. The red light will typically come before the Roomba stops working if it was in the middle of a cleaning session.

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What Other Colours Serve as Roomba Charge Indicators?

What Other Colours Serve as Roomba Charge Indicators?

Apart from the red flashing and solid light, other color indicators come with the Roomba. They are all related to the charging process of the Roomba. They, therefore, don’t indicate a problem with the vacuum.

There is the slow pulsing amber color that tells you the Roomba is charging. This light is helpful since you need to know whether the charger is working well or not. You might have put it away to charge only to realize it wasn’t. Therefore, whenever you put the Roomba to charge, wait for the amber pulse light to be sure it indeed is charging.

Quick pulsing amber color is indicative of a sixteen-hour refresh charging. This occurs whenever the Roomba has spent a considerable amount of time away from the home base. This refresh is crucial to keeping the battery in good shape.

The refresh charging also helps to conserve energy. It would be best not to interfere with this process whenever you see your Roomba refresh charging. In about a minute of recharging, you won’t see any other light indicators until the refresh charge is over.

The final color indicator you need to know is solid green. The solid green color tells you that the Roombas battery has successfully recharged. If you don’t see it despite the vacuum being in charge for long, there could be an issue with the indicator system.

And so, those are the indicator lights you need to be conversant with when charging your Roomba. But how do you even charge the Roomba vacuum? It’s so easy. It will surprise you.

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Charging a Roomba Vacuum

Charging a Roomba Vacuum

The Roomba comes with a line cord that you have to link to the home base. After connecting it to the home base, dock the Roomba, and you will have it start charging.

Now all the color indicators you’ve learned above will come into play here. Easy enough, isn’t it? It is common to have a device’s battery overheat, and the Roomba is no exception, especially when charging.

So, what do you do when confronted with a battery that keeps overheating when charging?

What to Do When the Roomba Battery Overheats

Although the Roomba has inbuilt mechanisms that should keep the inner workings safe from the effects of the battery overheating, you still need to be careful.

Whenever the Roomba battery overheats while you are charging it, stop the charging and disconnect it from the home base, then power it off. Feel the vacuum for any heat.

If you detect too much heat, remove the battery from the vacuum and let it cool before replacing it. Allowing the battery to overheat for too long might result in battery failure, which will necessitate you getting a replacement battery.

However, battery overheating isn’t the only battery problem you can face with a Roomba vacuum. There are certain situations when the battery is too cold. A cold battery also has its complications.

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What to Do With a Cold Battery

What to do With a Cold Battery

A cold battery might often result in the battery not holding the charge for too long. It is usually a consequence of you storing the vacuum somewhere cold for too long. The reason could also be that you exposed the vacuum to the elements for too long.

The winter is a major culprit in the battery being cold. To reverse the situation, keep the vacuum in a hot room for some time. Turning on the heater will enable you to raise the temperature sufficiently for the Roomba’s battery to heat up a little.

That will help prevent the battery from losing charge too fast when you recharge it. You needn’t worry if the exposure to the cold wasn’t that prolonged.

There are times you might try charging the battery but nothing you try works. That could mean the circuitry inside the vacuum has an issue. You will therefore have to get a replacement or have it looked up further for any problems.

We hope this helps you understand some of the battery problems that might be prevalent in older Roomba vacuums.

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Final Thoughts

Your Roomba flashing red light while charging doesn’t mean there is a problem with your robot or the battery. It is merely one of the indicators of the battery telling you to charge it.

We hope you now understand the various colors that serve as battery low and battery charging indicators. Therefore, next time you see a solid red or flashing light, don’t fret too much over it since it is perfectly normal.

All the best.

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