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can you vacuum rabbit poop

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Most people would agree that rabbits are some of the most adorable animals. They have this cuddly nature and soft fur that makes you want to smother them with your love. But rabbits like cats or dogs also leave messes behind.

You can deal with cat litter in different ways. But does the same apply to rabbit poop? What’s the best way to deal with rabbit poop? Can you vacuum rabbit poop?

If you have a rabbit and those questions were bogging your mind, you’re in the right place.

Can You Vacuum Rabbit Poop?

Can You Vacuum Rabbit Poop?

Yes, you can vacuum rabbit poop. Most vacuum hoses are larger than the average size of rabbit poop, which is usually tiny and dry. Rabbit poop is like raisins in size. Thus, it shouldn’t be difficult for a vacuum hose to pick it up. 

The type of vacuum you use will determine the ease of doing it. Some vacuums are more likely to get blockages from the poop, while some will do it effortlessly.

Besides, it is easier to use a vacuum to clean up rabbit poop than a broom. The former is faster and is also easier. Therefore, you can say it’s more convenient to use a vacuum than a broom to clean up rabbit poop.

How To Vacuum Rabbit Poop Without Making a Mess

There are two scenarios you might find yourself in with rabbit poop. The first is when the rabbit is out of its cage and poops in a room in your house. The second is cleaning up the interior of the rabbit’s house.

Let’s start with how to clean the rabbit cage with a vacuum.

Cleaning Rabbit Poop in The Rabbit Cage

You need little preparation for this. All you need is a vacuum, a broom, and a dustpan. What are the broom and dustpan for if you’ll be using a vacuum? Well, you can’t vacuum everything in the rabbit house.

The rabbit house will typically have hay or other bedding for the rabbit. So, start by removing the hay or any additional bedding. Such will clog the vacuum hose, and you’ll have too many problems.

A broom and a dustpan come in handy, cleaning up the hay or bedding. The vacuum comes in to finish the job and collect the rabbit poop. After clearing the rabbit bedding, it will be easier and faster to use your vacuum to collect the poop.

Cleaning Rabbit Poop in Your House

Cleaning rabbit poop in the house is straightforward. You’ll need to take your vacuum and locate the droppings, then clean as you’d clean any other dirt. Simple! 

Rabbit poop by nature is dry, so cleaning won’t be that messy. If you notice that the rabbit poop is watery, that could point to a health issue for the rabbit.

Are There Any Risks When Vacuuming Rabbit Poop?

Of course, not everyone would like to risk their vacuum rabbit poop or not. But vacuums are for different purposes. No vacuum’s explicitly for use with rabbit poop.

Thus, there’ll be some risks when cleaning rabbit poop. Here are some:

  • The rabbit poop might block the hose
  • Hay or rabbit bedding might clog the vacuum

Not too many risks. That’s why it’s worth using your vacuum to clean rabbit poop. But these risks might be more profound in some vacuums than others. So, let’s see what the best vacuums for this exercise should be/.

What Type of Vacuum Cleaner Is Best for Rabbit Poop?

What Type of Vacuum Cleaner Is Best for Rabbit Poop?

There are vacuums for almost everything, from sawdust to cobwebs. But there isn’t one that says it will deal with rabbit poop. You, therefore, have to get one with general performance in dealing with pet litter.

There are various options when looking for pet vacuums. However, that’s not to say they would be efficient when vacuuming rabbit poop.

Here are the best 3 options to consider when buying a vacuum to clean rabbit poop.

1. BLACK+DECKER Furbuster

Black + Decker is a household name in the cleaning industry. There’s no surprise there, seeing that they make some of the best vacuums. Thanks to the high suction, the Furburster is an excellent option for rabbit poop.

Rabbit poop can be challenging to clean for regular vacuums. But if a vacuum has incredible suction, it doesn’t struggle to collect the poop. The Furbuster is up there with vacuums with powerful suction.

That’s what makes it a good option for rabbit poop. Consider that a bonus on its stupendous fur-busting ability.

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2. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium

Although this vacuum will impress you with its pet fur cleaning credentials, you can also use it for rabbit poop. It is for pets, after all. Rabbits, besides the poop, also produce hair.

