Dyson Brush Bar Not Spinning – 6 Causes and How to Fix Them


Dyson Brush Bar Not Spinning

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If you’ve shopped for a vacuum before then, you must have heard of the Dyson vacuums. They are some of the most famous vacuums on the market at the moment. That’s thanks to their efficiency and sheer quality.

But Dyson vacuums aren’t exempt from everyday vacuum problems. Most users have at one time or the other faced a Dyson brush bar not spinning problem. This can be a real head-scratcher if you don’t know what to do.

Fortunately, we understand that. That is why we have provided the answers and workable solutions to the problem.

Let’s get on with it right away.

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Why is Your Dyson Brush bar Not Spinning?

Dyson Brush bar

At the heart of the love for Dyson vacuums is the novel centrifugal cleaning technology. This technology enabled the Dyson vacuums to clean efficiently thanks to a rapidly spinning brush bar.

The spinning is essential to the cleaning and can achieve better cleaning results than most other vacuums. Therefore, if anything interferes with this spinning, there is an immense problem. The vacuum won’t be of much help to you then.

So, what would cause the brush bar not to spin?

The most basic reason the brush bar wouldn’t spin is if you are using the Dyson incorrectly. What does that mean? It might mean you might have the vacuum in the wrong position or haven’t locked something well.

1. You’ve Set the Cleaner Head Too Low

With Dyson vacuums, you get to choose the cleaning height of your choice depending on what you are cleaning. If, for instance, you are cleaning a hardwood floor, you need to set the height to a specific level.

Therefore, if you set the head too low, the brush bar won’t spin. Always ensure you have the correct setting for the type of floor you are cleaning.

2. The Vacuum Is Still in Upright Mode

The default resting position for Dyson vacuums is in an upright position. That’s how you store them if you aren’t using them. It, therefore, follows that they wouldn’t work as usual if you try to use them in an upright position.

The brush bar wouldn’t spin in that position because you are misusing the vacuum.

You have to unlock it to allow the brush bar motor to engage and run the brush bar. A button close to the cleaning head will enable you to unlock it from the upright position.

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3. The Cleaner Head isn’t In Position

This isn’t always true for all Dyson vacuums since not all of them have removable heads. If you are using one with a removable head, it is best to check if the head is in the correct position before starting your cleaning.

If it isn’t in the correct position, the brush bar won’t spin, and you won’t get the cleaning result you want. To get the head in the right position, place the vacuum on its back, then push up the cleaning head till you hear it click into place.

The above three scenarios will cause the brush bar not to spin because you aren’t using the vacuum correctly. You might, however, find that you are using the vacuum observing all the above but still don’t see the brush bar spinning.

That will only mean one thing: there is something else that’s not working. If that’s the case, there are three main reasons.

4. Dirt and Debris are Clogging the Brush bar

If you are using the Dyson correctly but still the brush bar isn’t spinning, dirt and debris are the main issues. That’s common for Dyson vacuums in homes with fiber-heavy carpets and pets.

The fibers and hair from the two above might clog the brush bar and cause it not to spin. To get it turning again, you will have to remove the blockages.

Here is how you can do that :

Step 1

Unplug the vacuum from the power source and open it up. This isn’t difficult, and all you’ll need is a screwdriver or a coin. Check the bottom of the vacuum for the screws and open the vacuum.

Step 2

Take a pair of scissors and cut the hairs and fibers that you might find rolled onto the brush bar. Take care not to damage the brush bar’s bristles in any way with the scissors.

Step 3

Pull out the brush bar from the vacuum and remove any other debris that might have entangled itself on the brush bar. Some you can pull them out with your hands, but some you’ll cut with the scissors.

Step 4

Replace everything and have the vacuum the way it was at the beginning.

5. A Defective Belt

Like in most other vacuums, Dyson’s brush bar runs with the help of a drive belt. The rubber drive belt connects the brush bar to the motor, making the brush bar spin.

Therefore, if the belt has an issue, the brush bar won’t spin. Problems with the Dyson belt might stem from wear and tear or the belt breaking. If that happens, get a replacement belt and replace it.

Depending on your model, you can get the ideal belt from retailers and change it yourself. You will, however, have to check if the vacuum has a belt you can change.

Below is the procedure you can follow to do that :

Step 1

Unplug the vacuum from the power outlet and lay it on its back to access the rear part. Examine the brush bar. If you see two brush bars and a direct drive mechanism separating them, then you can’t replace the belt since there isn’t one to replace.

If you see only one bar that runs along with the assembly, it means there is a belt on a single side that controls it.

Step 2

Now that you’ve seen the belt, you will need to lift it out of the vacuum. A lifting tool could help you remove it from the brushbar if it is severely broken. If not, you can pull it out.

Step 3

Replace the belt with a new one, then lock up the vacuum.

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6. A Damaged Motor

The motor controls the brush bar and makes it spin. If you determine that your Dyson’s brush bar isn’t spinning due to the motor, you will have to get a specialist to look at it. That will mean contacting Dyson for them to look at it and suggest the next cause of action.

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FAQ About Dyson Brush Bar Not Spinning

FAQ About Dyson Brush Bar Not Spinning

Can be resetting the brush bar help it spin?

Yes, it can. Pressing the reset button might be what you need to do to have the brush bar spinning again. If it doesn’t, then try the fixes we have shared here.

What would cause the Dyson brush bar to spin, then stop?

That would often mean that it has jammed because of lots of debris. Use the procedures we have discussed here to check it and remove all the junk if any.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now have a better idea of solving your Dyson brush bar not spinning problem. The procedures we have discussed here will help you solve the issue fast. 

If it gives you too much trouble, then consult a specialist. All the best.

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