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How To Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer – Best Guides 2020

Do you own an Intex pool that doesn’t have a skimmer? Is regular cleaning of your pool overly tricky due to the lack of a skimmer? Well, this guide is for you. How To Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer shouldn’t be that hard.

Skimmers make cleaning a pool relatively easy. However, not all Intex pools have a skimmer. You, therefore, might wonder what the best way to clean such a pool would be.

You’ll be glad to learn that there is a way you can clean such a pool without much ado. Where would you start with that? You’d start by reading our guide to the end of the course.

But before we get to that,

What is A Skimmer, and What Does It Do?


You must have heard of a skimmer, no? Then maybe you aren’t that conversant with pools, are you? It Could also be possible you know it by another name. So, what are skimmers?

From the name you can tell that skimmers are pool features that allow easy cleaning of a pool. They work by skimming the water in a pool for dirt and debris then sucking it in. They then filter the water and removes all the dirt.

There are different types of skimmers. They range from the built-in types typical of inground pools to the floating types.

They, however, all work by the same principle to remove dirt from pool water. There are also robotic skimmers which with the help of battery power, float over the water, and remove dirt.

Skimmers are quite crucial for a pool to have but not compulsory. They make it easier to get rid of debris such as hair and leaves before such trash disappears at the bottom of the pool.

Some come equipped with chlorinators that occasionally release chlorine in the water. Chlorine stops the growth of any algae as well as getting rid of any microorganisms.

Of course, you will have to clean your skimmer every once in a while, too. That’s because the dirt might pile up in it and prevent it from functioning well. It is ideal if you give a thorough cleaning at most twice a week.

Now that we have seen how essential skimmers are let us know how you can clean your Intex pool in their absence.


Vacuuming an Intex Pool Without A Skimmer


What You Will Need

  • Vacuum Hose and Head
  • A Strong Telescoping Pole
  • Skim Vacuum Plate

 Now that you know what you need, the below steps will guide you in cleaning your Intex pool. It is worth noting that all you will be doing here is cleaning the pool almost manually.

Step 1

Prepare the vacuum by getting rid of any air that might be inside it. The air in a vacuum when too much, causes it to lose suction. With one side of the vacuum head on the telescoping pole, lightly pressing the free end will see all the air get out.

Air bubbles appearing in the water should be proof that air is getting out.

Step 2

Hook the vacuum hose’s open end to the pool’s water inlet. The inlet is where the skimmer is supposed to be and thus would be the ideal place to attach the hose. The vacuum hose’s other end should be submerged in the water.

Step 3

Vacuum the pool. Move the vacuum head repeatedly over the water surface until you are sure you have removed all the dirt.

Step 4

Disassemble the cleaning equipment and thoroughly clean them. The chemicals from the water might ruin the vacuum head as well as the hose. That is why you must clean the equipment as soon as you finish cleaning your pool. We wouldn’t want that for you.

You can then store the equipment in a proper place for use next time.


Important Points to Remember

  • If you don’t have a long enough telescope pole, you can get in the water to clean. Just remember to be careful not to soil the areas you have already cleaned.
  • When getting the vacuum head to ensure you get one that isn’t too heavy. The ideal pool vacuum head should be able to float on water easily. That is to avoid it repeatedly sinking to the bottom each time you are cleaning your pool
  • Additionally, you can also get an automatic pool vacuum that would clean the pool by itself. Such a vacuum makes light work of debris in the pool. It, however, wouldn’t be good enough for twigs or large debris.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Must I get a skimmer for my swimming pool?

  • A: If you are in a position to get one, then do it. A skimmer will make it considerably easier to keep your pool clean. So yes, go for it if you can. You can still clean your pool without the skimmer as well—your choice.

Q: Will a vacuum head get rid of all the dirt in the pool?

  • A: No. You will, at times, have to use a brush to scrub off stubborn dirt. The vacuum head just gets rid of floating debris and any other loose dirt. For a cleaner pool scrubbing with a hard brush would give it a thorough clean.

Q: What else can I use to clean my Intex pool apart from a vacuum and a skimmer?

  • A: If the pool has too much dirt such as twigs, grass, or leaves, then a leaf rake would come very much in handy. A vacuum wouldn’t do a good job picking up twigs in the water.


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Parting Shot

Do you still expect some trouble on how to vacuum Intex pool without  skimmer? We bet not. We hope our guide helps you have some stress-free cleaning.

All the best.


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