Vacuum Smells Like Burning – 5 Causes That You Can Check


Vacuum Smells Like Burning

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Vacuums are some of the most famous cleaning equipment in many homes. Not only are they efficient, but they are also easy to use. But what happens when your vacuum smells like burning?

Vacuums have many components that make up a well-oiled machine that cleans effectively. So, a burning smell could be cause for alarm. Let’s look at why that could happen and how you can fix it

What Causes the Burning Smell from a vacuum?

Burning Smell from a vacuum

A burning smell, when a vacuum is in operation, shows there’s a problem inside the vacuum. The burning smell might mean something inside the vacuum isn’t working as it should be.

If you notice such a smell, then the below parts of the vacuum have issues.

1. Worn Out Belt

A worn-out rubber belt will drop pieces of the rubber and lead to a smell of something burning when the vacuum is working. The belt usually controls the rotating of the roller brush.

Therefore, any fragments from the belt will cause the roller brush not to be in the best condition. As a result, you might notice the smell of burning as the friction between the roller brush and rubber belt.

Unplug the vacuum from the power outlet and open it up to check if it’s the belt with an issue. All you will need is a screwdriver. Open it up and check if the belt is in good condition or worn out.

If the belt is the one producing the smell, chances are that you might have to contend with that smell until you can replace it.

The best way to prevent this is to check your belt from time to time and change it whenever you detect an issue. The ideal time to change your belt is every three months, especially if you use it regularly. Alternatively, you could go for a metal rubber belt that is quite durable.

It will, however, cost you considerably more than a rubber belt. 

2. Clogging by Debris

The vacuum deals with a considerable amount of dirt. It is, therefore, only natural for the dirt to clog its parts from time to time. To know if the debris is the problem, check the roller brush for any clogging.

That might be a common issue if you are dealing with dirty carpets. Some pieces of such rugs might lodge themselves in between the roller blade and belt. That will cause the vacuum to produce a burning smell as you clean.

Remove the debris before proceeding with the cleaning.

3. Issues With the Roller Blade

The rollerblade is one of the most critical parts of a vacuum. It is the one that pushes dirt into the vacuum. Therefore, if it has an issue, you will most likely know. However, the smell of something burning could be the clearest sign that there’s an issue with the roller brush. Hair or a rug might have gotten stuck inside it.

To check it for issues, unplug the vacuum from the power outlet, open it up then check it. If it has a problem, you might have to change it. A vacuum cleaner expert can always help you do that if you don’t know how to do it.

4. Problem With the Motor

This is one of the most likely reasons a vacuum will produce a burning smell. You might even see smoke if it goes on for a prolonged time. A motor will produce a burning smell if there are obstructions in the vacuum’s filters.

Another possible cause is the vacuum bag being too full. To solve the issue, empty the vacuum bag if it is full and clear the filters. The motor could also produce a burning smell if it is overworking.

An overworking motor could be due to wires between the vacuum and the wall socket being loose. For this, you will need an electrician to help you check it out. Either the mains power supply might be too much, or the vacuums wires might be somewhat loose.

Remember to switch off the power supply before checking for any of this.

5. A Burning Cigarette

 If you are a smoker and see smoke coming out of your vacuum with the smell of burning, you might want to check for a cigarette butt. If you didn’t correctly snuff out the cigarette butt, and it gets into the vacuum, the vacuum might smell like it’s burning.

It might appear unlikely, but it could be why you detect the smell of burning from your vacuum.

Always have a proper way of disposing of burning cigarette butts. Don’t throw them on the floor, then use the vacuum to collect them. If you do that, then ensure the cigarette butt isn’t still on fire.

General Vacuum Maintenance

If your vacuum is a significant part of your cleaning routine, you need to have a specialist check it from time to time. That would be better than suddenly waking up to a nonfunctional vacuum.

Vacuums are just like any other electrical appliances. They need constant checking to ensure they are in good shape. General maintenance also includes checking for debris each time you are about to start cleaning.

Check if the bag has dirt or is empty. Check for clogging and any other issues you might notice if you pay close attention to the vacuum. Also, ensure you test if the vacuum is moving freely when you are using it.

Additionally, it would also help to be cleaning the filter regularly. A dirty filter could also lead to a burning smell, so you need to clean it from time to time. If you can afford to, change the filter after several months of use as well.

FAQ About Vacuum Smells Like Burning

FAQ About Vacuum Smells Like Burning

What’s the most common reason a vacuum would smell like burning?

Issues with the running belt are the most common cause of the burning smell. That’s why it should be among the first thing you check.

Can a Vacuum Catch fire?

Not unless you deliberately set it on fire. Random fires in vacuums are a rarity.

Is Cleaning a vacuum belt difficult?

No, it isn’t. A screwdriver will help you open up the screws at the back to access the belt and change it.

Final Thoughts

If you notice your vacuum smells like burning, then what we have mentioned here could be why. Try the solutions we have offered, and it will surprise you how easily you will sort the issue.

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