The hair might clog some other vacuums but not this one. Thus, trying it for rabbit poop makes sense. Also, it’s a handheld vacuum, which means cleaning the tiny rabbit house should be a breeze.

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3. Dyson Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

Thanks to its impressive (thus expensive) vacuums, Dyson is a famous vacuum manufacturer. The good thing about Dyson vacuums is that they are not all about the hype. They deliver as well.

Thus, the vacuum is a good option if you want to deal with rabbit poop. Of course, it won’t be solely for cleaning such dirt. It is excellent for other kinds of dirt as well. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since it’s just what Dyson does! 

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What To Look for In a Vacuum for Rabbit Poop

You have to look at many things when buying a vacuum. But when buying it specifically to use for rabbit poop, there are 3 things to consider critically.

1. Suction

The higher the suction power, the better the vacuum deals with rabbit poop. Also, if you get a vacuum with excellent suction power, you won’t have to worry about blockages.

You can tell how powerful a vacuum’s suction is by looking at the Kpa value on the vacuum. If you don’t know how to interpret, ask the dealer before buying the vacuum.

2. The Canister or Dust Bag

Rabbits can make up pretty large messes. That means you will probably have to empty your dust bag regularly, especially if it’s small. It would be best to get a vacuum with a large canister or dust bag.

You don’t want to be emptying the vacuum when cleaning the rabbit poop constantly.

3. The Filter

Rabbits like humans are also susceptible to allergens. Suppose your rabbits have allergies, then it’s prudent to get a vacuum with a powerful filter. The hay or bedding might have allergens that the vacuum can help eliminate.

Important Points to Remember

  • For rabbit pee, use pet-friendly detergent to clean it off. Rabbit pee can get smelly with time, so concentrate on cleaning the poo and pee.

FAQ About Vacuum Rabbit Poop

FAQ About Vacuum Rabbit Poop

Will Using the Vacuum Stress My Rabbits?

Vacuums can be noisy, and if the rabbit is unused to the sound, you might spook them. But the vacuums sound rarely stresses the rabbits. With time, the rabbits will get used to the sound, and it will stop frightening them.

Is It Advisable to Vacuum Around My Rabbit?

If the rabbits familiarize themselves with the sound of the vacuum, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can easily clean around the rabbits if they know the sound of the vacuum isn’t a source of danger.

It also helps if they know you and are used to you.

Are Rabbit Droppings Toxic?

There is some scientific debate over whether or not rabbit droppings are toxic. Some researchers argue that the droppings can contain harmful bacteria and parasites, which can cause diseases in humans and other animals. However, other scientists claim that the droppings are not dangerous and can even be used as a natural fertilizer. More research is needed to determine the toxicity of rabbit droppings.

Can I Get Sick From Rabbit Poop?

Yes, it is possible to get sick from rabbit poop. If the rabbit is unhealthy or has a disease, their droppings can release harmful bacteria that can cause sickness in people. It is important to always practice good hygiene and hand-washing when around rabbits, and to avoid contact with their droppings if possible.

How Do You Clean Rabbit Poop Out of a Cage?

The best way to clean rabbit poop out of a cage is by using a broom and dustpan to sweep it into a pile, then using a wet rag to wipe the cage clean.

Do Bunnies Get Scared of Vacuums?

Some bunnies may be afraid of vacuums if they have had a negative experience with them, such as being vacuumed up accidentally or seeing someone else being vacuumed and finding it scary. Other bunnies may not be scared of vacuums at all.

Can Roomba Pick Up Rabbit Poop?

Roomba’s ability to pick up rabbit poop depends on a number of factors, including the size and consistency of the droppings. In general, smaller and drier droppings are easier for the Roomba to clean up than larger, wetter ones. However, if there is a significant amount of rabbit poop present, it is likely that at least some of it will remain on the floor after the Roomba has passed.

Final Thoughts

So, can you vacuum rabbit poop? The answer is an emphatic yes. But you have to have the right vacuum for that and follow the procedures we have provided here. That way, you won’t have any problem cleaning rabbit poop.

You can vacuum rabbit poop. In fact, it’s probably one of the best ways to clean it up. Not only will it get the job done quickly, but it will also minimize the mess. Just make sure you have a good vacuum cleaner that can handle the task. Rabbit poop can be pretty messy and stubborn, so you’ll need a powerful machine to get the job done.

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