Why Is Dyson So Expensive? Best 6 Reasons Why


Why Is Dyson So Expensive

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Dyson is a household name in the vacuum world. The many awards it has received are a testament to that. But should that be reason enough for its vacuums to retail at high prices? 

It is common to see customers asking why is Dyson so expensive? Dyson makes some excellent vacuums, but is that enough to make them that expensive?

Let’s see what makes them so expensive and whether they are worth it.

Why is Dyson Vacuum So Expensive?

Why is Dyson Vacuum So Expensive?

It is tempting to think of the high prices that Dyson vacuums retail at as a pricing technique that aims for the top-tier high spending consumers with bags of money. However, that isn’t the case.

What is it then?

1. Vacuum Cleaner Technological Advancement Pioneers

Dyson was the pioneer in the manufacture of vacuums that use cyclonic power to separate dirt and dust. That happens with as little suction loss.

That’s why they sell their vacuum at the prices they sell. They did that before any other vacuum maker got to think of it. Most of the modern vacuums now use that style to make their vacuums as well. (can’t beat them, so join them. Or rather, in this case, imitate them)

That tells you all you need to know about Dysons; they are an innovative brand that’s always looking for different ways to have their vacuums serve their customers better.

Therefore, most of the profits they make from the high retailing vacuums they invest in further research to ensure they stay miles ahead of the competition. That then ensures they have some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market.

Technology is the sure way to make most equipment better, and so if someone is always looking to improve themselves by investing in the latest and new technology, they will be ahead of the pack.

2. They Use Exceptionally High-Quality Materials

Dyson uses the best material possible to make their vacuums. They spare no effort to ensure the customer gets the best vacuum cleaning experience using Dyson’s vacuums.

High-quality materials rarely relate to easy-to-use vacuums. But Dyson has found the perfect balance between the materials to provide user-friendly and super lightweight vacuums.

The Dyson vacuums have potent filters and motors, thanks to the material they make them with. They fuse these mechanical elements with some superb innovative elements to ensure no one regrets buying their vacuums.

The only way to recoup the cost here is to charge high prices for their vacuums.

3. Excellent Suction for Dust

Being the first brand to use the cyclonic dust separation technique, this isn’t surprising. Dyson vacuums boast flawless suction power that gives them an edge over the competition regarding dust detection.

The excellent suction by Dyson vacuums can work on different floor types with incredible efficiency. That’s down to a near-flawless suction technology that ensures the vacuums pick up microscopic dust particles.

That’s not so common with other vacuums.

4. Durability

Everyone wants to buy equipment that will last a lifetime. Of course, getting one to last all your life isn’t that possible. But getting one that comes close is something worth trying.

Because Dyson vacuums are made with the best materials that enable their vacuums to have incredibly long lifespans. And while long-lasting vacuums are an excellent buy for anyone, you don’t want a vacuum that will cost you money in repairs.

In that respect, Dyson vacuums might last you the better part of ten years with minimal repairs on their filters or batteries. Now compare that to other vacuums that start causing you trouble after only two or three years.

Therefore, a durable vacuum will save you lots of money since you don’t want to buy a vacuum every other year.

5. Exceptional Quality Control Standards and Rigorous Testing Procedures

Dyson is its biggest critic. Before any vacuums get to the market, Dyson passes them through the most rigorous testing and assessment to ensure they are safe and easy to use.

Dyson does so many tests on their vacuums, including going as far as slamming them on the floor to ensure their durability! They even consider other aspects such as human error.

Therefore, their vacuums are resilient in the face of common errors like a person accidentally tipping them over from a considerable height or even wrongful handling.

If a vacuum doesn’t meet the standard of the engineers, then they don’t release it to the market. Isn’t that amazing?

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6. Dyson Is a Premium Brand

You can think of Dyson as the Apple of vacuums. That’s saying they are one the biggest and largest vacuum makers, hiring the best engineering talent in the world to ensure they produce only premium quality vacuums.

Therefore, a premium is attached to the name, which makes them charge the prices they charge. Believe it or not, some people can’t use any other brand but Dyson.

Being a premium brand gives you the audacity to charge high prices. Fortunately for Dyson, it isn’t only about the name since you get value for your money.

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Are Dyson Vacuums Worth it?

From all the qualities we have seen here and their incredible reputation, we would say Dyson vacuums are absolutely worth the money. Although they cost a ton of money, the quality available to you is worth spending on.

Thanks to their incredible lifespan, you will enjoy using them for up to ten years. And in case you have any issue with the vacuums within one or two years, the warranty will take care of it.

Maintenance Costs for the Dyson

The Dyson vacuum cleaner is used for all housekeeping purposes including vacuuming, washing carpets, and cleaning upholstery. For the customer who uses the product daily, this creates consistent maintenance costs due to factors such as filter replacements, blade cleanings, and air purifier replacements. These costs can be anywhere from $25-$80 per year, depending on how often the product is used.

The Dyson vacuum cleaner has much higher maintenance costs than the Hoover models. The primary reason for this is that Dyson uses a ball bearing system that requires replacement every 18 months at an approximate cost of $200

FAQ About Dyson Vacuums Being Expensive

FAQ About Dyson Vacuums Being Expensive

Are Dyson Vacuums the Best Vacuums in History?

This is a tricky question since it always depends on each user’s experience with different brands. However, Dyson vacuums might be in with a shout about being some of the best vacuums on the market since vacuums emerged.

Do Dyson Vacuums Have Any Weaknesses?

Respectable as they might be, Dyson will get a few things wrong from time to time. So yes, Dyson vacuums can have some weaknesses. The vacuum makers are only human, after all.

Why Is Dyson So Special?

Dyson is a company that focuses on the development of vacuum cleaners, fans, and heaters. They make high-end products that are used in homes and offices all over the world. Dyson’s innovations in technology and design have led to the company’s success and have made it one of the most recognizable companies in its space.

Is Dyson That Much Better?

Dyson vacuum cleaners are perceived to be of higher quality than other makes. The company has spent a large amount of money on research and development, which is responsible for Dyson’s durability, suction power, design, and efficiency.

Why Do People Love Dysons?

Dyson vacuums are loved because they consume less power for cleaning carpets and hard floors, have a better dust capacity than other brands, and also collect the most hair than the competition.

Who Are Dyson’s Competitors?

Dyson’s competition is expanding due to the company’s growth. Dyson is mainly competing with companies such as Bosch, Hoover, Electrolux, and Eureka, all of who have been in the industry for decades.

Final Thoughts

Why is Dyson so expensive? We hope that question isn’t bothering you anymore thanks to the reasons we have provided. If you can afford a Dyson vacuum, by all means, get one. You won’t regret a thing!

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