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Can You Use a Steam Mop on Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl floors are a favorite of many people thanks to their relatively lower maintenance costs.  Apart from that, they are also easier to clean compared to hardwood floors. But while cleaning them is easy, can you use a steam mop on vinyl flooring?

Of course, you can! You will, however, need to follow certain precautions to ensure you don’t damage the vinyl floor while cleaning it. So how do you go about it?

How to Clean A Vinyl Floor with a Steam Mop

How to Clean A Vinyl Floor with a Steam Mop

Many people love steam mops because they not only clean but also kill bacteria on the floor. That’s because of the heat from the steam mop that helps eliminate microbes on any floor.

Heat is a contentious issue and the main reason why most people wouldn’t want to use steam mops on vinyl floors. Luxury Vinyl floors require a delicate balance of heat to clean them but not damage them.

To clean a vinyl Plank floor with a steam mop, ensure you have it at the lowest possible heat setting. You then move continuously over the floor as you would with any other mop.

The back-and-forth movement ensures you don’t concentrate the heat on one particular part of the floor for too long. It will thus need you to be as attentive as possible and have your focus in one place.

If you stop midway through the cleaning session, switch off the mopper to avoid damaging any parts of the floor. The same applies to never pausing in a single spot when cleaning the vinyl floor. You have to maintain continuous movement.

One thing that could help you clean without the risk of damage is to use a microfiber cloth with a steam mop. The microfiber cloth prevents direct contact of the steam mop with the vinyl, thus preserving and protecting it from the full effect of the steam mop.

What Do You Need to Remember While Cleaning Vinyl Floor?

What Do You Need to Remember While Cleaning Vinyl Floor?

Vinyl floors are some of the most delicate floor types you can have in your house. Although they’ll add some aesthetic beauty to your house, cleaning them should be with the utmost precautions.

If you are using a steam mop, it will be wise to remember to use a steam mop with variable settings. This setting isn’t available in all steam mops, which is why you will have to shop carefully.

If you have a steam mop you can’t set to the required heat level, then the heat could ruin the floor. That could leave you counting losses or being with an unsightly floor.

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What Other Ways Can Help Clean Vinyl Floors?

What Other Ways Can Help Clean Vinyl Floors?

Apart from using a steam mop, there are several other ways you can clean your vinyl floors.

  1. Wipe with a Solution of Mild Vinegar

Vinegar has a myriad of uses both in the kitchen and out of it. That’s because it has acidic properties that make it a disinfectant as well as a capable cleaning agent. Mixing a little vinegar with water then mopping the floor with a soft rag will eliminate microbes and dirt.

  1. Sweeping and Vacuuming

Sweeping and vacuuming is an excellent way to keep your floor as clean as possible. The right vacuum should be gentle on the vinyl floor and have a no-scuff bumper that usually protects the floor from damage.

If you are sweeping, use a soft broom to sweep away any debris from the floor gently. A dust mop could also come in handy sweeping dirt off a vinyl floor. You, however, have to ensure you get a dustmop that is gentle on the floor to avoid scratches and marks.

  1. Get Rid of Spills Immediately They Happen

This shouldn’t apply only to vinyl floors. Leaving spills on the floor for too long will create chances for stains to form and be harder to remove. As soon as you see a spill on the floor, clean it immediately.

You can use a mild cleaning agent and a mop or a clean rag to clean off the spill efficiently. Cleaning spills off immediately will ensure you have an easier time cleaning the vinyl floor later on.

  1. Have Door Mats at Your Doors

It’s easier to prevent than to solve a problem, right? That is why you need to get a doormat in the house if you have a vinyl floor. That prevents dirt from people’s feet or shoes from staining the floor.

It will, in turn, make it easier for you to clean the floor as it won’t have too much dirt. 

Can Vinyl Floors Stand Up to Traditional Mopping?

This would depend on the amount of water you are using to mop the vinyl. We have already established that vinyl floors aren’t best of friends with water or abrasive liquids.

If you are to mop your vinyl floor the traditional way, ensure you use as little water as possible. That will prevent water seepage through the flooring and thus avoid damage in the process.

What are the Best Steam Mops to Consider for Vinyl Floors?

You will have no choice but to choose the best there is to get the best steam ops for vinyl floors. Low-end steam mops might not have the variable settings you want in a steam mop for cleaning vinyl floors.

Light N’ Easy Steam Mop

You can use this steam mop to clean hardwood floors apart from vinyl floors. It has an adjustable setting that allows you to use the lowest setting for the vinyl floor.

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Electric Foor Steamer for Hardwood/Tile/Rug/Laminate,Wood Floor Mop Steam with Swivel Head,M Water Tank (7338ANW), 20 Feet Power Cord, White Violet
  • Unique square steam mop with 360 degree swivel steering head…
  • Steam is released at the touch of a button, which is easy to…
  • The 212-degree F heat effectively eliminates dirt and sticky…

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Oopier S8 Steam Mop

The Oopier S8 also has adjustable settings for heat when cleaning vinyl floors.

OApier S8 Steam Mop, Floor Steam Cleaner for Hardwood and Tile, Laminate, Vinyl, 360 Degree Swivel Head, 20 ft Power Cord
  • Square Swivel Mop Head – 360-degree rotatable mop head makes it…
  • Deep Steam Cleaning – Super-heated steam provides 99.9%…
  • Easy to Use – Just Press the button and wait about 20 seconds for…

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Shark Steam Pocket Mop

It is easy to use and has a soft cloth at the bottom that is gentle on vinyl floors.

Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner, With Rectangle Head and 2 Washable Pads, Easy Maneuvering, Quick Drying, Soft-Grip Handle and Powerful Steam, Purple
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  • QUICK & EFFORTLESS: Get on-demand steam ready in just 30 seconds…
  • NO CHEMICALS OR RESIDUE: With the power of steam, you can remove…

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Final Thoughts

Can you use a steam mop on vinyl flooring? We hope we’ve provided the answer you were looking for. Remember to be as gentle with the steam mop when cleaning the vinyl floors.

Happy cleaning.

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