How to Fix an Unlevel Pool Without Draining

How to Fix an Unlevel Pool Without Draining – Proven & Complete Guides

Do you own an above the ground swimming pool? If you’re reading this, then chances are you own one. Hence the reason you want to know how to fix an unlevel pool without draining it.

Nothing is as relaxing as a swimming session on a hot afternoon. Problem is, what if you have an unlevel pool? A pool is so uneven that the water threatens to pour out of the pool. That could be quite scary, right?

Of course, it’s only natural that you’d want to fix such a pool. But how would you go about it? Well, you can start by reading our guide on how to fix such a pool.

But before we get to that,

Why Is an Unlevel Pool Such a Bad Idea?


In the first place, an unlevel pool, whether on the ground or aboveground, would have some section deeper than the other section. That is because the water will have leaned on the lower side, creating a deeper end.

Such an end could be dangerous for kids who may not be excellent swimmers. Additionally, it would be troublesome even for an experienced adult who would be surprised by the depth.

Equally, as a result of water leaning heavily on one side, it would exert too much pressure on the walls. Over time, the walls might become weak and break. You wouldn’t want that.

Finally, an unlevel pool is quite difficult to clean. Pool vacuums will have problems cleaning the liner as it will mostly be in wrinkles or folds. As a result, pool equipment might rip the liner leading to a leaking pool.

As can be seen, an unlevel pool isn’t that desirable. Are you ready to learn the steps you’d need to follow to level a pool with water in it?


Complete Guide on How to Fix an Unlevel Pool Without Draining


What You Will Need

As is with any other do it yourself task, you must have a set of tools that will be useful to you.

  • A garden hose
  • A wheelbarrow
  • A hammer
  • A spade or shovel
  • Leather Gloves

Now that you know the tools you should have ready; the below steps should shine a light on how to proceed.

Step 1

Before you do anything, remember to put on your gloves. The gloves will protect you from any unnecessary injury as you fix the unlevel pool.

Step 2

With the help of the garden hose, empty the pool just a little bit. Halfway would be perfect. A full to the brim unlevel pool is very hard to level. Check my recommended Screwdriver from Amazon.

Step 3

After draining out half the water, remove the leveling blocks starting with the most uneven side. Ensure you remove the blocks as carefully as you can. If you aren’t careful, the pool might collapse.

Step 4

Use a shovel to lift the pool walls to the right height to put them all at the same level. You can then reinstall the removed blocks from step 3 above. Do this step repeatedly till all the walls are even.

Step 5

Use a wheelbarrow to bring some soil and put under the pool or around the walls. That will ensure the pool stays level. Check my recommended wheelbarrow from Amazon.

Step 6

You can finally refill the pool with the water you had drained out earlier when you began fixing the pool. You can only pray that you did it well.

However, you can’t know that until you see the pool is unlevel again.

Important Points to Note

  • It is foolhardy to try and level a full pool. Always empty it a little bit before trying to level it. A half-full pool is easier to level.
  • When leveling the pool, don’t try to lower the higher side to get to the shorter side’s height. It is quite complicated and would have disastrous consequences.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Can’t I use an unlevel pool?

  • A: If you persist with an unlevel pool, it could collapse in the long run.

Q: Can I fix an unlevel pool alone?

  • A: No. You will need help lifting the pool walls when raising them to the required level.

Q: How unlevel can an above ground pool be?

  • A: Just a few inches. Two inches tops wouldn’t trouble the pool’s structure in any way.


Final Thoughts

We hope our guide on how to fix an unlevel pool without draining helps you resolve your issue. If you follow the guide carefully, it won’t be hard to do it without expert help.


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