Roomba Battery Light Flashing Orange – What Could It Mean?


Roomba Battery Light Flashing Orange

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If you own a Roomba, there are different lights you would deem normal. But what does it mean when you see the Roomba battery light flashing orange? Is it a regular thing for the Roomba to do, or should it be cause for alarm?

Let’s look at what that and more lights mean on your Roomba.

What Is the Flashing Orange or Amber Light All About?

When they see a blinking light on any of their machines, the first impulse most people is the alarm. It’s only regular, though. A first-time pilot would panic at seeing different lights flashing on the controller when flying for the first time.

However, such lights on a Roomba don’t always mean danger ahead. The Roomba communicates with light flashes since it can’t talk. I know there are times I’ve wished vacuums could speak. But they don’t.

So, the flashing orange light from your Roomba means its battery is charging as it usually does. That’s with no problem. Once the light turns from the slow flashing amber to a fast-flashing amber, the Roomba has begun to refresh its charge.

The refresh charge occurs when you have used the Roomba for too long, and the vacuum has severely depleted the charge in the battery. Therefore, the refresh charge occurs for 16 hours to restore the chargeback to normal levels.

But then iRobot is a large company with many robotic vacuum models. Some don’t have the 16-hour refresh charge. That is available in the below models only:

  • Roomba series 500
  • Roomba series 600
  • Roomba series 700
  • Roomba series 900
  • Roomba series 800 

Part of keeping the above vacuums working at optimum is the 16-hour recharge regularly. Therefore, it isn’t something that should alarm you or prompt a visit to a vacuum specialist.

Sometimes your Roomba will give a flashing red light whenever you attempt to use it to clean. That means the charge is insufficient for cleaning to start. When you see this, dock your vacuum and let it recharge.

If you don’t restart it, you’ll see a solid red light. The solid red light means the vacuum has little to no charge.

Why Does the Roomba Go Into Refresh Charge?

Why Does the Roomba Go Into Refresh Charge?

Only a severe battery depletion will cause a Roomba to go into its refresher charge. The refresh charge isn’t an anomaly, although if you see it for the first time, you might think it is.

However, it shouldn’t be something to worry you about. It is an inbuilt maintenance activity for the Roomba vacuums. Sometimes the Roomba will go into the 16-hour refresh charge if you haven’t used it for a while.

Another instance is when you continue using it despite warning you of a low battery level. It is best to never interfere with this process to ensure your Roomba is always working at the optimum level.

During this time, it isn’t only the battery recharging. Instead, the Roomba is getting rid of other issues that might be causing it not to function at its best. That’s a significant reason you can’t compare it to standard charging.

Another thing about the refresh recharge is that you can’t initiate it. The Roomba prompts it to keep in shape. Think of a person taking a run or checking themselves into a hospital for a health checkup. Quite not the same, but do you get the point?

But wait, if the flashing orange light is only in the above models when they have refreshed charging, what of the other models?

Are There Other Lights Roomba Vacuums Display?

Are There Other Lights Roomba Vacuums Display?

Different Roomba models have other lights to communicate what they are doing. Some models have a green flashing light instead of the orange flashing light.

The iRobot website has a chart for the different colors a Roomba will give and the error message if any. 

  • The Solid Red Light

For the latest’s Roomba models, a solid red light means there is a problem. However, the Roombas are advanced enough to explain what is happening with a narrated voice.

You can then go to the iRobot website and check what error it is and how to correct it.

  • A Pulsing Red

If you see a slowly flashing red light, then it simply means you need to charge the Roomba before starting to use it. You will see this light surrounding the “Clean” button.

Dock the robot and charge it until you see the clean button’s surrounding light turn to white.

A quick flashing red on older vacuums means there is an error you will need to correct. Again, visit the iRobot website for help in fixing the error.

  • Red Light that Moves Toward the rear of the Vacuum

This is a direction to empty the vacuum’s dustbin. You can also see how to empty the bin in the manual or go to the iRobot website for help.

  • Green Color

You will see the green color for newer models after the vacuum completes the 16-hour refresh charge.

What Can I Do to Prolong the Roomba’s Longevity?

What Can I Do to Prolong the Roomba's Longevity?

The battery is a sensitive part of any Roomba vacuum. Therefore, it needs to feature high in your plans to prolong the Roomba’s lifespan. Most of the time a Roomba malfunctions, it has to do with the battery.

So how can you keep the battery in shape and thus boost the longevity of the vacuum?

Here is how;

1. Remove the Battery If Going Away for a Long Time

When traveling away, chances are you won’t use the Roomba for a long time. In such cases, it’s not good to leave the battery in a Roomba vacuum. It is best to remove it and store it somewhere cool and dry.

2. Only Use the Approved Roomba Batteries

When the time comes to change the batteries, always go for the Roomba-approved batteries. Don’t change the brand of batteries you use. It is best to go for the same brand you bought the vacuum with.

Visit the iRobot website to purchase the original iRobot battery for your Roomba. You will probably need to replace your Roomba’s battery annually. Each time, go for the real deal.

3. Promptly Recharge the Roomba

Whenever the charge is low on your Roomba, always ensure to recharge it as soon as possible. Letting the Roomba stay without charge for that long could be a recipe for disaster.

If you do the above, your vacuum could serve you for a longer time. However, it is best to remember that many things can affect a vacuum’s longevity. You could do all that and still have the vacuum tire quickly.

FAQ About Roomba Battery Light Flashing Orange

FAQ About Roomba Battery Light Flashing Orange

Why Is My Roomba Battery Flashing?

The Roomba’s battery is flashing because it needs to be replaced. The battery will continue to flash until it is replaced, at which point the Roomba will return to its normal function.

How Do I Know if My Roomba Battery Is Bad?

If the battery is not charging properly, it may be bad. The best way to test this is to take the battery out of the Roomba and try to charge it outside of the robot. If it charges properly, then the battery is likely bad and needs to be replaced.

How Do I Know if My Roomba Is Charging?

When a Roomba is plugged in and charging, a green light will be illuminated on the charging dock. The light will turn off when the Roomba is fully charged.

How Do I Know if My Roomba Battery Needs Replacing?

There are a few key ways to know if your Roomba battery needs replacing. The first is if your Roomba is not charging properly. If it seems like it’s not taking a charge or holding a charge for a very long, the battery may be the issue. Another sign that your battery might need to be replaced is if your Roomba is constantly shutting off or slowing down during use. If you notice these behaviors, it might be time for a new battery.

How Do I Reset My Roomba Battery?

The Roomba battery can be reset by pressing and holding the CLEAN button for 12 seconds. This will reset the battery to its factory default settings.

Why Is Roomba Flashing Amber Light While Charging?

The Roomba flashing amber light while charging is likely due to a problem with the battery. If the battery is damaged or not working properly, it will cause the light to flash. Other issues that could cause the light to flash include a faulty power cord or charger.

Final thoughts

The orange battery light flashing on a Roomba usually means that the battery is low. If the light flashes three times in a row, it means that the Roomba needs to be charged. If the light flashes four times in a row, it means that the battery is completely discharged and needs to be replaced.

We hope now you understand what is happening when you see the Roomba battery light flashing orange. Most of the time, it is simple communication from the vacuum to show it is charging.

So next time you see the flashing orange light, don’t panic.

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