Can You Use the Bissell CrossWave as Just a Vacuum?


Can You Use the Bissell CrossWave as Just a Vacuum

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Bissel has some of the most popular vacuums on the market. The Bissel CrossWave is only one of them. However, it stands out because it is a wet/dry vacuum that can clean multiple types of floors. However, most people still wonder how best to use it, which prompts the question, can you use the Bissell Crosswave as just a vacuum?

Yes, you can. The Bissell CrossWave can also function well as just a vacuum. A wet and dry vacuum has two in one function, and so if you remove the water from the Bissell’s water tank, it will vacuum like any other regular vacuum.

How Can You Use the Bissell CrossWave Just as a Vacuum?

How Can You Use the Bissell CrossWave Just as a Vacuum?

Now that you know you can use the Bissell CrossWave as a regular vacuum, you might be wondering how to do that. That’s not a complicated affair. All you have to do is leave the Bissell’s water tank empty, then use it as a vacuum.

Since the Bissell CrossWave works both as a mop and a vacuum, it won’t perform the mopping action if you deny it water. No water equals no mopping. That will leave it to work like any other vacuum, albeit with reduced cleaning abilities for some surfaces like carpets. 

What Makes the Bissell CrossWave So Special?

You might wonder, what is it that makes the Bissel so different from the other vacuums you can use on any floor? Or, more specifically, why is the Bissell CrossWave so special?

Well, what makes the Bissell CrossWave so unique is that it combines so many cl4nmaing attributes. That causes people to question whether they can only use it as a vacuum. You might want to access only the vacuum function and not the vast selection available to you.

That means that most people don’t consider the Bissell CrossWave a typical vacuum. Indeed, some people only call it a cleaner. That’s thanks to the combination of cleaning activities you can do with it. This combination of cleaning capabilities also makes it a desirable cleaner to have.

The Bissel won’t struggle with the kinds of dirt other vacuums do. For instance, it doesn’t spill over cat litter as it sucks it, which might be a staple for other vacuums.

Does the Bissell CrossWave Deep Clean Carpets?

Does the Bissell CrossWave Deep Clean Carpets?

Carpets are difficult to clean, especially in a house with children. That’s because it is easy for dirt particles to lodge themselves in the carpet’s fibers. So can you use the Bissell CrossWave to get rid of dirt in such carpets?

Well, you can use the Bissell CrossWave to clean your carpets lightly. What you can’t use it for is deep cleaning. The Bissell only has a microfiber brush, which isn’t as effective at cleaning dirt hidden deep inside carpets, unlike the regular vacuums.

Regular vacuums have a Bissell bristled brush roll that gets into the deepest fibers of the carpet to deep clean it. Since the Bissell CrossWave doesn’t have this kind of brush, you can only use it to clean moderately dirty carpets.

So, the CrossWave, though safe for use on carpets, will disappoint you because it won’t provide you with a deep clean.

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Features & Benefits of the Bissell CrossWave

Bissell CrossWave is a multi-surface cleaner. Unique features of this product include the ability to clean wood floors, ceramic tile, and carpet. The CrossWave floor cleaner contains five washable microfiber pads that can be used on all surfaces.

  • The best of two worlds: a cross between a vacuum and a steam cleaner.
  • Clean your entire floor with just this one tool that does it all
  • Get the most out of all your hard work by combining the power of a vacuum cleaner with the ease of a carpet cleaner
  • Quickly clean up spills on the floor
  • Easily clean chairs, couches, and sofas

Can I Use Vinegar and Water in My Bissell CrossWave?

The Bissell CrossWave comes with a unique cleaning solution that you place inside before you clean. However, since the solution might run out when you don’t have spare, you might wonder if water and vinegar can be worthy substitutes.

First, you need to understand that using any other cleaning solution not recommended by Bissel might void your warranty. For instance, if you use any bleach solutions, you might lose the warranty since Bissel discourages using other cleaning solutions.

However, a little water or vinegar won’t hurt your Bissell that much. That should only solve your problem in the short term, and you should get the Bissell solution soon. Vinegar will work best on carpets or hardwood floors.

However, only limit the vinegar you use to only 38 ounces in the Bissell’s tank. Failure to comply with that might ruin your vacuum and have to get a replacement. We wouldn’t want that for you.

What’s the Difference Between the Bissell CrossWave and the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro?

The two are from the same family of vacuums but have one significant difference. The difference is in the brush roll. The Bissell CrossWave brush roll is designed to work on most surfaces and carpets. On the other hand, the Bissel CrossWave Pet Pro has a brush roll that ensures pet hair doesn’t get stuck in it.

Secondly, the Pet Pro comes with a much larger tank than the Bissell CrossWave. That means you can use it for a longer time without having to stop to refill the tank. If that’s not enough, you will find a pet strainer on the Pet Pro because its principle is used in dealing with pet hair.

The strainer holds the pet hair together and prevents it from clogging the vacuum or spilling over it whenever you are washing the vacuum.

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FAQ About Can You Use the Bissell CrossWave as Just a Vacuum

FAQ About Can You Use the Bissell CrossWave as Just a Vacuum

What Kinds of Floors Will the Bissel CrossWave Vacuum Well?

The Bissell CrossWave will work pretty well on any floor type you decide to use it on. The vacuum will work whether it is ceramic, sealed wood, terrazzo, or vinyl, among others.

Can the Bissel CrossWave Mop Without Water?

The Bissel’s CrossWave isn’t like steam mops, so it can’t mop without water. If you rid it of water, you will remain with only the regular vacuum. If you want it to mop, you have to add water to the tank. Also, the water doesn’t need to be hot.

Is the Bissell CrossWave Worth It?

A vacuum that can both mop and clean is a steal at any price. However, it gets better with the affordable price the Bissell CrossWave retails at. So yes, the Bissel CrossWave is worth it.

Do You Hold Trigger on Bissell CrossWave?

Yes, you need to hold the trigger to keep the vacuum running. The Bissell Crosswave only has a trigger to spray the cleaner and not to vacuum.

What Can I Use Instead of Bissell Cleaning Formula?

Bissell’s cleaning formula is a concentrated solution that contains water, soap, and other ingredients. There are many alternatives to Bissell cleaning formula, but none of them will be as effective as the real thing.

Final Thoughts

Can you use the Bissell CrossWave as just a vacuum? The answers are an emphatic yes. If you empty the Bissel water tank, you will use it as any other vacuum. It, however, won’t give you the best performance on carpets, especially when deep cleaning.

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